LaDyAbLe StarJet
Feb 08, 09 2:46pm
Hey Starjet! I gotta show some love to my FFAC Star Fiend! So i decided to drop myself on your guestbook! I hope you do the same for me!!

Asianz StarJet
Jan 01, 09 7:27pm

And may you leave all your troubles behind! Lean forward not back! ^.^
Asianz StarJet
Dec 31, 08 4:23pm

Hey new neofriend! Thanks for the guide again! Decided I would stop by and sign your guest book! >:]
Zeek StarJet
Dec 23, 08 3:01pm
Happy Holidays!

Ville_Valo StarJet
Jun 09, 08 11:43pm
Heh thanks for the signage. I just don't check this thing ever.
You'll be missed. Keep Beats, remember me by it
Deathsythe StarJet
Apr 15, 08 3:05am

Then you come in and help fend him off and tell me training is over.

Thanks again for all the help buddy.
Mr Muffins StarJet
Apr 10, 08 1:55pm
Your guestbook was fine before now. However, it has now been officially muffin'd!

sebby StarJet
Mar 16, 08 10:08pm
Hey starjet,
This is a signing from your fellow Sri Lankan neoseeker.
I'd give you a stamp but I can't be bothered to make one.