bmxtrev Starsky134
May 12, 07 11:37pm
Strategies for Trace on Oubby:
To begin with, abusing the Omega Cannon Immunity glitch on Oubliette is both extremely dishonorable, and not the only way to win with Trace. While Sylux is the best hunter for a game of Oub, Trace is quite a useful hunter as well. His Triskelion form is useful in many cases:
Lunging in at the top level for the Omega Cannon upon its respawn.
Escape intense alternative form battles when the Triskelion is outnumbered by Lockjaws.
Rushing to the top of the arena in the beginning of the battle. (While in most cases the Lockjaw will make it first to the Omega Cannon, if a Trace user spawns near the super-jump pad, he/she will most likely reach the top first.)
Overall, Trace is a unique hunter on Oubliette. Try to play more defensively with him; otherwise you'll most likely be crushed by alt sprocking Sylux users. (Alt sprocking is not a "cheap tactic" on Oubliette, or any other arena.)

credit to c drone