Hate this game, I can't believe I was actually gonna pay the $5 a month for membership. RuneScape PC
Ah yes, you can beat this game in 7 minutes. I'm not even kidding. TheElderScrolls3Morrowind PC
Hard Game, but very worthwhile. ResidentEvil4 PS2
The intensity of this game is madness. I love the co-op mode, and kicking zombies' butts has never been better. ResidentEvil5 X360
Love it, still play it. If you see me, don't head shot me please. :P Halo PC
Wish I had a better computer, although I can still hold my ground on the X-Box 360 Version. Left4Dead PC
Even worse then the first. Although they did fix some of the broken aspects of the game. CustomRoboArena DS
This game has problems. And it's very repeative. CustomRobo GC
If you love Kingdom Hearts, you'll love this even more. The storyline is a little more violent though. And more about the mind. TheWorldEndsWithYou DS
I went to a competition for this game, and now it's not a game anymore. Wavedashing-what? SuperSmashBrosMelee GC
I wasted so much time on this game. I can't believe I was gonna raise 3 80s over the summer, good thing I just stopped playing. WorldOfWarcraft PC
The expansion was as good as the original. Blizzard you rock. StarcraftBroodWar PC
Ah yes the battle chest, I swear I've bought so many of these, because all my friends 'borrow' my copies of this game. StarcraftBattleChest PC
This game still rocks, even though it's old. I'll play anyone who thinks there good. Starcraft PC
One of the best MegaMan games our there. MegaManBattleNetwork2 GBA

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