My neo family:
Neo husband: Nobody
Neo boyfriend: Nobody
Neo brothers: terrierboy, CFalcon
Neo sisters: YayForMe, Flopsyindahouse
Neo parents:
Neo grandparents:

Neo bestest friends: Diamondflame, Axarcrie, Amsal, Monkey Magic, and everyone else who's a regular on TS2 forum. I love you all! *Hugs*


I love sims 2, even though I'm so addicted to neo and myspace that I don't go on it that much. But when I do, I love it! I also want to be an actress. That basically means that I will be an actress, because it's want I want to do, therefore it's what I will do. I don't listen to anyone that tells me otherwise. I also like singing, even though I'm not very good at singing, even though everyone insists that I am. I like ice-skating, and am currently doing Skate UK gold, and really enjoying it. After I pass gold, it's bye bye skating because seriously, it gets really strenuos (is that how you spell strenuos?)after you finish gold D=. I also like anime, and THE MIGHTY BOOSH!!


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