Jul 29, 15 8:09am
Windows 10 today.... Minecraft also rolled out a Windows 10 Edition Beta.
Murderer Star
Jul 21, 15 7:51am
your finally letting people see when your on :D
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Jul 21, 15 7:47am round 4 guys....
Jun 22, 15 4:01pm
So I just got the Sims 4. Time to make a living hell :D
Jun 16, 15 10:19pm
So... Donkey Kong and Bowser are Skylanders. lolwtf
Jun 14, 15 9:23pm
After all those years of planning what it would be like to find his parents again... this was not it!
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Mar 02, 15 7:56pm Guess what's back....
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Feb 20, 15 8:26am

_VILLAINS ~This Thread is Under Construction, Please Excuse the Mess~_ _AIR_ Dreamcatcher Bad Juju Buzzer Beak Kranke

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Jan 27, 15 11:50am

As amusing as it may sound, it can get pretty annoying. My Xbox 360 controller will oftentimes begin to vibrate... and never

Jan 18, 15 12:41am
Oh *bleep*ing yay. I just got a 3DS XL, and then someone tells me about the "New" 3DS.
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Jan 03, 15 11:19am

Currently, I'm looking for: Mew Celebi Registeel Jirachi Phione Manaphy Darkrai Shaymin Arceus Victini Kelde

Jan 01, 15 5:26pm
Howdy, stranger.
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Jan 01, 15 5:29am

Whenever I capture a new Pokemon, I love seeing their PokeDex entries. Until you catch a Pokemon with an utterly disturbing h

IamthebestNever Star
Dec 31, 14 1:48pm
Dec 31, 14 6:44am
Caught Xerneas on the first try in an Ultra Ball.... And here I thought it was going to be like all others with 50 Ultra Balls necessary.
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Dec 31, 14 2:49am Okay Nintendo. This was a punch in the feels
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Dec 27, 14 11:23pm

Hey, fellow Pokemon fans. I recently took down my Pokemon cards and began looking for them to find... almost all of my Psychi

alroy214 Star
Dec 13, 14 6:44am
Hello :3
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Dec 07, 14 6:51pm Anyone care to vote for my poster? Mine is this one:

CPSC is sponsoring a nationwide carbon monoxide safety poster contest to help warn people about the dangers of CO. Create a poster about the dangers of carbon monoxide and win prize money. If your poster entry is NOT listed here, there may have been...

IamthebestNever Star
Nov 09, 14 6:40am
Twinkle twinkle little Star. How I wonder what the kawaii little thing you are. Up above the world so high, like a Skylander in the sky. I remember posting this exact message on your birthday last year. There's no rule stating I can't cover your wall with my creative lyrics. Happy birthday.
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