MEH GUESTBOOK SPAM, and just wanted to say hi HOPE you ENJOY MY CRAPPY STAMP!!

Hey just like I said, I was going to make a stamp for you, Thanks for the GB stamp dude.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
OMG! Both of us have almost the same exact banner! My master ITANI doesn't talk to me much!

ITANI is sexy!!!

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!

haha have a great year.... and stuff.... well this sucks that you need a certain amount of letters...
Praise be to Quicksilver

Goddess Kali, high and mighty,
Shines great and bright,
bathing us all in a glimmering light.

In comes she,
and out goes I,
screaming with a gracious voice,
'Sing me a song, or else ye shall die!'

And woe is me,
if I do not satisfy,
the elegant beauty,
that is Goddess Kali.

So I shall praise her once,
praise her twice,
praise her with chicken soup and rice.

This signing has been brought to you by Just For Now, loving slave of the Goddess Kali, she who must be obeyed

I <3 Yunie!

~* I am oh so glad that my Master Sonic Flash is allowing me to sign guestbooks! Such a generous Master he is! Sexy too! *~

~*I wanted to say thank you for wishing I was your slave, this is not only a compliment to me, but to my Master as well, as you can see, he has great tastes in slaves ^-^ *~

~*I however, do not wish that I was your slave, I could never want a different owner than my Master Sonic Flash, he treats me better than all of my previous owners, and I always show how much I appreciate him when he gets home from work! He always gives me a yummy treat too ^_- I am forever his ^^ *~

I promised I would sign, and I have succeeded. Man, time for a cheeseburger. See ya around the forum, Dark Prince Vegeta and continue the good job on avatars. Someday you will become president.
i im just signing guestboks and thought i would sign yours and your neohome is tight you should chek mine out and sighn my gb as well:)
Ive seen you around in loungin and just thought id bestow apon you some


My worker goblins will be allong shortly with your complemantary bottle of champagne


P.S. Let me know if you want to be NeoFriends
Thanks for the stamp, you get the first signing! Hopefully we can be neo friends!See you around!
Whats crackin Prince? Friction here wishing you a very merry christmas. I may be 4 days late, but better late than never.

Hoped you enjoyed it
Hey, I saw your thread in Loungin' a few days back and I decided to sign your GB because your name is awesome! Here is my stamp.

Well, I'll see you around! Oh, and by the way, for more of these comics that are not mine, go to this site.

From the Lord of Evil,
Whats crackin Prince? Sorry i couldn't tell you earlier, as i was on vacation! But better 3 days late than never huh?

Merry Christmas my friend, i hoped you enjoyed it!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Just wanted to sign you GB, you know christmas spirit and all :

You have been wished a Merry Christmas by
*Drum Roll*
~*Cute Phantasy*~
What a way to welcome innocent people to signing your guestbook. Hmmph, I must say this won't look good on your resume. lol, anyway see ya around the forums and you better change your
hey i like your graphics, you should go the Graphics and Animation forums, thats where go. here is a sample of my stamp:

hope to see you in the forums.
hey dude,sorry it took so long to sign back.i havent checked my guest book in a while.thanks for the stamp.sorry again,i dont have a stamp to put in here.
Hey thanx for signing my gb... really appreciate it... so im just returnin ya the favor... here ya go:

see ya around!

thanks for signing! Can't wait 'till PS3 is out
hey yo man have a good halloween and BOOO!!!!

Hey man whats crackin? I remember when you first came to the Tenkiachi forum, daaammmm.... man time goes eh? Well, i'm just here to wish you a Happy Halloween!

Take Care
Sup!... thanks for signin' man.. I always sign back, and I would have ended up signing your GB anyway XD

See ya around the forums!