I'm a Lavender Hedgidna, with a teal dress, and "Sapphire" like eyes. I'm up for adventure, and I love battling! I can be short tempered at times, but I don't turn my back for those in need of help! I hate insults...that can get me in to a rampage...


I have tons of interests! The color Lavender, Anything that has to do with the Sonic Series, Comics, Sebulba, Hamtaro couples, Hamtaro Sonic, Kacheeks, Sonic, Xweetoks, Rice...drools Mmmmm...Rice..., Echidnas, Neopets, Sonic, Land before time, and other movies, Sonic, Looney Tunes, Hedgehogs, The Simpsons, Sonic, King of the Hill, Foxes, Sonic, Fearfactor, My GB, My Computer, TV, Machanical Stuffs, Sonic, Neon colors, Podracing, Sonic...DID I SAY SONIC?
Man, I love doing that! Call me a Sonic fag if you want. Idc.

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Review: Sonic Advance 2 - My review for this game

Jan 3, 2007

I have 3 words for ya. BUY THIS GAME! This is a great game for sonic fans. But.....why can't I play as Amy? Well, you have to earn her by collecting 28 chaos emeralds (Seven chaos emeralds for each character) This is a very swell game. For people...

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