mons7er78 Stewie
Jul 06, 11 10:32pm
This site is strange. There are way too many forums, causing them to go inactive. Also It seems very unorganized. I can't find anything...
mons7er78 Stewie
Feb 12, 11 2:04am
ur a Kool Kat

but im a Really Cool Cat!
robzda Stewie
Jan 06, 11 12:01am
Hi,Thanks for your vote in my NXT Competition,and I don't tell lies,so you can consider this an OFFICIAL signing of your guestbook!!!
luroberto Stewie
Apr 15, 09 10:31pm
you get to see whatever is in my paste button!
Levan Polkka will rule all![
you can have this too
no love all of it.
WWE_Champion Stewie
Mar 07, 09 3:49am
What's up buddy i figured i sign your guest book since were friends. The High Flying Enigma Jeff Hardy. Go kill your self Matt Hardy.
DragonPirateZolo Stewie
Feb 01, 09 1:56am
Hi.I'm signing this so you and me can become tag team partners i the smackdown gm mode thread in the smackdown vs raw 2009 ps2 forum.I hope you sign my guestbook back.
Jediblue Stewie
Oct 13, 08 1:41am
Signing again, I got a new stamp.

Penguin4fun Stewie
Oct 11, 08 5:14pm
Okay since you gave me the dancing tree dude I will sign your questbook with a joke okay what is the cows favorite place ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.............
the moo-vies
Jediblue Stewie
Sep 28, 08 9:48pm
Since I sign here, can you sign mine? I do not have any yet. Just thought I would sign something finally. I still get confused a little here.
Cloud Me Stewie
Jul 27, 08 4:31am
Heyy Stewie Rox10!
I'm going to PM you now About something!
it's about The 8-Bit Gang!
but I have to sign you to!
sign me back!
Chives Stewie
Jun 01, 08 1:34am
I'm signing your guestbook about a year too late...seeing as how I'm just now realizing that there is such a thing xD Thanks for the comment^^
nightmare Stewie
Mar 08, 08 8:51pm

Hiya. I've seen you in MySims quite a bit.

Just thought I'd sign your Guestbook.

So, here you go; My stamp. :]

Hope you like it.


Lightnic Stewie
Mar 02, 08 8:01pm
I'm stamping you again with my newer stamp. Creds to NeoRez, and I saw your new stamp so you should stamp my guestbook a third time. LOL

here you go! Happy camping!
onilink79 Stewie
Mar 01, 08 6:43am

Thanks for joining the team! In addition to the cake, you get a guestbook signature!
Twisted Stewie
Feb 29, 08 4:16pm
I feel like signing your Guestbook

Lightnic Stewie
Feb 20, 08 6:42am
Hey I'm stampin you, so stamp me back.

Mario65889 Stewie
Feb 17, 08 7:32pm
hey stewie rox? since your getting really good why don't you join the AABMa? you will recieve a free banner and help us make sweet banners...isn't it annoying that theres a minumum of 125's so stupid...
Remino52 Stewie
Feb 05, 08 3:56am
hanks for signing!I would of signed back earlier but I wasn't looking at the GB that much.Because no one signed it. Well see you on the forums.Tootles!
Remino52 Stewie
Feb 02, 08 4:44pm
I'm thinking I should sign again.Because I STILL WANT people to sign my GB. There is a link to it on my sig BTW.See you on the forums.Tootles!
bk bongmon Stewie
Jan 30, 08 5:00am
Hey there Stewie boy keep up the good work. Keep posting and play it cool. (Y)
Oh and i'll keep you and everyone else informed on all the spoilers i can find.
KirbyHyrule Stewie
Jan 22, 08 2:22am
Hi I've seen around on the SSBB forum, and I see that you like meta knight and kirby and stuff me too! Well see you around!
InuYashaFan123 Stewie
Dec 25, 07 12:02am
Hey Stewie rox! It's Christmas time, and you know what that means. Okay, maybe you don't, but STAMP ANYWAY! XD

Merry Christmas, neofriend. Have a happy New Year.
Overlord Goomba Stewie
Dec 14, 07 1:08am
Here ya go.

1 guestbook sign: $0

900 Posts: $0

Membership: $O dollers

Neofriends: Priceless

Se ya around Galaxy.
Remino52 Stewie
Dec 08, 07 6:48pm
I'm just signing cuss I got nothing else to do.You should get back to the forum soon.And one more thing how do you get gamecrep points.PM to tell me.TOOTLES!!!
JFire Stewie
Nov 22, 07 3:01am
Hey, just signin your GB! Im addin you to my Friends list too, could you sign my gb too? thx....and to get to 125 characters.....woot woot woot