Well, yes. And because I saw it's your birthday today. Happy birthday Sam maS, and have a good one.

No, I don't believe you know me.
Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

Hey there! Just a random guestbook signing spree. Make sure you sign back

Thx for being a friend!
thanks for signing my GB, in return, here is some of my awesomeness.

(plus you gain 5 bonus points)
You have the best avatar ever! The fearsome Vincent Valentine skipping to a beat; It's priceless. XD

Hello there. I'm here to sign your guestbook!

thought I would stop by to give you a stamp so here ya go

I also saw in the forum that you make banners so please P.M. me if you will make me one^_^
hehe... i just realized, every one of my GB signings has always been different. I want to keep the tradition, but I'm running out of stamps... hold on a sec... *searches archive*... aaaah, here's one!

and it will be accompanied by some Matthew pwnage! (Matt = me)

Thank you SSOOOO much for making my banner! It is SSOOOO awesome!

You stamped my guestbook, so I guess I should stamp yours.

Thank you for your participation during the Majora's Mask Header Contest. It was good to have your input. I hope to see you around more forums.
hope u like them sign me back so there u have it c u
Can't believe I haven't signed yet. Well then, you get my new GB stamp. ^^


There. Keep up the great work with your graphics!
Thankees for signing, Lady Kumi signs back XD

Oooh it's Leon! @.@

Hey hows it going just signing your guestbook as I promised so here I am...

Well anyways I did this google search on your username, well part of it anyway i did ste guitar and this is what I found
Is this where you got your username from? It could be you?...

Nah just kidding alright I'll leave now might catch ya later

Jazz Master
I am badass so I am going to personalise every message from here (after the picture)

Ah, sorry for the late greetings, ste! Happy Valentine's Day! Do you know how I am? Well, then, see ya! -^__^-

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sorry for the (sadly) impersonalized message, school is taking away too much of my time. >_> Anyways, I hope you like the stamp.

Don’t you love to see them together? XD See you around the forums!
Guess who's back?.... Back again.... Kilik's back..... Tell a friend!

I just figured I'd stop by and sign this. I'm trying to sign some peoples' guestbooks (people I've talked to, anyway) so I can stop being so secluded around here (You have no idea how many people around the forums I go to don't know who I am....) So I'm just saying hi, and thanks for that banner you made me a while back, I still use it. Well see ya!

P.S. I noticed you've posted in the Mario Kart DS forum, so I'm assuming you have the game. I'm getting my USB connector before the new year, maybe we can race sometime if you have an online hook-up.

Merry Chrustmas, ste! I know, the stamp doesn't have anything to do with Christmas, but I thought you might like it. Let's say it's a Christmas gift! (I think...)
I am to lazy to make a very good stamp, so I just added some text to this pic I was wanki-I mean looking at:
Hi. just thought I should sign your guestbook. BTW thanks for the banner.
Hey just thought i would sign, dont forget to sign back!
Hey just thought i would sign, dont forget to sign back!