NextHanna Starlety
Jul 28, 09 10:26pm
Hey There! I enjoy talling to you in the Gangs. Mybe we can go on Wi-Fi! Drop me a PM if you want to be friends.

Randomness Starlety
Jun 26, 09 12:13am
Just thought I'd stop by ur guestbook and sign! Trying to get this character up to date!


(Formally Pix)
NextHanna Starlety
May 11, 09 12:04am
Stamping Spree! I got a new stamp, stamping everyone I know.

Phi Starlety
Jan 5, 09 10:49pm
I canna believe I haven't signed this even though you've signed mine.

See you around the WW fourms, lets see can we keep it alive 8D

BB_Brona Starlety
Dec 23, 08 8:35pm

Thought I'd wipe the dust off your guestbook.

And Here's a Stamp.

And Happy Christmas!!

Thanks for saying those things about me on your profile!! Wanna be Neo BBFs?? I have a Neo Family too!! Hee Hee
annalise Starlety
Dec 22, 08 12:44am
Hey!!! Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish you a merry christmas
We wish you a merry christmas
We wish you a merry christmas
and a Happy New Year!
Subaru7 Starlety
Nov 2, 08 11:33pm
Used the wrong stamp.

Here's the proper one.

Sorry for the comments, really sorry.

Subaru7 Starlety
Nov 2, 08 11:19pm

Oh yeah, just stamping to apologize for my comments.

Pixiechix13 Starlety
Nov 2, 08 7:10am
Nice profile... Lots of friends and family I'm guessing.. Hey quick question (and sorry this has to be in your guestbook) but what is the "AC:WW Family Gang!" It's on for your message and not quite sure what it means. You can answer in my guestbook. Thanks!

Puccagirl Starlety
Oct 31, 08 9:54pm
hey just wanted 2 stamp to say thats ur gonna b ma best friend eva! my grandads half irish...i think...hey! maye we're realted! ha ha ha
Dramon Knight Starlety
Oct 31, 08 4:11pm
Hey there! I've seen you in the Shadow Clan and you seem like a cool person so I'm going to sign you.

Hopefully we can get to know each other better eventually, well see you around!
SimDalmatian Starlety
Oct 26, 08 12:50am
Your also Irish! Im Irish. I live in Ireland, and 70% of me is Irish, I'd calll that Irish! One sec

But someone stole another bun! XD
Johnathan Morris Starlety
Oct 24, 08 7:50am
here what i like
fave band all time low,boys like girls & paramore
fave book diary of a wimpy kid
fave songs
check yes juliet- we the kings
dear maria count me in -all time low
the great escape - boys like girls
and last take a bow -rianna (who you love)
P.S can't spell your role models name
starz Starlety
Oct 22, 08 1:07am


I saw your CT and decided to sign

Enjoy my stamp and see you around!!!
Meluv cookie Starlety
Oct 19, 08 5:26pm
Let me start off by saying hi! You may not remember me. Let me refresh your memory. I'm part of the Rainbow Sherbet gang!
This is soooo weird. I read your profile and we have SO MUCH IN COMMON IT'S SCARY.
I like Rihanna and the Ting Tings too! I love the song "Great DJ." I am not the hugest fan of the Script but I like their songs!
I like pasta tooo!!! I like food alot. I'm not fat I just like food! My fave is Matheson's chocolate eclares. MMMM chocolatey hyperness!
Another thing is I love most of your top ten singles! 5 Year's Time is such a strange song but good! I ALSO like Disturbia and I kissed a girl. (I mean the song LOL...ahem...)
I was wondering if you like Alphabeat as they're my fave band!!! They're so happy and hyper like me!!!
I have a crush too and GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT?
*pulls out everything in wardrobe looking for something to wear for a date*
*looks through clothes for about 3 hours, finds out I've missed my date*
Hope we can become Neofriends (this is a peace-offering)