Only about two hours every weekday for the that's no good.
You have a cute cat :3

...Biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard in my life. So, did you ever get the 'you can tell me anything' from

I'm not mad. My reality is simply different from yours~
Meh to you back. XD
Hi Star, I have seen you but not in the clan lately, something is up? ^^'
Parents use the comp once and it returns with 2300 dangerous files..
Are you okay, Star?!
Neo has been poopoo for the last hour and wont let me message you back
"A king can only reign till instead, comes the day it's off with his head."

In Skylanders: Trap Team, you can play as Kaos! So, what does everyone think about that? You capture him in this bad boy:

We need to talk. Like old times.
So my Dad is being a bee/car hybrid....
So, fourth Skylanders game this year.... *bleep* me they move too fast XD
Neoseeker poppin' up huge-ass ads out of nowhere...
"They scream 'The worst things in life come free to us!'" The A-Team|Ed Sheeran
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