Cerebral Assassin Stem Cell
Sep 7, 08 10:03pm
I haven't posted on this account for several years until recently. I would have so so called vacations from everything and I would randomly appear. But now, I'm back and ready to have fun again.

I have several accounts that I can't even remember the passwords to anymore. But this by far is the account with the most posts. The others have almost all been inactive for a good four or five years.

But Kaxio, you by far are a true legend in my mind. You've always been helpful and entertaining through it all. I'm glad to still have people like you around. It seems like another oldie bits the dust every couple months or so.

Hope to see you around more often, feel free to drop a PM or something when you like.

Warsun Stem Cell
Feb 29, 08 10:52pm
Haha thanks, I came up with it the same night I signed your guestbook. I want to make people feel dirty when they sign. I think I was successful in this.
Warsun Stem Cell
Feb 15, 08 12:02am
I...I saw a guestbook signing from you and saw that you were THE Kaxio. Very trippy man. I hope you remember Vito Raliffe from the GTA3 and MSN days. It seems some of the true oldies have been returning lately!

It is especially always nice to see someone from the best chat rooms days in recorded history. Take care and hopefully I'll see you around the forums.
Cerebral Assassin Stem Cell
Jan 19, 06 6:43pm
I don't know whether you remember me or not. thegreatone1506, seribal assassian, Cerebral Assassin, etc... and now Hotaka or Theseus.

I didn't know you were still around the forums or otherwise I would have caught up with you right away. I'm just shocked to see that you have returned.

You were always a great person to have around, all those times in the GTA3 Neoseeker Chat messing around with bots and having fun with Dynamite and the others. Those were the good old times and seeing you around makes me miss them quite dearly. I hope you are around to stay, I miss having the good old Kaxio around.

Well you can go ahead and catch up with me sometime. I still have the old e-mail thegreatone1506@hotmail.com that you can catch me. Well I hope you are doing well and I hope to talk to you soon.

Dynamite Stem Cell
Jan 10, 06 11:34pm
Well, what's there to say here. I've known Kax since around 2002, although he goes back even before me.

This guy was a veteran of the GTA3 Neoseeker days and frequented the GTA3 MSN chat despite not having much involvement with the game or forum itself. A great character and a definite asset to the chat, no doubt. He was also a huge asset to the "Site/Forums Help and QA" board during his time, showing great knowledge of the site and willingness to help others.

Kax, didn't know you were still about, man! Hope everything's okay with you. Hope to catch you on MSN some day; I haven't changed address. Unfortunately many of my friends have departed, Kuds being one of them. Seems there is fewer and fewer people from our era as each year passes.

Nice to see you're still around and thank you for signing my guestbook. Take care.

- Dan