Apr 7, 10 11:17pm
loves you <3
Apr 6, 10 4:13am
The dog days are over.
Jan 23, 10 8:45pm
Darn you wet hair :O
Sep 17, 09 1:24am
Needs a new username........
Starlety blogged
Apr 13, 09 2:47am


Y'know, you could ask anyone I know and they would say: 'Grace? Singer? Duh!' I really want to be a rock-star when I grow up, but adults are always saying: 'No, you must get a proper education, go to college, blah blah blah!' Ok, not the blah part. Why can't some people just accept what you wanna be and support you? That's like someone's who's gay trying to tell their paents that, and them kicking them out forever.


Another thing I'm doing is writing a book. It's like a handbook for girls on doing stuff that ACTUALLY MATTERS to us girls. Like, surviving an all-girls school (aka, no boys_ or tidying your room in 10 minutes. Who wouldn't want that? If you know of any Irish Children's Publishers, gove me a shout ;)

Egg Shaped Furniture:

Yeah, weird title. It's AC:CF related so if you don't know what that is, leave (points to door) Today was Bunny Day, and I got all of the Egg Set. It's pretty cute, all different colours. Sweet. I'll put up a picture soon. Bye for now! Happy Easter! PS, I got 4 eggs and 25 euro xD

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Starlety blogged
Jan 31, 09 10:50pm

Yay! I just got a SD card today so whileI'm playing Animal Crossing I can take pictures! I was just thinking today: I Really wan to see Twilight for a second time! But do you people hate other people who see the same movies twice? Ciao for now!
Starlety blogged
Jan 27, 09 10:14pm

Wow, I just saw Twilight two days ago and I loved it! The graphics and action were amazing, and the actors weren't half bad either! ;) The two leading roles are played by Robert Pattinson (love him) and Kristen Stewart. She's not the prettiest (or the coolest) but she did score the best 108-year-old vampire ever! Can't wait until it comes out on DVD ;) I've also read the book which isn't half bad either (I'm on the third in the series!) Anyways, my fave character from the Cullens (vampire family) is Alice (and pretty much Edward!) Here's a pic of them:

Got to go now, oh, and check out my new Gallery too!


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Starlety blogged
Dec 11, 08 1:06am

I was thinking about how cute puppies were... weird. Anywho, welcome to my blog. Freeze! Here is exactly what i'm doing right this very second... :
Sitting at my desk in my school tracksuit, listening to the soundtrack of the musical my school's doing this christmas, and my mom yelling at me to get off the computer. Perfcetly normal...
I really should ring my friend and ask if I could borrow a DS game or 10. Do you ever get that? You get really bored of your ds games so you ask to borrow someone elses. I get that all the time.

Ciao for now!
(Christmas is coming!)

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