Hey There! I enjoy talling to you in the Gangs. Mybe we can go on Wi-Fi! Drop me a PM if you want to be friends.

Just thought I'd stop by ur guestbook and sign! Trying to get this character up to date!


(Formally Pix)
Stamping Spree! I got a new stamp, stamping everyone I know.

I canna believe I haven't signed this even though you've signed mine.

See you around the WW fourms, lets see can we keep it alive 8D


Thought I'd wipe the dust off your guestbook.

And Here's a Stamp.

And Happy Christmas!!

Thanks for saying those things about me on your profile!! Wanna be Neo BBFs?? I have a Neo Family too!! Hee Hee
Hey!!! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish you a merry christmas
We wish you a merry christmas
We wish you a merry christmas
and a Happy New Year!
Used the wrong stamp.

Here's the proper one.

Sorry for the comments, really sorry.


Oh yeah, just stamping to apologize for my comments.

Nice profile... Lots of friends and family I'm guessing.. Hey quick question (and sorry this has to be in your guestbook) but what is the "AC:WW Family Gang!" It's on for your message and not quite sure what it means. You can answer in my guestbook. Thanks!

hey just wanted 2 stamp to say thats ur gonna b ma best friend eva! my grandads half irish...i think...hey! maye we're realted! ha ha ha
Hey there! I've seen you in the Shadow Clan and you seem like a cool person so I'm going to sign you.

Hopefully we can get to know each other better eventually, well see you around!
Your also Irish! Im Irish. I live in Ireland, and 70% of me is Irish, I'd calll that Irish! One sec

But someone stole another bun! XD
here what i like
fave band all time low,boys like girls & paramore
fave book diary of a wimpy kid
fave songs
check yes juliet- we the kings
dear maria count me in -all time low
the great escape - boys like girls
and last take a bow -rianna (who you love)
P.S can't spell your role models name


I saw your CT and decided to sign

Enjoy my stamp and see you around!!!
Let me start off by saying hi! You may not remember me. Let me refresh your memory. I'm part of the Rainbow Sherbet gang!
This is soooo weird. I read your profile and we have SO MUCH IN COMMON IT'S SCARY.
I like Rihanna and the Ting Tings too! I love the song "Great DJ." I am not the hugest fan of the Script but I like their songs!
I like pasta tooo!!! I like food alot. I'm not fat I just like food! My fave is Matheson's chocolate eclares. MMMM chocolatey hyperness!
Another thing is I love most of your top ten singles! 5 Year's Time is such a strange song but good! I ALSO like Disturbia and I kissed a girl. (I mean the song LOL...ahem...)
I was wondering if you like Alphabeat as they're my fave band!!! They're so happy and hyper like me!!!
I have a crush too and GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT?
*pulls out everything in wardrobe looking for something to wear for a date*
*looks through clothes for about 3 hours, finds out I've missed my date*
Hope we can become Neofriends (this is a peace-offering)