Nov 21, 15 1:21pm
Uncle gave me his old gameboy, DS, and some games. Nothing award winning but I'm excited all the same. ^_^
Nov 20, 15 2:46pm
That moment when you recall something extremely stupid from years ago... or looking through year old messages/PMs
Nov 19, 15 8:12am
I await the day i find an adventure story that doesn't involve the main character falling desperately in love with someone.
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Nov 14, 15 8:03pm

In Pokemon games, we're all given a starter, and typically it's our starter that we become attached to. However, I

Nov 14, 15 1:53am
Every now and again Red just goes "*bleep* you I won't walk"... dammit Red
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Nov 12, 15 8:50pm

So recently, I've really gotten into learning about the history of the franchise (inb4 I'm labeled a noob). I was aro

Nov 12, 15 8:11pm
You know it's sad when a game makes you feel more special on your birthday than anything else. But in a way, it was really wonderful.
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Nov 12, 15 5:50pm

Now, I've been trying to complete my Pokedex in Omega Ruby - and by complete, I mean catching, not just seeing. With that

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Nov 09, 15 6:41pm Join in on Wonder Trade Wednesday using your Pokemon XY/ORAS! *Due to falling popularity th

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Nov 09, 15 6:23pm

Hi! I'm looking to trade to evolve a Graveler to Golem and a Machoke to Machamp. Also, I'm looking for some Pokem

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Nov 05, 15 4:23pm

Hey everyone! Thanks to @chase91, I know that my safari contains the following Pokemon:

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Nov 05, 15 3:49pm

So, I've recently fallen out of my games for other games (...okay, game. I was extremely late getting into Minecraft and

Chromatus Star
Sep 01, 15 7:22pm
Hey, how have you been? :o
Aug 08, 15 8:58am
"There's no way to disguise... that 'we will never make it'..."
Murderer Star
Aug 03, 15 11:20pm
Hello :P
Jul 29, 15 8:09am
Windows 10 today.... Minecraft also rolled out a Windows 10 Edition Beta.
Murderer Star
Jul 21, 15 7:51am
your finally letting people see when your on :D
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Jul 21, 15 7:47am round 4 guys....
Jun 22, 15 4:01pm
So I just got the Sims 4. Time to make a living hell :D
Jun 16, 15 10:19pm
So... Donkey Kong and Bowser are Skylanders. lolwtf
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