Well I was conceived in a cemetery by a U.S. Navy Intellegence officer who was married to someone else and ran off when he found out about me.


Okay here is a less hyper version......

I enjoy reading (Douglass Adams is da best)
Drawing (I am submitting a comic of mine to a magazine)
Martial Arts (I took Akido for a while)
Video Games (Okage is great)
Science (Holography, quantum physics... fun!)
Comics (Jhonen fan right here)

er.... yeah.

Now about me...
Well, I'm pretty evil, and selfish, and arrogant, and proud!
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Review: Kya: Dark Lineage - The feminist Platform!

Dec 1, 2003

I really enjoy the story as well, (all though it reminds me terribly much of Star Wars) This game is a lot of fun, and humourous and also a nice challenge at points. There is always something to do, and it keeps you entertained for a nice long...

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