Steam shared a link
Jan 15, 15 1:32pm

I'm sorta new to competitive pokemon but I have a decent understanding on what's good. After getting ORAS my gf and I

Steam shared a link
Dec 4, 14 9:58am

Figured I'd make a challenge thread. I have both 3DS and wiiU versions but I'd MUCH rather play on wiiU for obvious r

Nov 14, 09 8:13pm
hates twitter
Oct 25, 09 8:50pm
wants someone to train his lucario, i've been slacking...
Oct 25, 09 8:50pm
wants someone to help him train his lucario, I've been slacking
Sep 26, 09 6:59am
has been waiting for you. Welcome...
Aug 3, 09 7:18am
doesn't appreciate phantom PM's

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