Gothic_Seductress Star Fox
May 06, 08 4:26am
I just made a new neoseeker account, So im looking forward in meeting new ppl well anyways thought I'd sign your GB!

Take care. And Sign back if you can
Distortion Star Fox
Apr 23, 08 2:46am
Seen you around Loungin' (everywhere around Loungin')

You seem pretty cool. You like Star Fox at least, hey that's a plus.

Keep the insanity coming.
YeOldeBowser Star Fox
Apr 19, 08 3:14am
Well I've seen you around Loungin' and Brawl forums, just thought I'd drop by and sign.

Sign back, you better

Goonjimbo Star Fox
Apr 17, 08 6:49am
You cracked my Fam Guy code
Enjoy your cookie

Taki Star Fox
Dec 26, 07 7:14am

Happy holidays and merry Christmas you sick perv .

Muah <33
Super Shaolin Star Fox
Oct 12, 07 11:21pm
Can I sign in? You're the next person to be added in my list...



IS IN DA HOWZ! Sign back and PM me anytime!

Taki Star Fox
Jun 16, 07 9:51pm
I'm gone sign you G-B since we argued xD

Haha LOL .. And you like Linkin Park, I love LP

Anyway.. you're a nice guy

Sayonara ~~~

T@k!n!nj@, $@a@
KonvictSaiyan Star Fox
Jun 06, 07 12:30am
Hey what's up yo, Seen ya in the BT2/3 forums so wanna give you a stamp. I'm a cool fan of anime, I've been called weird many times before and can't help it.

Sign Back, There's A Stamp of Culture
Balambgirl Star Fox
Jun 05, 07 11:19pm
Hey. Saw you around the Dir en grey threads so just had to come and say Hi. Love the avatar by the way. Diru rock XD

have a stamp

yusuke123 Star Fox
May 25, 07 9:03am
Hey, I just saw that you had a Diru avvy and sig're cool. ^.^
Yea I don't know if you're a big of a fan as I am, but that's still awesome.

SIgn back if you get the chance? =D
eddieguerrerofan Star Fox
May 01, 07 3:25am

Your time has come…
Consider it an act of kindness from myself and let this blessing be with you for the rest of your life.

The Bedonking tradition has begun...

"Bedonking people since April 2007"
Red Steel Star Fox
Apr 14, 07 10:17am
What's up? I'm that Nu-Metal guy from the Music Forums! Suprised? You shouldn't be, you are one of the few people that I ACTUALLY liked from that Forum!
fairygrl Star Fox
Mar 23, 07 10:46am
and thats to leave my stamp with you

much luv and PM me whenever

king rock Star Fox
Feb 02, 07 4:17am
yeah you to see you around some time ok maby we can chat