changed his avatar to avatar
changed his avatar to avatar

This is what I'm planning on doing with my Pokemon cards when I turn like 50. read more

Eh. I kind of saw this coming. I'd be pissed of I knew that someone's hacking my product to use with another company... read more

I just found out you don't need to pay for the internet. [ooh WiFi. hahahaha.] Well, I guess free internet would be... read more

The Nanos look really ugly, in my opinion. I don't really care for the Shuffles (where's orange? how colorist.) or... read more

Phew. That's nice to know. I love California read more

The lengths people will go to in order to watch a few minutes of hot action... read more

Yay! What we really need is a battery that runs off body fat. read more

Ah.. for those lonely winter nights in the basement all by yourself. Now all we need is an A/C function and it's gold. read more

The tenth guy could not answer, because he was in a coma from a texting-while-driving accident. @_@ read more

Animal cruelty? Well, it's not alive. But who would want to play with a dead animal carcass? read more

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