This site is strange. There are way too many forums, causing them to go inactive. Also It seems very unorganized. I can't find anything...
ur a Kool Kat

but im a Really Cool Cat!
Hi,Thanks for your vote in my NXT Competition,and I don't tell lies,so you can consider this an OFFICIAL signing of your guestbook!!!
you get to see whatever is in my paste button!
Levan Polkka will rule all![
you can have this too
no love all of it.
What's up buddy i figured i sign your guest book since were friends. The High Flying Enigma Jeff Hardy. Go kill your self Matt Hardy.
Hi.I'm signing this so you and me can become tag team partners i the smackdown gm mode thread in the smackdown vs raw 2009 ps2 forum.I hope you sign my guestbook back.
Signing again, I got a new stamp.

Okay since you gave me the dancing tree dude I will sign your questbook with a joke okay what is the cows favorite place ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.............
the moo-vies
Since I sign here, can you sign mine? I do not have any yet. Just thought I would sign something finally. I still get confused a little here.
Heyy Stewie Rox10!
I'm going to PM you now About something!
it's about The 8-Bit Gang!
but I have to sign you to!
sign me back!
I'm signing your guestbook about a year too late...seeing as how I'm just now realizing that there is such a thing xD Thanks for the comment^^

Hiya. I've seen you in MySims quite a bit.

Just thought I'd sign your Guestbook.

So, here you go; My stamp. :]

Hope you like it.


I'm stamping you again with my newer stamp. Creds to NeoRez, and I saw your new stamp so you should stamp my guestbook a third time. LOL

here you go! Happy camping!

Thanks for joining the team! In addition to the cake, you get a guestbook signature!
I feel like signing your Guestbook

Hey I'm stampin you, so stamp me back.

hey stewie rox? since your getting really good why don't you join the AABMa? you will recieve a free banner and help us make sweet banners...isn't it annoying that theres a minumum of 125's so stupid...
hanks for signing!I would of signed back earlier but I wasn't looking at the GB that much.Because no one signed it. Well see you on the forums.Tootles!
I'm thinking I should sign again.Because I STILL WANT people to sign my GB. There is a link to it on my sig BTW.See you on the forums.Tootles!
Hey there Stewie boy keep up the good work. Keep posting and play it cool. (Y)
Oh and i'll keep you and everyone else informed on all the spoilers i can find.
Hi I've seen around on the SSBB forum, and I see that you like meta knight and kirby and stuff me too! Well see you around!
Hey Stewie rox! It's Christmas time, and you know what that means. Okay, maybe you don't, but STAMP ANYWAY! XD

Merry Christmas, neofriend. Have a happy New Year.
Here ya go.

1 guestbook sign: $0

900 Posts: $0

Membership: $O dollers

Neofriends: Priceless

Se ya around Galaxy.
I'm just signing cuss I got nothing else to do.You should get back to the forum soon.And one more thing how do you get gamecrep points.PM to tell me.TOOTLES!!!
Hey, just signin your GB! Im addin you to my Friends list too, could you sign my gb too? thx....and to get to 125 characters.....woot woot woot