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Jan 15, 10 10:17pm
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Feb 13, 09 1:13am

This will be one of my idea blogs, one where i vent my ideas and see what others think about them.

So I've been thinking, In TWEWY, there are the different grounds which need different frequencies to be able to exist in them. Now, as most TWEWY fans should know, a lower ground can be observed from a higher one but not the other way around. Compare this to the dimensional space in our world. If something exists in the third-dimension it is able to observe something that exists in the second dimension but the two dimensional being can not observe the three dimensional being, nor can the three dimensional being observe a hypothetical fourth dimension.

That's all for now. If you have anything to add, correct or comment on please do so.

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Feb 11, 09 11:14pm

Hey, I'm Squirrel Lord, I'm new to blogging but plan to blog weekly but due to real life commitments, spriting and trainer card contests and roleplaying this may not be a possibility.

As the title suggests, this blog will be about the game"The World Ends with You" but it may also be about pokemon, spriting or my life. This blog may contain stories, rants or ideas about the previously mentioned subjects.

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Squirrel Lord
Jan 12, 08 11:11am
Squirrel Lord
Jan 12, 08 11:08am
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