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Dec 2, 14 11:32pm

although, I decided not to get The Evil Within, I still have thoughts to get it or not, I hate horrorgames and challenging difficulty, yet, it somehow keeps me interested. :/
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Sep 28, 10 1:49am

Well, I'm back from Disneyland Paris, and I have some images and videos of my trip.

Not sure where to begin, but I can already tell you that the trip to Disney and back home was the worst bus trip I had so far.

9 hours in a bus does it take to get us there and back again.

Normally it takes less then 5 hours, but the organisation for this Bus particuler was just moronic.
Believe me, Oad Travels will get a lot of complainst, everyone in that bus was complaining, this trip was bad.

I payed for 3 days Disney, not 2 days and one bus trip.
We left at 4 AM to get to Eindhoven Airport, Netherlands, the bus arrived at 6:20AM departed 10 minutes later, and we had to stop for 2 more people, which is ridiuclous, because the bus wont stop for 16 people, which is why me, and a bunch of other people had to travel an hour or more to get to a plae where the bus would stop, but it does for 2? Yeah, here comes trouble.

Oad Travels got bought by Disney, to be the official traveling agency for Disneyland Paris, so the bus we got had a Disneyland Paris logo and stuff on it.

I rather had it the way it was 2 years ago, because this bus was just wrongly organised.
The bus had an upper and bottom section, we had to all sit in the upper section, because the bottom section is for kids only, so they can draw, play games etc, now, that might be fun and well in theory, but in practically, it stinks.

First, the announce that it is very important to use the safetybelt, but ironicly, the kids, age from 2 to 5 to, can walk around and can get downstairs to the Kids department below the bus, while the bus is moving. =/

How dumb is that?
Everyone is strapped to a safetybelt, which is necessary to use, and the kids can walk around a moving bus, use a very tall stairwell to get downstairs to that kids only section, which is very tall for kids that age, which in a moving bus can easily disrupt their balance, they already have a bad balance on their own, and I can already say, some day a nasty accident might happen if they don't realise what their doing is dumb by making a kids only section on the bottom, and let children walk around free.

I know in theory they want to give the kids something to do, and they thought this shit up, but in reality, it wont work, and it has a serious safety hazard, first the very young kids around the age of 3 to 5, don't understand everything, and while downstairs they also want their mother or father joining them, which is not allowed, so they wll go back up stairs again, and that's basically what is going on, they go up and down the stairs, and walk around during the whole trip in a moving bus.

In this rate, Accidents will surely happen, someday if they don't change it immediatly.

Also, the bus driver and the bus itself, have to drive over 12 hours in totall, probably 13 hours, with brakes inbetween from locations in The Netherlands to pick people up, and then go to Disneyland Paris, and the same thing when retuning again.

I have no idea how someone would take so much time to drive a freakin bus like that, and he does it a couple of times a week.

It sounds like they only use one bus.
Wouldn't be better, and also much healthier for the driver if more busses were putt in, so less traveling time was done over it?
Believe me, I can wait for a couple of hours, but 9 hours is ridiculouse, if the time travled by car from where I live to Disneyland is only 3 hours and 22 minutes.

Not to mention some of the kids they have to get up around 2 in the morning, to finally be at Disneyland at 3PM, an over 9 hour trip for kids around age 3 to 5 is very tiring for them, they can't even sleep in the bus, because at one point when the bus takes a break, everyone has to leave the bus, in that waking up the kids, aswell, believe, the kids wont like that, neither the parents.

Well, enough about the bus, Disneyland Paris had rainy weather, and it was crowded as hell again, which pretty much sucked, only time it was good was on Saterday evening, when there was 60 percent less people there, and it was clear and I was able to get in rides without waiting forever in the lines for it.

A night time ride in Thunder Mountain was awesome.
But that was pretty much the only top point of my Saturday that day, aswell as when Stitch took my plushie, played with it, and also took of my hat of Stitch, and posed for a picture.

Speaking of which, watch the video of where he plays with my Stitch plushie: :D

Sorry, no picture of me and Stitch, This was the best I could get from him in a crowded area as that day. =P

Anyway, also got some more videos of the The New Generation show.
Mostly recorded when Stitch was in view. (You know me, I like Stitch =P)

BTW: Just realised most images/videos I submitted has the title "Next Generation" Which should be "New Generation" >_<
Little mistake, oh well. =P

Anyway; here are some more videos.

Here's just before the show, some Disney charaters walk around:

Here's the main show, recorded when it was Stitch's turn for New Generation:

Here's a video of when the show was done, and Angel, Stitch, Lilo and other characters walk by where I was standing, nothing particular happened, though.

Well, the merchendise I bought there is good enough for me to last for a while again, you can view them in the gallery I have here, so enjoy them.

Anyway, thanks for the read, hopefully I wasn't wasting your time. =D

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Nov 28, 09 6:41am

Here's the video I taped of the Dance Show with Stitch as the DJ at Disneyland Paris.
Was finally able to upload it when a friend was kind enough to cut the video in 2, because YouTube is a bitch with their 10 minute time limit rule.

Anyway, here it is.
Sorry if the camera is shaking too much at certain times, that was when I was holding the camera with one hand.

Here's part 1:

And here is part 2:

Well, there ya go. :)

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Jul 3, 09 12:45am

Well, I have to atleast use my blog once, even if I don't ever see a good reason to use it, because I have nothing much of interests to say, anyway. :thick:
So, why not use it to present y'all 2 videos of MGS4, dubbed by me, huh? :thick:

I only made 2, and I only used Windows Movie Maker 2 times, so I'm not so good with that stuff.
Which is why these videos suck ass, but it's entertainment in a way, and you can't blame me for atleast trying, right?

Anyway, I uploaded this one, today, which is my second Dub video of MGS4

This one is my first video, which I uploaded a week or so ago.

Anyway, feel free to comment or give an oppinion on it, here on this blog, or on YouTube, doesn't matter. ;)

That's all I got to say, see ya. :D

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