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Welcome to my NeoHome! Thanks to Wayback Machine, it has returned!

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I'll be updating this every so often with info or completely changing the layout, but for the most part, consider this done. Explore my NeoHome as much as you want, and if you happen to find a problem, PM me.

What's new in NeoHome Revamp 1.0?

NeoHome Revamp is full of updates from the new eye-pleasing design to the Quick Links and Quick PM system in the sidebar. Navigation is a snap with the always-in-sight NavBar.

What's the Quick PM System?

Want to send me a PM without having to navigate to your NeoPM inbox? Now you don't have to! Simply type your message and hit Send! The only problems with this is the lack of Nam Markup generator and the fact that Neoseeker redirects you after sending the message. Still a useful device, though.

NeoHome News

This Page is... Under Consrtuction Welcome to my NeoHome News section! Because NeoHome History doesn't really cover much, I made this! Every so often, I'll add some news and possibly some NeoHome events, and contests. All news will be posted below, so check back often!

Welcome to the News!

Well, this is it, for now, well, anyway, this is kinda what my News Posts will look like, and there will be some links or something in the Welcome Page when you first come to my NeoHome. The first contest will be posted in a few days. I'll have a contest archive for the winners for anyone who chooses to view it.
First Contest!

That's right! It's time to start the first contest! This contest is to find the Super Secret Page of Super Secrets! It is on this NeoHome, but the link to it is very well hidden. The first one to find it before Dec. 31st wins! Every person who finds it will get credit!
NeoHome Update

Today, I was pretty much working on my this the whole day. During this time, I have added much. From what you're reading now, to the Super Secret Page of Super Secrets, I've outdone my own expectations. As a finishing touch, I have made the background image more advanced, fixing it in place, so it covers the whole screen without hassle. Amazingly, this NeoHome has been updated to Version 2.5. Enjoy!
NeoHome Update

I just finished adding the first addition to the new TV Show section. You can access these videos by clicking on this link, or by fining it on the right.
NeoHome Update - Total Revamp!

I spent a lot of yesterday reformatting my NeoHome, as you may have noticed. Based on a custom Webs template, I had to dig through all the Javascript and other crap to get to the stuff that really mattered. Getting it to work with my NeoHome was the real challenge, though.
My NeoHome Has Returned!

Wayback Machine saved it. I haven't changed anything except for this and the homepage, so all the information is current as of... whenever I screwed everything up.
NeoHome Update - Total Revamp!

About Me

Hmmm... How should I start? I know! I'll start with the basics. Well, I'm in the 7th grade, have brown hair, brown eyes, about 5 ft, 5 in, love omeletts, ham, the works. What else do you need to know? I won't give it all away, now, though, but you can read on to find out more about me... (I may add more later, like how I found Neo)


Click to see profile!

masterx - My best friend in real life, and n Neo. Although he's not online a lot, he still is a great friend, even with the fact that he's three states away!

Click to see profile!

surfer1020 - One of the nicest friends I've met on Neoseeker; he's always full of spirit and is interested in things that I am too.

Click to see profile!

Loribeth - One of the best friends to have for Animal Crossing, Lori was always happy to play and was so nice and generous, too. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have ever had my full orchard!

Click to see profile!

Barbie47 - A very nice person, Barb was fun on Animal Crossing and sweet on Neoseeker. She was always happy to play, and was nice enough to give free stuff away from her town.

Don't worry if I'm friends with you and didn't get a chance to add you! I'll get to it, but not right now!

My Interests

Here in my Interests section, I'll talk about things like my favorite books, hobbies, etc.

Favorite Books:

Well... I usually can't find books I really like, but believe it or not, the Twilight Series was actually REALLY good! Stephanie Meyer writes them in a way that just makes you want to read it. To me, it's pretty interesting to read about the imagination of another person. Learning about her ideas on Werewolves and Vampires are kinda cool, and the Accident Prone Bella makes for a funny main character. Since it is a romance, most guys will shy away from these, but don't be fooled, these will suck you into the story!

Also, keep on the lookout for the Warriors Saga by Erin Hunter. It's about cats, which sound really stupid, and believe me, I though it was until I started reading it.

Favorite Games:

Because I find paragraphed lists to be annoying and hard to read, I'll use a normal list:
  1. Super Smash Bros Brawl
  2. Super Smash Bros Melee
  3. Animal Crossing City Folk
  4. Animal Crossing Wild World
  5. All Kirby Games I Ever Play! :D
  6. Most Pokemon Games
  7. All Mario Parties I've Ever Played
+ Many Others That I Can't Think Of!(Will Update When Neccesary)

My Hobbies

I have some that I'm more fond of than others, but here's an overview of my hobbies:


  1. Bakugan - One of my favorite hobbies as of now. These small marbles aren't ordinary! Roll them on to their metal gate card and see them pop open into majestic beasts!
  2. Pokemon - Not nearly as good as Bakugan, I have many of the cards, plushies, and few figures.
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh - Not very cool at all anymore. This was once a hot trend, but quickly died.
  4. More to come

Things To Do:

  1. Surf the web
  2. Go on NeoSeeker
  3. Watch TV
  4. Play Video Games
  5. Watch YouTube Videos
*Will finish later*

How I Found Neo...

Well, I'll start from the beginning. After a joyous Christmas morning, well, after a few days... or weeks... uh, well, you get the idea. It wasn't too long though. Anyway, after Christmas, and after starting Animal Crossing: City Folk, which I got that Christmas, I finally got my mom to start a file. She had already made a character in Wild World, but she didn't like the small screen on the DS. I transferred her DS character to the Wii and set her up, and after a few days I got her to play. She seemed to enjoy it, and continued to succeed in the game and also caught the Stringfish which I still have not caught yet after almost a year.

Well, we had the guide book, so we didn't need to much help in the knowledge department for the game, but my mom looked up cheats anyway. She stumbled upon NeoSeeker, and we browsed some of the cheats.

Since we didn't have anyone to play on WiFi with on the game, I made an account and asked for friends. We got many responses, but one of the only friendships that lasted was the one we made with Loribeth(see friends section for details). She gave us fruit for our orchard, and we played almost every other night on WiFi. NeoSeeker was our main form of communicating, but Lori gave us her Yahoo IM account name and we began to chat on there. I became very successful in the game thanks to the orchard that was helped to be grown by Lori, and the friends I made on Neo.

I pondered the thought of making a gang on the AC forum, and eventually got around to finishing it. I invited many of my friends I made to join. Most did, but some stayed and some just became like dormant volcanoes. You never really knew if they would come back or not. More people joined over time, like surfer1020, who is one of my best NeoFriends ever, and some other random people who joined, but they were a little inactive. My gang is the Global Travelers' Association, or the GTA for short. If you were confused about my sig banner, this should clarify things. The GTA was very successful over the Summer, but since school started not long ago, the gang has been highly inactive. I put the gang on standby, so there won't really be many events or parties, but we did have a hell of a time on the GTA's final night.

We partied for hours and watched the in-game fireworks(It was planned for us to watch KK Slider, but this was a celebration for surfer's B-day) and shot off sparklers and roman candles. Surfer's WiFi died that night, so he couldn't come, but he did get his GTA B-day surprise, which was a cloned Wisp Lamp, WITH WISP INSIDE! I got Wisp in my lamp, and used the cloning glitch to make more. I know one thing though, the frineds I made here in the GTA will be my NeoFriends for life. Surfer1020, Loribeth, Tazall, Timdog35, plushyanthony_9_9, Barbie47, and whoever else I may have missed, you guys are awesome! You made the first GTA Summer an unforgettable experience for me, and I can't wait till the Summer of 2010!!!

Stevemeister Graphics

This Page is... Under Consrtuction

If you know me from my gang in the AC:CF forum, you probably know that I created a lot of graphics for it. Below, you'll find some of my graphic creations I made with MS Paint. I know they're not much to look at, but please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

GTA Graphics(AC:CF):

Stevemeister Videos

  • GTA Summer '09
  • My YouTube Channel

You Found It!!!

Congratulations!!! You found the Super Secret Page of Super Secrets!!! As stated in the Welcome section, this page will include super secret things of awesomeness! If you thought that you saw plenty in the Random page(That doesn't exist), YOU WERE DEAD WRONG! From crazy pictures of random things to secrets about anything I can think of or find, it'll be here! Like that adorable picture you just saw, you'll love this page. But, here's the catch: You can't tell a soul where this page is. You can tell them that it exists, but nothing else. Do not reveal content, or the link. If you do, and I find out, the Super Secret Page of Super Secrets, I will tear it down for a month!!!

Now, the Question Remains... DO YOU ACCEPT THE CONDITIONS?!!!

Yes? or No?

Lol. You finally found it! You found...

Scroll Down...

Oh my God, this is so funny I think I'm gonna cry!!! Bwahaha!!! You just got punked!!! Hahaha!!! No. Really, that's it. Nothing else. Click Here To Exit to the Winner Circle.

You Found It!!! Really!

This Page is... ALWAYS Under Consrtuction
Congrats, you FINALLY found it! Now, before you leave, but after you enjoy this page, please go here, and fill it out! If you don't, I won't be able to give you credit for finding this.

Awesomeness #1:

This little treasure was found on Circe's NeoHome

quite a while back. She posted it as an occupancy to the viewers of her NeoHome. She posted this at about Midnight, so she didn't feel like making a big thing...

Awesomeness #2:

This is Tagbot. You probably had no idea I was into Lego Robotics. That's why this is the Super Secret Page of Super Secrets. Another reason why this is such an awesome page, Tagbot is a great robot, and is fun to play with. If you noticed the blue peg sticking out, it's because I attached claws to hold a Beanie Babie Beanie Buddie on top and made him ride around on the phycopath robot of doom. It's pretty funny to race aroung following Tagbot around the house. The Tagbot design and program was found on this site. This site is the website for a book about this Lego Robotics Model: The NXT. If you have this robot, I suggest making Tagbot. I'm not sure if the building instructions are on the site or not...

Awesomeness #3:


Winner Application:
Fill out the form below:

Feel Free to Come Back as Often as You Want, but Keep it a Secret! Click HERE to return to the Secret Page.

NeoHome History

Here, you will find this NeoHome's History. It's not much to look at now, but in a few years, it will be more filled in.

  1. August 23, 2009 - NeoHome 1.0 Created
  2. August 29, 2009 - NeoHome 1.0 Update to 1.5(Backround Image)
  3. September 4, 2009 - NeoHome 1.5 Update to 2.0(Inner HTML Finalized*)
  4. September 5, 2009 - NeoHome 2.0 Update to 2.5(Fixed Backround)
  5. February 6, 2010 - NeoHome Revamp 1.0 Created

*See Special Thanks section for details on Inner HTML Project

Special Thanks

I'd like to give a big shout-out to the some awesome people. These people were very helpful when creating this NeoHome. Give it up for...

The following were huge help with NeoHome Ver. 1.0 - 2.5

NeoHome Revamp 1.0+ was done by me; my first NeoHome I made without help.

Spritual - The biggest helper when making the finishing touches, Spiritual helped me out in big ways! From fixing my Inner HTML issues, to the little things, he was always willing to help!

Stormy - Stormy didn't help too much, but she did help me get a hit counter on my NeoHome which is a plus!

bobbonew - One of the best coders on NeoSeeker, bobbonew helped me fix my Navbar, which was a mega blonde moment on my part...

BrodBoat - This guy helped me with my many questions, but always gave me a link or a fractional part of a code. Not much help with Inner HTML, but still, thanks.

Nagare - One of the frequent visitors of the HTML/CSS & NeoHome Help forum, Nagare helped me with Inner HTML a bit, but most of the thanks goes to Spiritual!

To be continued...


Go ahead, send me them! Send requests, tech issues, or just compliments!

Type Comment Below:

Stevemeister Music

Stevemeister Music is freestyle dance and electronica music, with some other genres in the mix as well. Click the image below to go the Stevemeister Music Homepage!


This Page is... Under Consrtuction

Now that I've gotten the hang of HTML/CSS, I'm willing to accept NeoHome requests. Basically, if you want your NeoHome redone, or just want a new NeoHome completely, I'll do it.

Depending on whether you want a NeoHome from scratch, or want me to change the theme, it'll take time. A NeoHome from scratch can take a little while, especially if you want a lot of pages. A simple theme change can be done quickly, and the finishing touches could be done in a day or two. Just don't get prickly with me for not being done in a day, ok?

How to Request

If you want me to even consider making your NeoHome, you better fill out this form the right way. Just below the code o send me is a description of exactly what I want in each space. If you have questions about any directions there, just drop me a PM.



[b]NeoHome Title:[/b]

[b]NeoHome Theme:[/b]

[b]Number of Pages:[/b]


[i](Type here for pages)[/i]

[b]Specific Images You Want Included(URL):[/b]

[b]Do you want to add content yourself, or have me do it?: [/b]

[ ] Myself 
[ ] You

[i]If "You" is selected, under pages, add the "Content" heading to it(See below).[/i]


[ ] Yes
[ ] No


[ ] Side
--- [ ] Left
--- [ ] Right
[ ] Top
[ ] Floating
--- [ ] Top
--- [ ] Bottom

[b]Other Details:[/b]

NeoHome Title: Simply state what you want the banner to say. If you want it to be a link to something, put it here.

NeoHome Theme: Pretty self-explanatory. Just tell me if you want it to be based on a certain color, or maybe a TV Show or even some wacky image.

Number of Pages: How many pages do you want? (Preferably somewhere from 1 to 5, but I'll do more if you want.)

Pages: This is VERY important! If you screw up here, there's a slim chance I will even finish your NeoHome. Now, follow the following form EXACTLY as it's typed!


Specific Images You Want Included(URL: Simple. Copy and paste the url of the image you like. Bam.

Do you want to add content yourself, or have me do it? With these little boxes, just replace the space with an X to mark you choice. This one is pretty simple. Do you want me to do all the adding and crap and learn nothing in the process, or do you want to try and figure this shiz out? Don't forget to add the "Content" heading to the Pages section of the form!

Webcounter? Do you want a webcounter added to your page to count the number of hits?

NavBar: This one is a little more complicated. For the side NavBar, you have two choices: Left and Right. This shapes your entire page, so choose wisely. If you look at my NeoHome, you'll see that I have a Side-Left NavBar, but for the most common, or the "Spotlight" pages, I use my Top-NavBar. The Top one is pretty simple. Just a few links on the top of the page. The Floating ones are pretty cool. Kinda like the old Facebook(Yes, they changed it), it will follow the page as you scroll, so it's never out of sight.

Other Details: Have anything else you'd like to add? Voice it here.

Have any questions about the forms or anything else about this NeoHome? Just drop me a PM (Use Quick PM to send it instantly!).

Fill Out Your Request Form Now!

NeoHome Request Form


What? A guy can't like kitties?

Ok. So, you're probably wondering why I have a page titled "Kitties!" Well, it's kinda obvious. This page is devoted to awesome and cute cat pictures I find on the internet. Unless you're a cold-hearted jerk, you should find the following pictures to be pretty damn cute! :D

Hover over the names to reveal the kitties!

Frog Kitty

Super Kitty

Foster Kitty

Two Kitties

Three Kitties

Fighting Kitties

Happy Kitty


Frog Kitty

Super Kitty

Foster Kitty

Two Kitties

Three Kitties

Fighting Kitties