This game was like Tony Hawk's, only a lot more difficult. So much so, I couldn't actually complete the game. :/ ThrasherSkateandDestroy PSX
Awesome old school fun. Like worms but with pigs. Good strategy while still entertaining. HogsOfWar PSX
Very linked to Ico. With less than 15 enemies, this game still turns out absolutely amazing and not at all repetitive... ShadowOfTheColossus PS2
An absolute classic. Simple but oh so effective puzzle. Love this game. Ico PS2
Apparently an awesome game, I was lent to it from a friend but I never got chance to play it. :( VagrantStory PSX
The original two Final Fantasy's packaged together. I never got to finish them, but I have them separately now... FinalFantasyOrigins PSX
Apparently an awesome game, I was lent to it from a friend but I never got chance to play it. :( VandalHearts PSX
My first TH, and with good reason it wasn't my last. Great game and addictive arcade skating! TonyHawksProSkater3 PS2
An improvement and still as fun as before. Classic mode ftw! TonyHawksProSkater4 PS2
By this point, they diverted their energies towards the 360,PS3, etc, so this really wasn't as good as it could have been. I'll leave it... TonyHawksProject8 PS2
One of the better TH's imo. Loved the story line, which was lengthy enough to keep you hooked and not too long. Classic mode too short... TonyHawksAmericanWasteland Xbox
Awesome addictive racing fun. Still love it even now. Very fond memories of this game. CrashTeamRacing PSX
One of the few RPG's on the GC that really stands out. Has an innovative and effective battle system which uses cards too. BatenKaitos GC
Epic game with lots of missions and will take a very long time to complete. I still haven't... TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
Played this a very long time ago, but I remember playing this for days on end. Great addictive fun which is very underrated. I'd... MoHo PC
Haven't played enough of yet to comment... LMAManager2005 Xbox
Wasn't really a Star Wars fan, not sure why I bought this. But its a good game which is rare for games based on movies. StarWarsRevengeOfTheSith PS2
A classic among classics. Set up a series which would launch the company into success. So much fun in one game and you'll find yourself... JakandDaxter PS2
Takes a different route with Jak et al in the desert. Makes a different route but really, although its good, doesn't quite live up to... Jak3 PS2
Great sequel that continues the fun of the first one. More great adventures and fun combat. Good for adults and kids. Jak2 PS2
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