Jan 21, 13 2:05am
Meh, who am I kidding? Expect a phone call this week anyway, always the same shit going on here at my job. =P

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The Omega Jan 21, 13


What is this about a vacation, Stitchclair? Don't I give you off every weekend!? Now you're asking me for even MORE time off!? I SHOULD EAT YOU WHOLE JUST FOR SUGGESTING IT!!!
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Stitch Jan 21, 13
The Omega, lol, haven't seen that show for over a decade.

Also, I got called up today by him, 8:30AM, asking me where I was at the moment, I told him I was now in bed, he woke me up, apparantly he didn't realise I wanted 3 weeks off, so I told him that this week and next week I'm off, hopefully he leaves me alone these 2 weeks, and wont need me to fill in as a driver or somethiing. =P

But we all know that will happen. =>