From all of us at Neoseeker, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :). Hope Santa brings you --Quote-- Two

I just spended a few hours completing all the riddles, got them all thanks to a guide I found on the Internet, no way I would --Quote-- It is rare that any crea

Getting Evil within or not? Check my few worded longer blog here: =P

although, I decided not to get The Evil Within, I still have thoughts to get it or not, I hate horrorgames and challenging difficulty, yet, it somehow keeps me interested. :/

Apparantly Mayor Zero might return for Phantom Pain, The japanese actor who did Zero's voice, who also did the voice for

According to my Chinese Restaurant Calendar hanging next to me, it's Thanksgiving, I'm probably 4 hours early or so,

I've been doing the submarine waste cleaning collecting, and 2 times in a short time the PS4 crashed on me, when I was un

I just unlocked the Disguise skill, which you can use when you press down, but it's also the same button for the Assassin

What type of music or Songs do you listen to when you're at work, or at school, or anything else to make your day a bit m

So far I'm looking out for Assassin's Creed Unity and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain. Unity will be released

Do you sometimes for the hell of it watch B-movies? Sometimes I occasionally switch over to the SyFy channel, and see some

Well, I've not been shaving since the last week of July, and I'm not planning to shave anytime soon, wanna let it gro

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