I'm looking for a female Fast Ball Dratini (let me know if you have any other Apricorn Ball Females) I have a lot of A

Okay, so here's a list of things I'm looking for. In the case of the HA Females please let me know if you have a Safa

Hello there :3 As I mentioned in the title, I have a Jolly 5IV (correct spread) Safari Ball Kangaskhan up for grabs. It ha

Hey! As I said I'm looking for Apricorn females. I have several Dream Ball females, some with their Hidden Ability:

Hey, thanks for dropping by ^_^ I'm looking for a _trusted cloner/cloner with collateral_ for the following: _EVENT

Could someone IV check my Chatot for me? I haven't defeated the Elite Four yet, so I can't IV check him myself. I

I have a shiny 6IV Gooey Modest Goodra I need cloned. It has the egg moves Counter and Acid Armour. You need to provide co

Like I mentionned in the title, I need a huge favour done. It may take a few minutes for you to do, but the reward will be wo

I have a question about Pokemon Bank. If you transfer all your Pokemon to the Bank, then started a new game, could you transf

Does anybody have a Timid shiny Houndoom with 3-5IVs and egg moves Counter and Destiny Bond? If you do, please let me know

Does anybody have a shiny Skiddo/Gogoat? I have several shinies, mega stones and event legendaries on offer. Leave a messa

The Skiddo must _either_ be _NICKNAMEABLE_ or have _5 IVs and beneficial nature._ The Greninja I'm offering has 6IVs,

I have several 0 Speed IV Pokemon on offer, including Espurr, Goomy, Bulbasaur and Larvitar. 0 Speed Pokemon are good for

As mentioned in the title, I am looking for a cloner with collateral - but a trusted cloner with references will also do!

_I am offering the following:_ Nobunaga's Shiny Event Rayquaza (Japanese event) Dream World Arceus Shaymin Keldeo

I really badly want a _nicknameable_ Male Tyrunt/Tyrantrum named Heart! (named after You Are Umasou) Does anyone have one? I

I've been breeding Synchronisers for a while now - so I think I have about every nature you could want, including _Timid,

_Offering:_ (only have one of each except for the Fletchlings) 5 Perfect IV Adamant Tyrunt w/Dragon Dance - all perfects ex

I have a Brave Ditto with 0 Speed IVs, and 31 Attack, Sp.Attack and Sp. Defense IVs. Looking for some good offers, or I wi

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