hello! You seem really cool! lets be friends!

Hey!! I'm just signing your guestbook because you have a guitar from what i seen in a picture, and guitar's *bleep* awesome. And I love your hair!! Alright cya!!

In your sig, it said "Sign my guestbook or die", so, knowing me, not wanting to die and all, I thought it might be in my best interest to sign your guest book. Concieved in a cemetary, eh? By the government, eh? Damn government! As soon as I patent my Spontaneous Diahrreal Combustion Fecal Matter Launcher, they'll get theirs!! *Shaking fist at nothingness*
hey! it's good to see that i'm not the only gex:undercover gecko fan out there!

was here
Hi Slave Girl, Remember me? I was just browsing the intellectual exchange Forum and saw you had posted and thought, "Hey, if it isn't my favorite evil Zim-loving person!" So I decided to sign your guest book.

Ok, I think that's enough characters... Ta-ta!

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!

I guess I just have been saved by signing your guestbook. Okay now to fit the char. limit
How are things goin? your not on much.....

Well at least Reply to my last pm...

Youve been signed by
Hey! I'm here signing your guestbook because I don't want to die just yet

See you around!~
I guess I'm *bleep*ing dead!
Oh wait I signed your guestbook, damn.
Hiya!I'm signing your guestbook because... well because I am.DO NOT QUESTION ME!*smaks herself*Sorry about that.Well I gotta go now so later.And please sign my guestbook. PLEASE!?
*smashing my head against a wall*
This is the fourth time this happens me, i should specify the image, well this tim e is going to be correct:

I hate my memory it is always playing tricks on me, and what a long tittle.... anyway... STAMP:

I didn't want you to kill me so I signed this....but I have an eye on you...O-o...So be careful where you sleep.. Welp I will stop the torture of you having to listen to my insanity....


HDI the great!
I am signing your guestbook for 2 reasons. First reason is that you seem cool to talk to, and 2, I think are you cute as hell and you have an awesome personality.
well you signed me so i will return the favor
your posts in the religion thread are intresting and uhhhh......
dot dot dot
minimun lengt requirement is dumb so here are a few more dots
sorry bout that , here is the actual stamp
i just hope it comes out this time
saw you in the longin forum and i saw that banner you made for duskull, its kinda cool
here is a stamp
hey seen u round the rp forum, read ur bio and found we have alot of things the same : comics, knifes(i have a bowey knife, supposed to have this hellava cool one and a nice black one), anime, manga and that kinda stuff but im a boy and ur a girl, but i kinda like u, y'know
Youre da best thanks for makin me a makin me a banner!Hold on , here a stamp for you:

See ya around!
You can't make me do anything I don't wanna...

I am going to see a movie. The date is: Friday, September 19th, 2003 at 8:07 PM.
Second time signing your guestbook..

Anyways, your current banner is awesome. Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the greatest! All tremble before its greatness! Jack Skellington pwns all.

"In this town, we call home, everybody hail to the pumpkin song."
this is kidfun. keep up the good work in my roleplay. oh yea: