Hmm well I am the baby of the family (tho not a baby anymore I assure you). I am skilled in the arts of healing the mind and I am known for solving everyone elses problems but my own. I have been told I have a warped sense of humour, somebody that gets donked on the head totally cracks me up (as long as they are not seriously hurt tho). Life has made me a bit cynical but that just adds to my charm.
I constantly seek refuge from this world that humankind has created in rpg's such as Baldur's gate and others. I used to play D&D and I was the only chick to do so. My road through this life has not been an easy one, however I still walk upon this path, the only constant thing in my life has been my devotion to Metallica which has kept me sane (although I am sure some would argue that point) and has seen me through the darker times.
As you can probably tell by this pic it is not me but rather one of the greatest musicians of all time (in my not so humble opinion anyway) Lars Ulrich


I love the BG series. I am into heaps of different kinds of music ranging anywhere from Westlife to Metallica, gotta keep an open mind about that one tho, I love Ice Hockey which is a bit strange in my little country but I don't care.


I take this key and bury it in you because your unforgiven II
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