Do you like roller coasters or are you one of those people who avoid them at all costs? When I was really young I used to

Come sign up for Console Wars Mafia - a warring factions game between a bunch of video game characters!

Seeing as how Basic Mafia is almost over, I figured I'd open sign-ups for my next game now to get things moving quicker o

What have you bought lately? Recently I've pretty much just been spending my money on food when I go out to eat. I hav

So it's been a pretty big thing over the past couple of weeks to raise awareness for ALS. Seemed I couldn't go on Ins

_WELCOME TO BASIC MAFIA!_ Rules again for easy reference: _MAFIA RULES - ADHERE OR DIE_ _ROLES_: Every player is given a r

WHY WAS NOTHING MENTIONED ABOUT A DEMO? I'm currently at Best Buy and was looking at the Wii U and there's a demo

Hard to argue that it's not the greatest band in history. Do you like them and their music? What are your favorite son

You can't even tell me those *bleep*ing babies didn't entertain you day in and day out. Dil is goat and you can

_WELCOME TO BASIC MAFIA!_ Rules again for easy reference: _MAFIA RULES - ADHERE OR DIE_ _ROLES_: Every player is given a r

Hey guys! I'll be running a mafia game here shortly full of random video game characters. If you don't know what a ma

What pets do you have/have you had? Currently have a dog named Monty and I used to have probably 10 hermit crabs in all.

What kind of smartphone do you have, if you do? iPhone? Android? Something else? As annoying as Apple may be at times I

Recently a certain unnamed member of this community has described the forum as a "ghost town," a term which is very

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, tumblr, etc. Do you use them? What's your reasoning? I used to use Facebook a l

Watamote is just too *bleep*ing depressing
Drop dead, normalfags.

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