"What if I fell to the floor, couldn't take all this anymore? What would you do?"
"Everyone has a story.... Sometimes they have many stories. I just take them and combine them, to give you a thing you perceive as fantasy."
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Neo's glitching out like crazy...
*Earns $20 and worships it*
"That's when you came in wearing a football helmet and said 'Okay, let's talk!'" Stay, Stay, Stay|Taylor Swift

For one, don't go off on me for it. I may be a female, but my life is not centered around f*cking men just to get pregnant and reproduce. The fate of the planet does not depend on me giving birth to any damn kid.

Perhaps they can't know any better but all they do is shit, slobber, projectile vomit, eat, throw food, and GET SHOVED INTO EVERYONE ELSE'S FACE. "Oh look, my kid fell over!" "OH look, she spat up! Lemme go get that up, hahaha!" "Oh look, she rolled over!" Um, we're supposed to care why? Plus, EVERYONE is brainwashed into thinking they are the most wonderful, cutest things on this planet, even calling them miracles and such.

If you call a shit machine a miracle....... They're not even necessary! There are, what, 7 billion people on the planet?

If I don't want children, despise them, or just don't want to be around them, why am I punished for that? My mother is convinced there's something wrong with me because I don't like young kids and babies. I don't really like my younger brother that much either (he's six).

And tonight... I am a very possessive person. I will admit that. So when my room, which has all my stuff in it and everything I find valuable as well as all my main entertaining items, is "invaded" I lash out. I don't like others in my room. It may technically belong to my parents, but even so, it's considered mine and I like having my space where I can feel at peace and with myself. But no. Tonight, my bitchy-ass aunt came over, as well as her daughter. My mother LOVES the baby, so does my brother, and so does my father. Also, my aunt is just outright mean to my dog. Just because he sniffs her on the foot, she yells at him to go away and that he needs to go outside. Mom has made me put him outside and let him in repeatedly for at least 30 minutes. It's too cold outside for him! I don't care if he bothers you or not! And the baby and her mother are allergic to Sierri, my cat, so of course she's getting yelled at and she can't get into my room to her food because they've got the door locked shut because, oh, guess what, the BABY IS SLEEPING IN MY ROOM.

Yep, didn't ask me or nothing. "Oh, just lay her down in Cheyenne's room! She won't mind at all!"

Haha, that's what you think, bitches! I cannot stand babies. My mother knows that. But she's drunk as f*ck now, as well as the other two adults (father's asleep, he has to go to work in two hours), so of course they don't give a f*ck and it's going past my bedtime (I have school, alright?), but aha, don't nobody care.

F*ck this shit. This post was very venomous... go ahead and come at me, I'll regret this post very much by tomorrow, I'm sure.

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Okay, perhaps I'll get called the antichrist or something now, considering how evil I must be perceived by everyone, but... I hate babies.
It seems the more I talk, the stupider the shit is I spew from my mouth. Ugh, I'll just shut up.

...and I see that a woman's husband was shot in public right in front of her face, dead instantly. He was given 2nd degree murder and locked up for 23 years.

Now I wanted to understand where the woman was coming from, so I placed myself in a situation similar to hers. Me and my significant other just enjoying a night with karaoke, and then someone just walks in and shoots my significant other in the head, dead in front of my face. After thinking about that, 23 years sounds like a laughable sentence to me. If someone had shot my significant other in the face without a SHRED of remorse, I'd like to see them get life behind bars--and not the 25 year sentence. How can you know that person, when they get back out, won't just do it again? Or how do you justify giving a murderer a second chance at life when the dead person won't get one?

You have to think--if my significant other got shot in the face in front of me, one, I'd see that image in my head for the rest of my life and would likely become an insomniac. Putting it simply, I was having the image of my friend stapling his finger in my head for a week. I can't imagine seeing someone get part of their head blown off, much less my significant other. I'd probably lose the want to eat, drink, etc. and would most likely attempt suicide. Love would be a laughable thing--never again, I'd say. Yes, I'd be a mess and I honestly wouldn't care what people called me for it. Now for that woman to sit there and talk about it with only a few tears shed is quite remarkable, because I wouldn't even be able to talk about it. And don't come at me with "she hated him", you can hear it in her voice she feels but she's holding it back so she can talk.

TL;DR: Justice system's retarded. F*ck the police, all that shit.

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So Frozen's "Let It Go" is the new g@y anthem song. What else will you do to innocent things, Internet?
"There no-one to call because I'm just playin' games with them all..." What Now|Rihanna
"So long my friend... until we meet again..."
So, funny story... I'm playing Kinect, and like the wonderfully smart person I am, forget the cat's water bowl is behind me I jump and yeah.
Oh my Valentine's Day has been freaking wonderful. THANK YOU, UNIVERSE.
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