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My mother doesn't even care about spending time with family. I'm pretty sure she's just obsessed... read more

Meh, *bleep* the US. XD I'm sorry, but truly... I am not enjoying Thanksgiving as much as I should. read more

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Yeah. But at first they're small, but if you level them up or whatever through the Pet Pavilion... read more

I've only begun playing again for these past few days and I'm at lv. 9 (aaaaalmost at lv. 10!),... read more

Ahh, okay. Well, I'm Amber something. I just can't remember my last name and generally when I get... read more


That code will only work for the next two days according to the game. And, also, only... read more

Shuuush you I still love it XD

Haha, it is. Or I think it is. I like it. :3 I'll have to get my... read more

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If you download/play it (it's free, by the way) I'd love to become friends. We could help each other out. read more

A KingsIsle game focused around wizardry and a wizard "school". You take the role of being a... read more

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So I somehow got sucked back into playing Wizard101...

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Yuppp, I'll be picking this up on the Wii U for my sons B-day!
Definitely worth getting! read more