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May 24, 16 11:04pm

Well I just beat Champion Iris in White 2. Reflecting back on these playthroughs I've done over the past few weeks, it was fun to get back into my favourite generation once again. Using a randomiser is one of my favourite ways to play the game. It gives me a chance to use Pokémon I haven't used before, as well as some old favourites, with completely whacky movesets. To make them more interesting, I set myself some guidelines:

- Only the first Pokémon encountered in each area can be caught
- They must be nicknamed
- No legendaries
- If a shiny is encountered, it can be caught regardless of being the first encounter or not

Soooo basically a nuzlocke without the dying rule...lol.

Here I shall note down my team as of defeating N and Ghetsis (Black), and Iris (White 2).

~ Black ~

Kao (Claydol) - Lv. 51
Naughty Nature
- Spark
- Blue Flare
- Flash Cannon
- Sludge Bomb

Aristocat (Persian) - Lv. 51
Hasty Nature
- Wild Charge
- Rock Blast
- Strength
- Pay Day

Shredder (Weavile) - Lv. 51
Flame Body
Hardy Nature
- Waterfall
- Gear Grind
- Zen Headbutt
- Mega Kick

Lyko (Lucario) - Lv. 51
Quiet Nature
- Psyshock
- Judgment
- Flash Cannon
- Surf

Quixxy (Gliscor) - Lv. 51
Modest Nature
- Crabhammer
- Dragon Dance
- Close Combat
- Fly

Aria (Altaria) - Lv. 52 [Starter]
Lonely Nature
- Searing Shot
- Hydro Cannon
- Meteor Mash
- Giga Drain

~ White 2 ~

Basilisk (Arbok) - Lv. 61
Adamant Nature
- Teeter Dance
- Return
- Attack Order
- Waterfall

Willow (Chandelure) - Lv. 61
Mold Breaker
Rash Nature
- Hydro Cannon
- Tail Glow
- Signal Beam
- Overheat

Superstar (Starmie) - Lv. 61
Iron Fist
Naughty Nature
- Ice Beam
- Metal Sound
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball

Colossus (Aggron) - Lv. 61 [Starter]
Rock Head
Lonely Nature
- Zen Headbutt
- Head Smash
- Iron Head
- Leaf Blade

Lance (Dragonite) - Lv. 61
Pure Power
Impish Nature
- Iron Head
- Giga Impact
- Surf
- Fly

Luna (Musharna) - Lv. 61
Solid Rock
Calm Nature
- Leaf Tornado
- Psycho Shift
- Air Slash
- Overheat

So will I ever randomise these beautiful games again? Probably. Who knows when though.

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Jul 14, 15 10:39pm

Over the past few weeks I had been playing both a Black and White 2 randomiser. Just finished my White 2 ranomiser and you know both were really fun to play through so I'm gonna make a record of my teams I used because I feel like it.

Masque (Roserade) - Lv. 51 [Starter]
-Flame Burst
-Foul Play

Mr Pelican (Pelipper) - Lv. 51
-Power Gem

Glazia (Glaceon) - Lv. 51
-Secret Sword
-Leaf Blade

Crash (Floatzel) - Lv. 51
-Power Whip
-Crush Claw
-Karate Chop
-Icicle Crash

Thundadong (Eelektross) - Lv. 51
-Foul Play
-Dual Chop

Eddy (Hitmontop) - Lv. 52
-Seed Bomb
-Flame Wheel
-Rock Tomb
-Sacred Sword

~White 2~
StretShark (Garchomp) - Lv. 60
-Ice Ball
-Mach Punch

Skywalker (Dodrio) - Lv. 61
-Double Hit
-Smack Down
-Storm Throw

LiveWire (Electivire) - Lv. 61
-Fiery Dance
-Mud Shot
-Needle Arm

SpittnFire (Magmortar) - Lv. 61
-Fire Blast
-Power Gem
-Heal Order

Duck You (Golduck) - Lv. 61 [Starter]
-Horn Leech
-Echoed Voice

I ♥ Ewe (Ampharos) - Lv. 61
-Giga Drain
-Blue Flare
-Sludge Wave

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Feb 2, 12 5:43pm

Well, 2012 marks one thing for me; my last year before life begins – my last year of school. At this time I’m finding it very daunting, seeing as I haven’t a clue on what to do next year. But, I guess I don’t have to think about that just yet.

But, firstly, the second half of my holidays. Nothing special I would say, since most of it consisted of me staying home doing nothing (as usual). Though the only thing that stood out here was going to see a movie – We Bought A Zoo – with my brother and sister. Quite a good movie really, though at some points I felt myself falling asleep, as I do in movies. But it was nice afterwards just going for a bit of shopping. Window shopping that is. I can’t bring myself to spend lots of money.
Toward the end of the holiday, I managed to get my hands on a sweet, huge Tepig plushie, with the help of my nan. How we got it is a long story, and I don’t feel like going through that. It now sits next to my huge Elmo plushie next to my bed.

Just when I was getting used to the holidays, it was time to get ready for dreaded school. The only fun part about that was getting to cover my books with Lady Gaga pics. I must say they look quite lovely. Took a few days in all but I did find it fun.
Going back to school for the first day wasn’t really that bad, since I already know my classes. But they just HAD to adjust timetables so that now we have four classes a day; the amount of books I have to take kills me. One of my classes was especially weird since we have to mix with the, err, nooby Year 11’s. Eh, I guess it wasn’t so bad. I was just glad to see my friends again; lotsa catching up to do for sure.

Now that I have no more first days of school, it’s time to sink in to a perhaps, normal schedule. I just really hope this year for school will be better than last year, if I haven’t said that enough.


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Jan 1, 12 5:13pm

So, I thought I'd have a go at this again, do this on a monthly basis, and see how things go.

So, here we are. 2012. The year we're all supposed to die. Aren't we so optimistic? Buuut anyway, me gonna talk about December, consisting of the big events of Christmas and that New Year's Eve party. So, where to start...

Well, being on summer holidays, I almost always never do anything exciting. Except for that time I went bowling with the family. That was pretty fun. I thought I was actually good at it, but even my mum proved to me she's better at it than me. Oh wells, I got my Wii Bowling to practice on at least, so then I can become more pro.

Anyway, Christmas. Christmas Eve was a normal boring time, with just me doing my own stuff. But I suppose the actual day was kinda better, even though the only visitors we got were my grandparents. But, better than last year I suppose. Iirc, this year I managed to reap in a 3DS, Mario Kart 7 (in which I'm very much loving and enjoying), a pancake maker, a really nice hairbrush, a Gaga calendar (which happens to show European holidays rather than Australian), 3DS styluses, chocolate, and money. Quite nice I'd say. Used some of that money to buy myself Kirby's Adventure: Wii (or Kirby's Return to Dreamland in the non-PAL regions).
The food itself was really nice. The ham we got was too delicious that I kept eating it non-stop. Didn't go down too well the next day though. Yeeeah...

And New Year's. Last night, was kinda a bore. Didn't do anything special at all. It especially sucked since nobody stayed up till midnight, so therefore I was just all alone with my Mario Kart and stuff...Usually we'd all stay up and at least watch fireworks on TV, but nup, not even that happened. So I stuck myself on Animal Crossing: Wild World to at least celebrate with dem neighbours in my town. Better than nothing I suppose.

And so now here is 2012. Hopefully, it's better than last year. Me got one more whole year of school to get through, in which I'm not looking forward to. Good luck for 2012.


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Jul 31, 11 10:02pm

Well, this week has had to be one of the most fun, thrilling, and yet tiring weeks I've had for a while. Well, day really. Friday to be exact. On that day, the school held a carnival in commemoration for being open for 10 years. I'll try not to go into too much detail, since I can't remember so much, and cause a lot of stuffs happened.

So, I got to the party kinda late, due to me not having any money to spend there yet. It started a couple of hours after school, and I didn't really have the time to get home and then come back in time. But anyway, first thing I did when I got there was go on this ride called 'The Wild Octopus.' It was pretty adrenaline pumping, although the whole time I was laughing, and I guess that was due to the fact that my friend was screaming the whole time. Though this is the only ride I went on, cause really, the rides were kinda expensive to go on, as well as having looong as lines, so it probably wasn't worth it.
Now, most of the food lines were pretty long, namely the candy floss line. Like, I left that after standing there for a couple of minutes, just cause of how long it was, and cause I don't even think it was moving. So, I was quick to change over to the empty popcorn line. Though I don't even think the money was worth it, but oh well. Another incident happened as well. My friends and I were lining up to get fries, but of course there's a reaaaaally huge line, so while we're waiting, we take random pictures and stuff. At last, when we get to the front of the line, we're told that all the fries were sold out. And I came specifically for the fries! But anyway, I just opted for a hotdog instead. But afterwards, we bought this really awesome icecream, supposedly the 'icecream of the future.' It was in these little marble things, kinda looked like cake decorations I guess. It was really nice, and awesome though. Could've gone for more, if I didn't have a care about spending money. And sometime through the night, I bought this small bag with candy in it, but that kinda got demolished in about a day. And lemme tell you, I did not feel good after that.
So really, at events like this, it's almost incomplete without glow products, if it's at night. So that's one of the destinations I stopped at. I bought like this headband thing with antennae on them, although it did give me an unpleasant headache afterwards. Also got this, erm, (for lack of a better word) 'stick' thing, that lit up and stuff. Just carried that around with me the whole night. During this time, we listened to one of the school bands perform, in which my friend and my brother were performing. Pretty good really.
And finally, to conclude the night, it ended with amazing fireworks. Made it feel like New Year's. But they were soo amazing, so of course my friends had to take pictures. Not even sure how they turned out, but I swear, they better be good. If I could get onto Facebook, I'd check them out for sure. The fireworks were pretty loud, but I didn't really care. I just cared about how pretty they looked.

Tbh, before Friday, I hadn't gone to a carnival in a while. But I'm glad I got to go to this one, cause it really was a thrilling night, I just hope they do something again like this next year, just not in winter please.


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Jul 25, 11 10:09pm

Okay, before I start, umm, blog has been a little...inconsistent. And since I won't always have things to write about, I guess I'll update on weeks I do actually have something to say. Okay? Okay. ^-^

Okay, so I was pretty excited for Tuesday in the past week, cause it was the day I got my braces off, at long last! After having them on for 14 months, it was time that they came off, and that I can eat normally again (not that I wasn't, y'know).

So yeah, I had to skip last class to get to the orthodontist for my appointment at 12:30. Luckily, I got to skip my most hated subject (lol Graphics), so it was a good day for me. Though I did leave a little later than I was supposed to, I happened to get there well early. But that didn't bother me, I suppose. At least I had my music to listen to.
But eventually, I was told to come through. It was pretty intimidating, I must admit. And when everything started, I felt the pressure, but honestly, I couldn't be bothered to make a fuss or anything. That's the attitude I have when I got to the dentist or anywhere really. It did feel like forever as well, I didn't know what was going on. But before I knew it, it was all over. My braces were out, and I had my retainers put in. And they felt sooo strange too, though I'm quite used to them now. But now it's good, cause I can like smile and not have to care about braces or anything. I felt so happy I went straight for an apple. Greatest day of my life. Guess I gotta put up with these retainers for x amount of years, and then I won't have to worry about a thing, unless I actually decide to keep them in. Hmm, oh well.

So yeah, it's a great feeling that I have a better smile now, and better teeth, lol. Even now, I'm still adjusting to the fact I no longer have braces, but I'm just about used to it now.


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Jun 26, 11 3:22pm

Okay, if anyone knows me, you'd know I'm probably one of the laziest people that does next to no exercise, probably. But the last few days have been, err, exercise worthy perhaps? Buut anyway...

So on Thursday, the school had our annual Athletics Carnival. Well, Tuesday too I guess, but that day was only for competitors...do you see me competing? Nah, didn't think so. But yeah, if I haven't said it before, our sporting days usually don't attract people to come to school, quite a fair few like to stay home. But, a few of my friends came along, and we hung out all day, doing basically nothing I guess. I had my handy iPod to listen to music all day. But even though quite a few people didn't show, we still had to share the space with the middle school. Now that made it hard to find space to sit. My friends and I were constantly moving to get away from the noise.
I actually did feel kinda tempted to participate in a 100m sprint, but I kinda wasn't really listening and I missed the call for it, but anyway, that's what I get I suppose.
I reckon the most interesting events to watch were the high jump events. My friends and I were just watching, cause I guess it was the only thing we could see, and really the only interesting thing to do. Speaking of interesting things to do, my friends and I found it interesting just to walk around, from the canteen to even places we weren't supposed to go. But yeah, fun day I guess. At least I didn't have to do school work and crap.

And you know, I actually got plenty of exercise on Friday. It was the last day of school, and when it finished, my brother and I went as usual to go and catch the bus. You know the stupid thing? The buses weren't even stopping. Like, we just missed the first one, the second one just went past us, even though we were clearly at the bus stop, and same with the third one. So, we decided that, like a couple of months ago, we'd walk home. Yes, we took that epic journey again. Walking across the perilous highway, on the hour-long walk. I think I was half-dead by the time we reached home. My legs didn't wanna function, at all.

Aaaand now for yesterday. My sister wanted to go bowling with her friends, so we all went along to the bowling alley, waiting for my sister's friends, as well as my cousin and one of his friends. It was pretty fun I guess, cause my brother, cousin and I were exchanging trash talk to each other. I think we all got a lot of gutter balls, since only one barricade was up, although, I managed to knock it down. Reminds me of the time we went bowling a few years ago. I knocked down both barricades in one bowl, and the ball managed to jump into the lane next to us. I thought it was hilarious, yet embarrassing, but luckily no one was actually in that lane.
Anyway, in the first game, I did kinda bad, and came second last out of our team. And I was one short of 69 too! But the second game, I managed to come second, with my excellent strike and a few spares too. But I only lost by a few points though.
Anyway, after that, everyone wanted to go to the arcade and stuff. I couldn't though, since I didn't bring money. So I just sat where my parents were, got out my DS and started playing Pokémon for about 45 minutes. At one point, my brother and cousin came back, and kinda looked down at me for making my own entertainment. But I didn't really care, all I cared about was the fact that I wanted to go home. But when we got home, I was kinda in a bad mood, and felt like a pessimist and stuff. But anyway, it was an okay day I guess.

Now yes, I do count bowling as some form of exercise. I won't get too technical about it though, you'll get confused for sure. But obviously, this week was a bit of a week to get off my butt and...do something, hahah.


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Jun 20, 11 6:23pm

Yus yus, I know. 'OMG squigs get off that Noctowl's ass and write your damn blog lazy girl!' Well I'm SOOOOORRY that I didn't have anything to write about. Umm, anyway...xD

So, this week I got the pleasure of having the week off from school. The catch (yes, there's always a catch isn't there)? Still had to go for when I had HORRID exams. Well, I guess they probably weren't as hard as first thought, but let's get to that later.

So after having a public holiday off on Monday, the day to start the exams had dawned. Well, I only had two exams to worry about, which gave me three full days off, with most of the other two days as well. And the worst thing was, one of my exams was the first one in the morning. Business exam. Probably the one I was stressing over the most, I think. I mean, I was probably stressing over them both equally. But yeah, went to school that early 7:45 morning, did the exam, blah blah blah. I left school with a sense of relief really. But yeah, that made me relieved that I had the rest of the week off. So basically all I did was, stay home and do nothing! Well, except for being on Neo and playing games and stuff. Oh, and not to mention a brain-killing Physics assignment! Seriously, it killed my whole week basically. Heck, to get me to do it I had to have Neo blocked! Horrid horrid. Although, I did manage to knuckle under all weekend to get the assignment done. Yes, it ruined my weekend basically, and yes, it happened to be overdue by the time I finished it, and yes, my brother kept saying I would fail. Me? Fail? Bahahah, that only happened on my last...Physics...exam. Oh hell yeah, I better get ready to fail huh?
Well anyway, after being a good girl (and using my expert naughty preschooler persuasion) I got my Neo back, and here I am, writing my blog now!
But anyway yeah, I didn't happen to mention I had an exam today too huh? Well yeah, I had my crazy Graphics exam today. And yes, I do mean crazy. Cause like, we had to use computers of course, and basically, half the computers in the room weren't even working. So some of us (me included) had to move from computer to computer to find they weren't working. But, after all the hassle, the tech peoples came to fix some of them so we could all do our exam, and yeah, I finished my exam, feeling extremely relieved, and yeah.

So, I guess we all gotta hate exams. But when you get days off coming with it, if you're like me you'd be looking forward to it. Just, not the exams though. Well, even though I gotta go back to school tomorrow, it's only for 4 days, then I can look forward to 2 weeks off! ^-^


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Jun 5, 11 11:30am

Alright alright alright, I know it's been a couple of weeks since my last blog post, but I would just like to say that firstly, I have not much of a life with schoolwork and such, and secondly, I'm a bit lazy...you didn't see anything.

Okay, so on to the actual topic. Do you ever get those moments where you feel you need to...clean up maybe? Sometimes I do, and yesterday was one of those days. And after spending the whole afternoon (and about half the night) cleaning up, I can actually see the floor now.

Hahah, it's probably a bit sad as to what provoked me to clean up. See, I realised that Pokémon Pearl, my Snivy stylus I got with Pokémon Black, and a movie ticket I got for my birthday, weren't where I left them, which was my desk. So I took everything off my desk, to see if they were there, then I just decided '...screw this, I'm cleaning up my room.' So basically, I took everything out of my desk drawers, and my other drawers. All my stuff was all over my bed and the floor, it was basically unlivable. But the sorta good thing is, finding things you never knew you had, and also binning the things you no longer want. One of these examples; a MLP keychain...My.Damn.Little.Pony. Cetain people will know how those damn ponies are out to get me, and now I'm starting to think it really is coming true. But anyway, as soon as I found it, I pretty much binned it...hahah. Along with some other crap, like...actually, I can't remember most of the things I binned, but they were mostly things I knew I wouldn't use. I also found a piece of paper, with Wonder Mail Passwords for the Seven Treasures for PMD EoT. Even though I probably wouldn't need it since I've gotten all the treasures, I decided to keep it anyway. I'll never know if it'll come in handy someday. But eventually, I got my room cleaned, aaand my drawers were actually tidy. The only thing I can see on the floor now is my school bag, my iPod dock, and my DS charger, which I cbf to give them homes. But oh well, it all looks good.

Tbh, sometimes I enjoy cleaning my room. Although it'll eventually get all messy again, that'll mean I can clean it again, lol.

Oh, and before I end this, I'm gonna sneak a couple of little things in...


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May 15, 11 5:58pm

Driving. Doesn't it sound fun? Well, tbh, it just seems a bit scary for my liking. This week, I finally got my driver's license, just to get it outta the way, since the rules are gonna change soon up here.

So yeah, we have to do a written test to get our license, which I was probably too laidback for, to start with at least. I just started off with doing online tests and stuff, not even knowing what I was doing. But then eventually, my brother gave me the book with all the road rules and stuff in it, telling me to read over it and study. So for about a week or two, I did, even though when I was it was pretty hard to concentrate. Usually it was on the way to school, when the radio was on, or my brother's music, and then he would sing along to whatever was on. Soo yeah, after reading through most of it, I resorted back to the online tests, pretty much getting 29 or 30 out of 30 questions correct. So then I felt confident and asked my mum if I could go in and do the real test, which is sorta on the spur of the moment. So, about the night before, we got everything sorted about what we had to take in and such. Since it was on a Thursday, and I have my percussion lessons on Thursdays, I was gonna be late for it.

So after school Thursday, my mum got my brother and I from school, and we drove to...umm...the place where we had to go? But yeah, got there at about 1:30, and we like waited around, more than expected, I could've sworn we were waiting at Medicare. So until about 2:00, it was our turn to be served, and I had to fill out heaps of paperwork, having to write my horrendous signature like, billions of times. That took about 15 minutes, until I finally sat down and took the test. To my surprise, the questions were basically the same as on the online one, so I pretty much breezed through it. Handed in the test, waiting another 10 minutes. During that time, my brother was sooo encouraging, pretty much saying I was gonna fail, but that's probably cause he was jealous he failed his first try. But anyway, found out I passed with flying colours, except I just got one question wrong. I was soo ecstatic, although I didn't really show that I was, but oh well, I showed my brother up, who was determined I would fail. But yeah, now I'm a learner, but now for the worst part; actually learning to drive. Nah actually, I'm kinda looking forward to driving now, I just seem very excited about it now.

Well there we go, all that trouble for a driver's license. Now for the next five years or so I'll have to wait to get my open license, but, I'm sure it'll all be okay.


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May 8, 11 8:49pm

Do you ever have those times when you just have not a thing to talk about? Well, I think I'm in that situation right now. I guess I've had a pretty bad week, so not a thing to write about.

Hate it when I have those boring weeks. Just one of those weeks where it's just normal, nothing different, exciting, anything like that, it's all just...umm, I'm gonna have to find a good word to fill that spot in. xD And when there's nothing to talk about, I tend to get a little, um, random, I suppose.
Really, in weeks like this, there's really only school to think about. The hells of school, and their deadly schoolwork, just waiting to suck you in to a deadly vortex of...boringness (for lack of a better word)? Like, I just got a bit of lecture just then about having to keep on top of my work, when it's the only damn thing I'm thinking about all the time. Someday, I'm just think I'm like gonna give up on everything, everything. *sigh* yeah I suppose this is the real world, but it absolutely sucks. I just wish my lifestyle was more laidback. Hmm, I suppose whining about it won't do anything. *sigh* fml...
Ooh, you know what that reminds me of? It's nothing to boast about, but anyway...I was looking in the newspaper this morning, and on the front page it talked about kids getting expelled from school cause of drugs and stuff. And to my surprise, my school had the most kids expelled cause of drugs in the Brisbane, or Queensland or whatever, in the past year. Now I think I know what from, cause there was this incident where a group of kids were taking drugs in an out-of-bounds area of the school. Aaaaanyway, enough about that...

So yeah, I guess this is what I do when I have nothing to talk about. But now I see, I just talked about something, even though it was something that I don't wanna think about. Hmm, I guess I just used this to get out how I feel, mostly...


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May 1, 11 7:51pm

Okay. I think at this current moment in time, I am in an indecisive frame of mind, about a few things. I mean, I get pretty indecisive about plenty of things, buut, yeah, that's how I roll with a lotta things.

So, I was kinda thinking about my Pokémon White game, and how I hadn't played it for like, two weeks. Since it had been a while since I picked it up, I have a thought that maybe I should restart it. But I rarely restart my games, as I get too attached to how far I had come. Really, the only games I had restarted was Ruby, but I was young back then, and Pokémon Ranger: SoA, mainly cause, it was very boring when I had completed everything in it.
Right now, I just can't decide whether to start again or not. I feel far too attached to the team I have raised, and, tbh, I feel proud of how far I had come. I guess the main reasons why I'd like to restart is cause, as I said, I haven't played for two weeks. And the reason why I hadn't played for two weeks was cause I kinda got pwned by Caitlin in the E4, and that pretty much turned me off playing it since then.
And then there's the trouble that, if I were to restart, if I should use the same team I am training now, or a completely new team. I feel I should use the same team, cause, as I said, I feel so attached to them, and starting with them anew would just feel right. But then, there's a lotta Pokémon that I feel I wanna train, like Scrafty, Bisharp, Golurk, Mienshao, Haxorus, Jellicent, Carracosta, Cofagrigus, Excadrill, Swoobat, gah, the list is endless! Of course I would use the same starter, Tepig, but whether to try and SR for a shiny one once again, I'm not sure. *sigh* decisions, decisions.

And then, there's the thought I hate to think. And that thought is, whether to continue this blog or not. Yeah, tbh, I feel my blog is getting a bit, well, bland. I know that eventually I'm just gonna run outta things to say in it, and just looking at what I write, it just seems a bit, to simply put it, boring. Mmm, I was hoping it would turn out a bit better, but hmm, I suppose there's nothing I can do about it, unless I get a life, or stop this blog altogether. Tbh, I'm such a boring person irl, which is why I don't have much to write in meh blog. Anyway, I should probably just stop bashing myself up now...lol.

I guess it's hard to make decisions sometimes, I for one am not good at making them, maybe cause of how dependent I am (even though I told Quixxy I was very independent >.>). But, I guess the truth is, if decisions never get made, nothing would ever get done.


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Apr 25, 11 12:28am

Well, here it is. It's finally Easter time, the day where it is acceptable to eat chocolate for every meal of the day. And also, the best time of year for any chocoholic like me.

So this morning I wake, and well, I wake up to my sister telling me that there's a, um, treasure hunt. So she gave me this minuscule envelope thingo, and she basically made me go look for some eggs. So there we go, I wake up to some chocolate for breakfast. But, that's not unusual of course, on Easter. Who doesn't have chocolate for breakfast? I practically have it every day anyway (I count Milo as chocolate).
Anyway, well we were supposed to be out today, but due to, um, reasons I'd rather not explain, we stayed home, and almost did nothing all day. Well, I guess the only exciting thing was that my sister sat the whole family down and got us to play a game of trivia, I suppose. To say the least, I wasn't very interested at first, but as we got more into it, I had a bit of a laugh. And the best bit: I won a chocolate bunny from it in the end (which June and I really love)!
So yeah, since we weren't out today, my grandparents decided to drop in at the last minute, which was pretty good. We sat down to lunch together, but I don't think they had any, since they like, have lunch at some early hour lol. But yeah, though they were only around for a couple of hours, it was still a good visit, cause I always like seeing my grandparents.
And then of course, there's the chocolate. Well, besides that, err, 'treasure' and the chocolate bunny I 'won,' I also managed to rack up another chocolate bunny, small bag of chocolate eggs, a candy egg, and $30. Oh but no doubt I have more on the way, since we didn't get a chance to see everyone today, cause well, we stayed home. But yeah, I've practically been getting high on the chocolate today, and there's still a few chocolate wrappers all over my bed.

*sigh* Well Easter has come and gone. But I think now that mine has ended, it's just starting for most people now. And that also means, almost time to go back to school again. But oh well, I can carry on my chocolate eating tomorrow, and the next day, and for many weeks to come! Weeks, psh, I wish.


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Apr 16, 11 9:26pm

Yesterday, I finally started my holidays, after a looong 12 week term. Well I thought I'd escape the wrath of school work and such, but I guess it has followed me into my holidays. Holiday school work. Don't think I've had anything like it, but I think it'll make me stressed by the time I go back to school.

So here I am, gonna have lotsa sleeping in and stuff, but with this holiday work, it's not gonna be a walk in the park. So I have this business assignment (I can never seem to escape this subject from assignments and such), we got it like a couple of weeks before end of term, so we would have the holidays to work on it. It kinda made me feel relieved, that I'd have extra time to work on it, but also, it's the holidays, why the work!? But anyway, idk how much I'll get done on it even, since I have almost no idea what the heck to do, even looking at examples. I'm seriously hoping I can get it done though, since I've barely started on it. For some reason, this year, one of the most important years of my schooling life, I seem to be slacking off so much more, as you can see from my previous blog posts, of all my stress and stuff. But yeah, half of it I have myself to blame.
But I have another assignment, an assignment that was given to us on purpose to do through the holidays. Damn, the teachers just don't get it these days. Got an art assignment, and what we have to do is look around our natural environment and snap pictures of the alphabet in the natural environment and such. Then, we sorta have to 'alter' something in the natural environment and snap a picture of it. Since I don't really get out much, I highly doubt I'll get this done. I mean, I guess it sounds fun, but I do wanna relax sometime, but I guess nothing can be done about it.
And then, I would've had this English exam to prepare for over the holidays, but of course, the day we get the outline for it and stuff, I just had to be at a Cross Country. I think if I ever get my access to Facebook back, I'll have to ask one of my friends to gimme the outline, although the chances of that are pretty slim, so I guess I could be screwed then! W00t...

I gotta admit, this is probably gonna be one of the worst holidays I've ever had, since I got this to do. Damn, I wish I had better things to write in my blog than this, lol.


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Apr 9, 11 4:40pm

Report cards. You either love them, or hate them. Personally, I used to love them, but since this year started, I haven't been too keen on finding out my grades and such. I think it's just cause I know I haven't done as well as I used to I guess.

So recently, I just found out that this year we were to get mid-semester report cards. And to my surprise, they were just handed to us in class, and here I was thinking they would get mailed home, like they usually do. I know I'd do pretty bad anyway, so I wasn't too keen on looking at it, even though I had to, since the teacher actually wanted to talk with everyone about their grades and such. So far, this is what I'm sitting on:
In Business I'm sitting on an A, which I'm very satisfied with, considering my first assignment was hard as hell, and I pretty much had to rush it at the end. Tbh, I had to get most of my help from my mum, which was the last thing I really resort to. I have a feeling my mark will go down eventually, since the current assignment I have seems almost impossible.
In Graphics I'm sitting on an A, which I'm not really surprised by. I just sit in class quietly and do the work given to me, with slow progress of course. I don't even like the class too much, it's full of boys pretty much, except for two of my friends.
In Art I'm sitting on a B, not terribly surprised by that either, since my art abilities could be improved on. But I think our art class is boring, compared to the other art class, they do the more fun stuff, our class just seems more serious, and harder too.
In Maths I'm sitting on a B, which I'm surprised with, but kinda disappointed, since I know I could do better. But, I guess I'm doing better than pretty much everyone in my class, since the teacher said that half the class got E's on the Math exam, and a quarter got D's. So yeah, I was the lucky quarter who actually passed.
In English I'm sitting on a C, and I don't really understand why, since on the last assignment I managed to get a B-. My mum even thinks that I could do better, but I suppose I don't really enjoy English like I used to. It's always been my worst subject I guess.
And finally, the mark that I'm definitely not proud of. Physics, I managed to get a D. It honestly made me upset to see that I failed, since I've never really failed anything (well, except for that one Social Studies exam 2 years ago, but that wasn't important). I tried my best in that class, but I just barely understand the work, we have to remember soooo much stuff. And it kinda irks me when my friend was complaining about her mark, even though she passed. =/

I kinda regret showing it to my mum, I don't think she was too pleased about it. She thinks I can do better, and I probably could, if I hadn't gotten so lazy. *sigh* well I guess I better work harder, especially with that damn Physics work.


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Apr 2, 11 5:53pm

BEFORE READING: Okay, um, I've decided, that this is gonna be my last blog post ever. I'm reallllly sorry. :(

Okay. April Fool's Day, yesterday. Just gimme a few moments to gather some thoughts on this...hmm...well, I guess it's the very sneaky time of year, with all them pranksters around? Yeah, let's just go with that...

Now, tbh, I'm not much of an April Fool's peep, cause like, idk how to pull off good pranks and stuff. Buuut anyway, tbh, April Fool's this year was actually kinda boring. No one was pulling any good pranks, or any, for that matter. Although, my friend did try to pull a prank on her friend by hiding her soccer ball, until it started raining. Mmm, I guess the only real April Fool's 'prank' was the rain. Cause like, we had our Cross Country yesterday (which I placed 12th btw). At that start of the morning, it was all nice and sunny, looking like it would be a good day and stuff. Heh, well, did I think wrong. During my race, I was pretty much coming up to the finish, when it starts pelting down hard. It was good I guess, kinda refreshing, but bad also, since I was totally drenched. And the worst thing was, my hair was all ruined! I think the worst thing though was that it made me feel cold for the rest of the day.
You know what else is a joke? Well, apparently my aunt came to get us, while she was on lunch break, but my brother and I didn't know, so my sister and cousin ended up getting to go home, while we'd have to wait like, another three hours. I call that a mean April Fool's joke. So, it was just my brother and I, waiting at school, in the pouring rain, cold and wet. Then he just said 'screw this, let's walk home.' Aaaaand from home to school, as I discovered yesterday, is just over an hour walk, while having to walk on the damn highway! Well, I gotta say, I've never had so much exercise in my life, and I thought it was a good walk (although there was the 4km Cross Country, aaand it was raining), it felt like some epic long journey tbh. I'm starting to feel the aftereffects of it though, as now I can hardly walk since my legs are sooo sore. But, we got home much earlier than first intended. Funny thing was, while we were walking home, my brother had red paint on his face from the day, and a driver stopped, thinking it was blood. Kinda felt bad, but it was kinda funny since it looked nothing like blood.

After the epic journey, I log into MSN, and the first thing I see is Jason saying 'Rubber Ducky' (or something like that). I just wondered what the heck that meant, until I logged into Neo. Hahah, my name got changed to Rubber Ducky for April Fool's. Gotta admit, it was pretty funny, as well as seeing everyone else's name changes. Later, I found that Tf- err, I mean, Ft, changed my name, it was pretty funny. So, I like read through the whole thread in Loungin', seeing everyone's name changes. I gotta admit, I kinda like this name, but too bad it's already taken by someone. I gotta admit, this is the best April's Fool's prank I'd seen all day!

Wow, tbh, I didn't think I'd have all this to write. Oh, did I say this was my last blog post? Weeelll...APRIL FOOL'S! Idc if I'm a day late on that, but I thought it was well suited. And this is why I never make any April Fool's pranks.

wilhelmina shakugan no shana musingsthoughts

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Mar 26, 11 3:50pm

I think that this week, was probably one of the coolest weeks I've had in a while. Well for a start, I gots to go on a school trip, and I haven't been on one of those in ages. Probably one of the most easy going days I've had in a while.

Yesterday was my ticket to miss school, cause of course, I went on a school trip for Art. I even got to leave later than usual. I could've slept in, but I didn't really feel like it anyway. Yesterday I got to go to the art gallery, to look at modern art. So I got ready for school, and talked to my friends that were online at the time, until eventually my grandparents arrived to take me. Tbh, I was kinda afraid of being late, since the art gallery was near the city, and well, the city is always busy. We left kinda later than expected, but I gotta say, we actually made better progress than I thought. I actually did manage to get there on time, even though I couldn't even find out where to meet and stuff. I honestly thought more people would come, but it was a small group.

So yeah, we went in and looked at all the stuff. Going in, we saw a huge slide, that connected from the top floor to the bottom. It looked fun, but since my friend didn't wanna have a turn, I decided not to either. The first thing that I went to though was this wall with ribbons having wishes on them and stuff, where you could take one, then post your own wish on the wall. And next to that, you could build LEGO! Damn, I hadn't played with Lego for years. There was also lotsa other art works made with unusual things, such as cushions, plastic bags, cardboard boxes etc. There was also like a lotta interactive activities too. The coolest thing though, had to be this room with these creations made of coathangers, and there were lotsa little birds in there.
So, after a browse, we went to eat at the near café, although my friend and I were the last to arrive, and leave. We ended up having to navigate our way to the older art gallery. We probably only there 5 minutes though, since everyone got bored of it easy, so we ended up going back the the other one, and have more of a browse. The group eventually met back up, to get our bags and stuff, and then we went off home. I honestly haven't gone home as early as I did for such a while. It was good to be home at 1:30.

School trips, are definitely a change of pace. Mostly, it gives us an opportunity to...not think about work...as much, anyway. After all the fun, the point of the trip was to be contributed to our latest assignment. Like I'm totally not full of work already.


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Mar 19, 11 11:15pm

So in this past week, it was a special week for me this week. Well, actually, Monday was a special day for me, rather. This Monday, was my 16th birthday.

So, first thing that comes to mind with birthdays. What did I get for my birthday? I shall tell you:
Jewelery: So yeah, mostly what I got for my birthday was jewelery. The best thing was, I got to pick out what I wanted. So yeah, I got an anklet, two rings (cause I've totally fallen in love with anklets and rings now), and a necklace. The anklet and one of the rings were from my parents, the anklet has like this dragonfly charm on it, and the ring, I think, may have diamonds in it. The other ring is from my sister, just one of those cheap ones. It has lotsa fake diamonds in it, and you can tell it's fake, cause of how one looks like it's coming out already. And the necklace was from my aunt, it has a '16' charm on it, with little diamonds in it. If anyone knows me, I love blingy things.
Pokémon White: Yeah, now I have both Black and White. I mean, I probably wouldn't have found anyone to play with anyway. My friend's brother has it, and another friend doesn't have it yet, so this is why I asked for it. I haven't played it yet, but I can imagine I will start playing it in the next few days, just wanna explore on Black first.
EB Games Voucher: So, as a last minute gift, my brother decided to get me a $20 EB Games Voucher (or rather, he gave the money to my mum and she bought it), but hey, it can go towards my next purchase, whether it's the 3DS, Animal Crossing 3DS, Mario Kart 3DS, or Kirby's Epic Yarn. They're probably the things I'd like most atm.
Jigsaw: So, whenever I feel like it, I do jigsaws. It's fun, okay? I do 1000 pieces.
Photo Album/Notebook: So my best friend decided to get me a birthday present, so she got me these things. And I feel quite happy that she put the thought into buying me something, although she didn't need to.
Money: Yay, everyone gets money! So uh, so far I've gotten $50. Probably due to get more eventually from my cousins, since they still gotta get me something (and they better, since I actually gave them something for their birthdays).

So the weekend before, my mum, sister, and I decided to go out for a day, just shopping. To be completely honest, I wish I could've enjoyed it more. The worst thing was, I had wave of sadness come over me, and idk why. But, I guess every time I go shopping, I seem to get sad. I mean, I used to enjoy shopping a lot, but this happens all the time.
But anyway, mainly what we did was go around to clothes shops and stuff, and of course EB Games, mainly so I could get that Liberty Ticket download to catch Victini on Black (and I'll probably go back next weekend to get it for White, if I actually start it). We had a nice morning tea at The Coffee Club, scones, muffins, and hot chocolate iirc. And then for lunch, I wanted to go back there, but instead we settled for Red Rooster, which I didn't prefer. And I gotta say, I had a proud moment. Had a burger with chicken, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato. The last three things there, I absolutely despise. But, in spite of that, I still ate it. It made me happy. Then for dinner, we got pizza, yummy. ^-^
Sunday and Monday were just little celebrations, like, my grandparents came around on Sunday, had lunch together and stuff. Actually, I don't think anything happened Monday, since my cousin was around. But anyway...

Well, another birthday has come and gone. And since I'm 16, you know what this means? I can go for my L's! So, I think in the next month or two, there'll be another dangerous driver out there. xD


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Mar 12, 11 8:10pm

Well, as many people would know, the long anticipated Pokémon Black and White has come out this past week, and I gotta say, leading up to the day, I was darn excited.

So since Australia got the games after the rest of the world, going into the forums and seeing 2-3 pages of recent activity really gave me some sort of reason to try and avoid spoilers. Of course, I cannot resist going into these forums, I just go on about my business, trying not to spoiler myself any more than I had. In my 6 months of Neo, I had never seen so much activity. Heck, it even looked more busy than Loungin', although nowadays idk how busy it really is there. But even though I have the game now, I'm still finding myself having to avoid heaps of threads due to spoilers, like post game content. Which brings me to wonder, how the heck has a lot of people finished the game already? I mean, it took me like 11 days to finish HG, but people are finishing it in like, 3 days or whatever. Yeah, um, wow...

So all through this week, I think I'd been saying everyday that this week would go slow, due to the games being released, and these things generally wanna take their time. Tbh, I actually can't believe how fast time went by, well except for Thursday, that seemed like forever. I like went totally hyper that day, it made me drop my iPod on the ground twice due to me jumping around so much, falling out of my pocket. But, I was totally waiting for the day to end, since I was having a loooong day at school, then until 3:30 I had drum lessons, which of course, ran overtime. So I didn't get to EB Games till after 4:00, but I suppose it was worth the wait. Got in there, paid for it, walked quickly back to the car and popped it into my DS to finally play. I was really amazed by it. I couldn't believe I actually had it. The not-so-fun thing about getting it after school was having to cop some crap from my always annoying brother and cousin, who used to play Pokémon, but think it is childish of me to still play. But hey, they have their toy guns so we're even.

So at this current point, I am at Driftveil City, about to go into the Gym. My current team is Servine, Panpour, Liepard, Darumaka (to be replaced with Chandelure), and Archen, and I am soon to get a Joltik. I have to say, the gameplay so far is unlike anything I've seen. Sure, it follows the same 'collect all eight badges, become Champion and stop the evil team' storyline, but it has the feeling of freshness. All I can say is, it is a terrific game. I really can't wait to get further into it.

So yeah, all the excitement and wait for these long anticipated games is now over, and anyone can go enjoy it now. I just hope there won't come a point where I'll say 'screw this, it's boring,' and then not pick it up for a while. Didn't think I'd do it to HG, but I have now. xD


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Squiggle blogged
Mar 5, 11 9:07pm

Okay, so for lack of a better topic (since this past week has been boringly boring), I have decided, I would write about my semi-anniversary! Yep, from 3rd March, I have officially been on Neo for half a year!

So six months ago, I remember coming to this site, like I usually did, checking the forums. For a while I had been considering joining the site, but I wasn't so sure. So on the 3rd September, I actually forced myself to register, and I have since been a member, and of course I posted like a total nub. I remember the first time I posted was in the Pokémon SoulSilver Forum, making a Graphic Request. After looking for a while for it, here's what I posted:

quote squiggle bath
Type: Banner
Size: Standard
Description: A Lapras, Shaymin, and Togekiss (in that order) to the left with my name in the bottom right hand corner, with a background of your choice.
Links: None, sorry!
Will give credit. Thanks in advance!
So yeah, umm, I think I've improved since then.

I think what's also helped me evolve on this site. I think the first person that PM'd me and made friends with me was someone called harper199, although we don't talk so much now. But yeah, from day to day I posted in the forums like a normal member, and overtime I had gotten to meet many other people and form good friendships. So, I would just like to say thank you to a few people:
Quixxy, MS, Jason, Cody, June, Hayley, Alahna, GB, Dan, Tf, Superstar, and Mewtwo45.
Thanks guys, you've all made my experience on Neo that much better.

Well, here's to six months. I can totally see my first year anniversary being more bigger, or you know, probably just the same as this, however you think of it.


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Feb 27, 11 1:33am

I think this week may have been one of my most stressful weeks ever, in terms of school work. Like, over time I've become a huge procrastinator, and I've procrastinated so much to the point I'm getting no work done. As I type this I'm actually supposed to be doing an assignment right now.

Every class I get the usual Math homework, blah blah blah. I got so much homework yesterday that I don't think I even wanna attempt it, let along look at it. But, I guess that's what Algebra does to you. Now I'm usually good for Math homework, but ever since this year has started, I've barely been able to finish the homework, to tell the truth I actually feel like I'm starting to struggle in Math a little bit. Stupid Math, go solve your own problems, I'm no psychologist. xD

And now, I have not one, not two, but three assignments. All I have to say to that is it's.too.much. Firstly, I have an English assignment, where I have to talk about an Australian icon. Now, you may think that cause I'm an Aussie, that it would be quite simple, but I'm telling you, it is so much harder than I thought it'd be, not to mention a lot less fun than I first thought, but when have assignments been fun anyway (well, except for Art)? Well basically, I have until Thursday to perfect it. Lesee what I still have to do...umm...full script (since it's a presentation), palm cards, powerpoint...yeah, I think I may be screwed...

And the one I have loved to hate, Business. I basically had to go and interview a small business owner, then convert those answers, as well as some of my own research, into yet another presentation. The thing that's missing is, I hadn't got to go and do an interview with who I wanted to do, since they were having some personal problems. So I've had to basically fudge the whole interview, and it is not *bleep*ing easy. The good thing is that I do know a little bit about that business, but not so much. I was supposed to hand my teacher a draft on Thursday, but I hadn't even done anything about it, so now I must give her one on Monday, I just gotta give myself the willpower to go and do it. Still have to do, well, the same things I have to do for my English assignments. That means I'm screwed x2.

I definitely need to learn about how to get myself some willpower (maybe karma knows where I can contact willpower?), cause like, I seriously need it right now.


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Feb 19, 11 11:47pm

Okay, I think we should all know by now that it was Valentine's Day on Wednesday. Although I didn't really have anyone to share it with, I guess it was still an alright day.

In the week leading up to the day, our school had been selling fake roses for students to give to other students. I must say, they looked fairly nice. My sister was kind enough to bring home one to my mum, it was like, huge. It was fun to hold though, to make people think someone gave one to me, ehehe. But yeah...I of course didn't buy any for my friends, cause I'm not caring cause I am, of course, saving up for that nice 3DS that I wanna get at release. Then again, I probably wouldn't have bought any anyway cause I'm not caring.
But, all in all, I guess I didn't go away empty-handed. My friend had been saying she'd bake cookies to give to everyone, and so she did. I thought it was nice of her, and the cookie was really nice. Another friend of mine thought it was really good, that she took like, 5...I thought it was kinda funny (but nice) that she gave cookies around to all the teachers too, and even some randoms. To sum it all up, I just thought it felt like another ordinary day, as usual.

So I think most of us knew about the Secret Cupid thingo that had been going on around Neo, where members could anonymously send PM's to other members. I thought it was a great idea, and I wondered if I would get any. Logged on after school on Tuesday (since Aus is like ahead of the world), feeling kinda excited about it. Opened up my PM's, and I found that I had four messages from the Secret Cupid, plus a non-anonymous one. I read through them all and thought how nice they were. I think I've figured out three of the recipients, but the fourth really boggles my mind, and I have absolutely no clue. But, I still think it was nice of those people to send me one. Unfortunately I didn't get to send out any myself, and I would've liked to as well.

Yep, so I guess this year the only change about my Valentine's Day was what happened on Neo, since I've only been around here for 5 months. Wait, 5 months? *bleep*


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Feb 16, 11 12:38am

Before I post, sorry for the delay of this post, I haven't been able to update my blog since the blogs had been screwing up for the past few days.

Anyway, the previous week involved our school having our annual swimming carnival (for those who don't know, it's a series of different swimming races, 'kay?), aaaand I gotta say, it wasn't really the best one that our school had.

Okay, so I come to school that day, only find out one of my closest friends would be coming with me also, cause another one of my closest friends had to stay at school, since she didn't bring back the form to attend. And then all my other friends decided not to come to school, which was the preferred option for me, but since my parents are strict then of course I had to attend.
But my friend and I couldn't sit on the bus together, since we sorta got split up, so I found some of my 10th grader friends and I sat with them. The strangest thing was, that the location of the swimming pool we were using was right next to my old school. Man, it was strange looking at that school again.
After we got off the bus, I eventually found my friend, who was already there, and I guess we just sat around all day, watching the uneventful races, since most people either stayed home or didn't wanna swim, me being included. So my friend just drew a few pics and I texted my friend who had to stay at school, and I gotta say, I would've rather been with her than at the boring carnival.
Later on through the day, I went to buy a hotdog for lunch, since I was a little hungry, then when I asked my friend to come back, she decided to stay where she was, so basically she ditched me. But eh, I wasn't extremely bothered I guess. I just went to find my other 10th grader friends and sorta sat with them.
Eventually when it was time to leave I met back up with my friend and we got to sit on the bus together, then I started to text my friend again, to see how her 'eventful' day was.
When I come home, I look in the mirror, and I see how sunburned I was. It was terrible, I was bright red everywhere, and the worst thing was, I had to go to school the next day. Even now I'm still slightly red, although it's probably turned into a tan now. But really, it was not good, and it was very noticeable.

So umm, yeah, that's what happened I guess. Not that entertaining, but after all, it was a very boring day.


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Feb 6, 11 1:28am

Yes, I'm gonna do a dedication to karma. What is karma, and why does it have to be so...err...evil? I guess it can be alright sometimes, but *bleep* it's not my week.

Okay, so 11th and 12th graders have the option to go home at 12:15pm on Wednesdays. It naturally doesn't surprise me that I couldn't, meaning that I would have to stay back with the 10th graders. Now I have nothing against them, but anyway...
Knowing this, I tried to convince my mum to let me go to my friend's house every week, and of course she said no (for now...). Geez, I finish school at 1pm every other day, yet I still go home at 4-ish mostly, and I have to go through this too? It may not seem like much, but anyone who's anyone should know that I'm like one of the most paranoid people around.
So my last resort was to pull a sicky. No one would expect this behaviour from someone like me, but I occasionally pull a sicky when I feel desperate not to go to school. Usually I succeed in pulling one off, but this time karma decided not to be on my side.
After my mini 'preparations' the night before, I get up that morning pretending I had a bad cough. Eventually my mum knew what I was up to, therefore forcing me to go to school. Then the paranoia set in, I was scared as hell to go to school that day. In the end, karma decided to be a little nice and let me feel like the day wasn't as bad as I thought. Thanks karma.

Another example. A few hours ago I decided I wanted a glass of cordial, but instead of water I wanted to use soda water, like I usually did. So I go to get the soda water, unscrew the lid then...KABOOM! It explodes all over me. Again, thanks karma.

Another quick example. Now just before, I was trying to write up this post, and suddenly my internet decides to stop responding. I had almost finished writing this too, but, I had to close the window. So now I had to start writing this post all over again. Yes karma, thank you, really, you can stop now.

FINALLY, Friday was the day we had school photos, and I guess karma decided to make it fall at the worst part of the year, when it's hot, and everyone feels sticky. Sweaty kids and school photos are not supposed to mix, like seriously, it's not a pretty picture.
Anyway, luckily my class went up for photos just before it decided to get hot. So when we got to the supposedly air con'd room, I started to feel a little hot. Before anything bad could happen, I just went into the shortest line. Now, they wanted us to take everything outta our shirt pockets and put them in our laps, since our photos were just of the top half of our body. In my pocket I had my iPod and my Pokéwalker. Since I don't like going around flashing it everywhere, I had to quickly put it in my skirt pocket while no one was looking. I think I managed to, cause I just had to hide it behind my hand. Then yeah, photo was taken, woopy doo.

As you can see, karma is so unkind and mean and evil and everything else related to that. Now please karma, lay off me, would ya? Go pick on someone else.


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Jan 30, 11 12:58am

Okay, so this week marked the first week of the school year. I have made the transition from Year 10 to Year 11. Now I'm *bleeping* scared of finishing school next year.

So I went back on Monday, having the jittery feeling in my stomach, even though I would know everyone already, but the thing that scared me was having to share classes with Year 12's, but at least that's only for one class. It was amazing to see all my friends again, seeing how much they had changed over the 8 weeks we had been on holidays.
After getting settled in and all that stuff, we got our timetables, and being the anxious person that I am, I tried to find my friends as quickly as I could to see what classes we were in together. Luckily, I had at least 2 friends in each of my classes, so I guess I felt incredibly lucky and relieved. Well anyway, my incredibly boringly awesome classes are Maths B (which is full of algebra. Yay), English, Graphics, Art, Business, and Physics. Now, not all of them are that enjoyable, but I guess I can live with them, after all, I did choose them. And I swear there's this guy that's in almost all my classes, I'm just like *bleep*
But yeah, I guess one of the highlights of my week was making a new friend, and if I've told anyone, I'm one of the most shy people anyone will ever meet. I may not seem like that so much on Neo, but irl I'm totally shy to people I don't normally talk to.
Yeah, and on the homework front, I got a bit, from Physics and Maths. Ironically, I have the same teacher for both subjects. Aaand speaking of which, I pretty much have all the same teachers from last year, which I was surprised with. Anyhoo, I'm really slow with homework (yes Jason, I still haven't finished that Physics homework :L), but I did manage to do some Math today. I know, yuck.

Anyway, I just can't wait for the next 11 weeks to go by, cause I feel it's just gonna be slow cause it's a long time and so it's gonna be slow on purpose to taunt me.

zelda good game musingsthoughts

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Jan 23, 11 1:21am

Okay, umm, I have no idea how to introduce this topic, but I love this damn title so much, so I'll just get down to it. Actually, I don't think most of this post will have to do with the title, but who really cares?

Okay, so yesterday, I went down to the cool shopping centre about half an hour away from my house, to do some shopping and to see Little Fockers with my siblings, cousin and aunt. So as we were just driving along, minding our own business, we stop at the lights, and someone unexpected came crossing the road. Yeah, it was someone on a unicycle, just crossing the road. I think he was getting to work, but I just thought that was *bleeping* awesome, cause it's something you don't see everyday. All we could do was stare in awe and laugh at the same time. Okay, that's really what the title has to contribute to.
Anywho, as he faded away, we just continued on our way. Once we got there we went to Woolies (don't ask) to buy some stuff for the movie. Quickly grabbed some lollies with oozy stuff in the centre, and honey soy chicken chips, which are godly. After that we met up with my aunt, got frozen slurpees from the snack bar, got our tickets, aaaaand went in. Don't mean to spoil, but Little Fockers imo isn't as good as the other two, like it had a few strange awkward moments, but overrall I thought it was pretty good, I got laughing at many points.
Okay, so after that, we got going back to the shopping center and wandered around to different shops, while my aunt went off and did her own thing. Idk what happened, but the others seemed to piss me off and I was in a mood where I felt depressed, but isn't depression, and of course pissed at the same time, so I just dragged myself around after them while they were being immature. I really have to sorts out my emotions, cause emotion wise, I'm not very smart. Otherwise my mum will get me to talk to a counsellor, which is the last thing I'd wanna do. So yeah, pretty much the day ended on a low note, I was just glad to come home.

Back to the unicyclist, I really thought it was the coolest thing I've seen in a while, not just the unicycle, but to see someone actually riding one on the roads, it was a good way to enlighten the mood I reckon. Dayum, he really does have skills.

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Jan 16, 11 6:08pm

I guess the past few weeks have been terrible for Queensland, with these floods happening and such. They had been more terrible even than the 1974 floods. I just felt lucky that I didn’t have to be a part of it. I’ve got nothing better to write, so anyway…

Well, I know that most people hear me rant about the rain, and that’s all I’ve done probably since Christmas, cause every day was pretty much rain rain rain. Yeah, I guess I got pretty sick of it, and all of that rain has led to the floods. I think about 3 quarters of the state had been affected by it, while I was in the lucky quarter that escaped that.
All the news has shown for the past week is flood news, it’s pretty depressing to watch, why even right now as I type they are showing more flood news. They said that the worst of it would come on Wednesday and Thursday, but in fact, they were the best days here, as we had absolutely no rain. And in the wake of that, the beginning was over. Everyone was waiting on the floods to recede, so the massive cleanup could begin. Apparently thousands of people are out there helping to clean up, which is good to hear. But looking at the remains of places on the news is really depressing, since most people I’ve heard don’t have flood insurance, they will have to start anew with money from their own pockets. I guess this makes me realise how selfish I am, that I should be more grateful.
Even though the floods are almost gone here, Mother Nature hasn’t finished her job yet. She has given us some cyclones to come on the way, and I hear Victoria is in fear of floods now. Geez, wtf is wrong with Mother Nature lately?
And then, there are scums who are trying to take advantage of this, by ringing people and pretending they want money for the flood appeal, but just ringing to have the money for themselves, trying to get your credit card number, trying to get your bank details. I can’t believe how idiots could do that in such a serious time, it makes me wanna punch a wall.

I guess everyone sees Australia as a dry, droughty country, but we’ve probably lost our reputation for that a bit now. I do find this a bit surprising that it has reached worldwide news, and it’s good to see the support from the rest of the world.


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Jan 9, 11 2:03am

Yeah, well I guess not everywhere, this week has felt like the busiest of my holidays, due to the fact I haven't really been anywhere. But, I suppose it was interesting.

Tbh I don't really like going out for so long, but on Wednesday, I practically went out shopping all day. Yeah, I guess I've been complaining that I never get to do anything on the holidays, but going away all day isn't my ideal day, mainly cause I have this insatiable bond with my computer. I must always have my internet. But anyway, this shopping trip consisted of going shopping for school supplies, which is nice to be reminded that I'll be back at school soon, facing 12 straight weeks. And to be reminded more, we bumped into my old Year 7 teacher, who I hadn't seen for over 3 years. I think I can safely end my rant here.
Yeah, anyway, I also got to go shop for clothes, which of course I absolutely love doing. Now I have a new pair of shorts to add to my wardrobe, which I'm right now wearing. Then we got to stop to eat, first there was me practically skulling down a chocolate milkshake, but it was bloody good. Then for lunch was Subway! The only thing I don't like about that place is having to tell what you want, cause I have no people skills. But yeah, it was scrumptious, as always. That's probably all I remember, but I remember complaining, wanting to go home, so got back home at 4:00pm. I gotta say I wasn't in the greatest mood.

Yeah, then the next day, my sister's friend comes over, so they wanna go rock climbing. Want me to tag along, but I'm not a fan of rock climbing, so I just watch. So like an hour after we get there, my mum and my brother leave to go get Subway for lunch, so I couldn't wait to get home. I know my sister to be so much of a dawdler, so we didn't get out fast. 1:30 I think it was before we got outta there, and I was starving. So I come home and my Subway is almost cold, again I wasn't the happiest person. So to see if I could be happier, I come rushing to Neo, and I felt happy again.

Yeah, I suppose it was good to get outta the house for a little while, but staying at home is alright too, cause I get lotsa things to do, like talk to peoples on Neo and MSN. So yeah.


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Jan 2, 11 1:27am

Well. I guess that's it then. 2010 is no longer, instead, we have moved on to 2011. That year just went by so fast, it really has made my head spin.

I guess New Year's Eve didn't really turn out how I wanted it to. Stayed home (as usual), did nothing special, act like nothing was happening. I sat out in front of the TV, listening to the top 30 songs of the year, while staying up on Neo, explaining to everyone (well, those in the AC:CF forum who were on at the time) my excitement for the New Year. One annoying song I couldn't get out of my head after that: 'I whip my hair back and forth.' Grr, that song, I really despise now. It was still fun to sing along to the ones I actually knew and liked though. So while I sat up on Neo, I waited for 12 midnight to roll around. I got a little excited with 15 minutes to go. I got excited with 10 minutes to go. I got really excited with 5 minutes to go. At 11:59, I went to Facebook to write up my status, so when 12 came, I would click 'Share' straight away. Then I also did that for the Off-Topic GD in the AC:CF forum. Man, it was fun.

Today was pretty much better, cause we had some family come over to share the day. We were planning on having an awesome as barbeque, but due to this stupid rainy weather (and my dad's lack of motivation) we didn't get to. But nonetheless, we still had good food, and ultimately I had a great day, except I'm now sitting in a dark room while writing this, again cause of the stupid rainy weather. I reckon the day could've been better though, if it was sunny, we had a barbeque, and if I had a sugar rush. After a can of soda, 5 pieces of chocolate icecream cake and a bowl of red jelly, I still didn't manage to get the rush I wanted.

I feel I'll be facing big things in 2011. This year is where my schooling will really start to count, and I'm not about to stuff that up for myself. So, I hope you've all had a Happy New Year, and have an awesome 2011.


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Dec 26, 10 5:18am

That time of year has finally come. Yes, today is Christmas Day. And boy, was it a great day or what? I wish it went forever and ever sometimes, but then it wouldn't be special.

Man, I got lotsa nice things for Christmas, now, where shall I start?
Hair Straightener: This was at the top of my Wish List, so you can bet I was darn happy to get one. My hair has never been so much better, like seriously, I love it, it made me wanna change my Facebook pic. The coolest thing too is that it's pink. Now I know green will always be my fave colour, but pink things are sooo nice. <3 It took me ages to actually straighten my hair properly with it, cause I've never even used one before, but I think I'm getting there (although my sister steals my thunder once again).
Books: I'll be honest, I don't read as much as I used to, but recently I did get back into reading, and now I've sorta slackened off again. So I got quite a few books. Lately I've been reading The Tomorrow Series, of course, starting with Tomorrow When the War Began. My mum had since bought me the next three books in the series, though not reading them yet. So for Christmas I got the fifth one. Now I just need the last two... Since I was a kid I've been a huge fan of Where's Wally, so I had been given a small handbook of it with all the books in one, except for the newest one of course. I should be occupied with it now. Then I had also gotten a few puzzly books, though I'm not sure if I wanna work my brain too much. Oh wells.
Clothes: I was totally expecting these, cause when I went shopping with my mum, she went to buy my sister some, and ended up getting some for me, making me wait till today though. But it's good I got to choose them.
Sonic and the Secret Rings: Tbh I was really not expecting to get this, seeing as it's like a four year old game and I've never played a Sonic game before. I started to play it today and I thought it was kinda fun, although I'm still a noob at it. It's sorta made me wanna check out more Sonic games though, so I suppose that's good. I can't believe how fast paced it is though, it makes my head spin, and that's probably why I'm a noob at it.
Earrings: The ones I got were a little on the cheap side, cause my sister made them for me. I thought they looked so gorgeous, and I'm still wearing them atm. I'll probably have to take them out cause fake jewellery does not sit well for too long.
Jeff Hardy DVD: Okay, so before he went to TNA, Jeff Hardy was my fave WWE wrestler (and it makes me sad he's turned heel). I was happy to get the DVD cause I've been wanting to get it. I haven't watched it yet, but I probably will in the next day or so.
EB Games Gift Voucher: For anyone that doesn't know, EB Games is like Gamestop, cause Australia doesn't have Gamestop. Yeah, a full $40 that I have to spend on games, it's not much but it's something. I'll probably put it towards Pokémon Black though.
Lollies: Usually I get chocolate for Christmas, but this year I got some scrumptious lollies. I'm eating them right now actually. I've probably eaten about half the tin, I'm that greedy. And they are delicious Strawberries and Cream, the best I've tasted.
Perfume: Usually I don't expect to get this for Christmas, especially the expensive stuff, but yeah, it's always nice to cause then I can keep smelling pretty.
Money: Who doesn't get money for Christmas? $90, and I think I could've done better.

I've probably forgotten something, but yeah, that's all I recall. Tomorrow I will be getting something from my cousin, so I look forward to that.

I guess we didn't really do much, cause we will be celebrating it tomorrow, cause everyone wanted a quiet Christmas this year. We did have a really yummy breakfast though, hash browns, toast, sausages, bacon, mmmm... not sure what we're doing tomorrow but, um, it should be good.

So Christmas is over for another year. And that just reminds, next week the new year will be rolling around, I just can't believe that it's gone so fast.


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Dec 19, 10 12:14am

OMG OMG OMG guess what? 7 days. Yeah, it's seven days till Christmas, and it's getting to be quite hectic right now. Everyone will be doing their last minute shopping this week, heck, it was even busy today I tell ya.

Where to begin...ah yes. Last weekend my family and I went to this Christmas warehouse in preparation of putting up our Christmas lights. There are a couple of houses in our street with very extravagent lights, so some day we will be half as good as them at the very least. We started to build up on our collection by buying a few lights to put on our hedges at the front of our house. Then of course we will get lights to put around the house, rather than the boring plain ones we put up. We were deciding on icicle lights, but heck, lights are getting expensive these days. Our display is a work in progress atm, mainly cause of the dowpour of rain we've been getting lately, but so far we've got our nice hedge lights, a flashing star on our window, as well as a few window stickers, then inside is some thing hanging on the ceiling near the front door. A few weeks back we got a wreath, that someone (probably my mum) has been meaning to put on the front door. Someone will get around to that I'm guessing.
Well, seeing the very nice lights on TV makes me jealous, it boggles my mind how the heck they get so much money to afford all that stuff for Christmas. Eh, I'll be like that one day, I just know it.

To get away from this terrible rain we've been having, I decided to go shopping with my mum. Christmas shopping that is. A couple of weeks back I said how I was trying to figure out what I was to buy for my sister, well my brain finally cooperated with me and gave me a brilliant idea. It told me that I should get her some swimmers and boardies, seeing as she goes to her friend's house often and her swimmers were getting too small. I mean, I guess I do owe it to my mum, who actually gave me the idea. My brain tends to get on a bit of a laze on school holidays. Oh the irony. Yeah, I just hope she likes it though. I was gonna get her a milkshake maker (mmmm) but this was more in my price range. I hate spending too much money, mainly from terrible past experiences.

My sister is all about getting into the spirit of things, so she is getting me into a little project to surprise our family with...something. We are trying to think of something, but as I said, my brain is darn lazy. It will probably only fully cooperate when it's in Mathematical mode. Anyway, we are getting ideas thrown at us, so she is thinking we should either do this diorama thingy (I don't fully understand the concept) or a video of what we were like when we were younger or something like that. Brain is too lazy to get involved, but I'm trying my best to be enthusiastic.
We have also gone through our Christmas Eve ritual, going to bed at some ungodly hour, then waking up a couple hours later, and just having fun, like watching movies, listening to music, playing games, all that sorta stuff. We'll also sneak out to our Christmas tree to look at our presents. I like Christmas, okay?

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is just reminding me of how fast this year has gone by. Oh god help me. Well, at least it'll be presents galore next weekend.


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Dec 12, 10 7:34am

The past week had been filled with the joy of celebrating a couple of little youngsters' birthdays for the very first time. Okay, I'll admit, it's happened over the past two weeks, but eh, who cares.

Over on Sunday, our family travelled to my uncle's house to celebrate my little cousin's first birthday, and I really couldn't believe how much he had grown. Well, although it hasn't been his birthday yet, they decided to celebrate it early, with Christmas and stuff rolling around, and they'll be going on holidays anyway. Oh well, it was still fine. It was probably a bit awkward for me and my siblings, we were pretty much the only older kids there, mostly everyone were adults and then there were a few little kids, so I just found it easy to sit with my mum and my sister the whole time. There was pretty nice food there... hotdogs. Yeah, and we got to assemble them ourselves, which isn't so bad. I was about to pick up a hotdog roll when I saw it had butter on it. Yep, I hate butter. Idk why, but I think it just tastes disgusting, so I just simply picked up a slice of bread instead. After I put it together, I sat back and tasted how delicious it was, the onions I put on it made it extra good. After that we had cake, and I gotta say, it was damn delicious, I couldn't get enough of that chocolate icing. And, it had Smarties on it. Mmmm.
Aaaanyway, after that my uncle and aunt pretty much unwrapped my cousin's presents for him, pretty much just toys and clothes, I was amazed at the creativity of people. I probably can't talk, I talked my mum into getting this toy for him, so yeah. After all that madness pretty much nothing happened. I'll note they had this whole box of bubble blowers, so my sister got one and started blowing, then I thought 'how childish.' Then it looked fun so I got one and started. You just can't beat blowing bubbles, and I gotta say, they came out in really beautiful colours, colours that I would've thought would only be on TV.

On the first of this month, it was one of our darling family member's first birthday. And no, it wasn't a human baby. It was our beautiful puppy, didn't really think he could actually make it to one year old tbh. No, I don't mean it in that way either, what I mean is that he was the runt of his litter, the small one, so he didn't end up being too big, especially compared to our older dog. But it's cute, cause it's like he'll be a puppy forever, and I thought that was only possible in Nintendogs. I still remember the day we brought him home, like it was yesterday, he sat in that small box on my lap, and I loved every minute of it. He's a curious and naughty puppy, but he still has a special place in my heart.
Unfortunately we didn't really do anything special for him like I'd hoped. I kept bugging my mum that we should've got him a birthday present, but when I asked today she just said that it was too late. Now that's real family spirit isn't it? It saddens me that she would think that. Maybe if I have enough money to spare, I might go and buy him something, cause he deserves to have at least a little birthday surprise.

I wish I could remember what my first birthday was like, I can't even remember way back. The only memories I have are photos that have been taken of me during my early childhood. I think I would've had a nice first birthday.


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Dec 5, 10 2:05am

Well, would ya look at that? It's almost Christmas time. I can barely believe how fast it's rolled around, I mean that means this year is almost finished already. Isn't that weird? It kinda makes your head spin doesn't it?

Just a few hours ago my sister and I had put up our Christmas tree together. I enjoy doing this every year, cause it's so fun to put the ornaments on and stuff. We had a bit of trouble putting it together at first, cause I accidentally took one bit of it off and that made it troublesome to get it back on. Don't you just hate that, how when you take things off you can't get them back on and vice versa?
Ugh, well anyway, after my sister managed to get it back on, we fully put the tree together, we started to get the decorations out, with my sister organising them, being the neat freak she is. For some reason she wanted to have a particular 'theme' for the tree, meaning she wanted particular colours. So, she decided on purple and silver, although the tree is green. After she failed at putting the tinsel on she let me have a go at doing it. I must it looked very nice, even if I do say so myself. So then she got me to put up the lights, which I did so nicely as well. Then it was time to put all the decorations on. While I cycled through music on Super Smash Bros Brawl (so what if I love that game so much) we put them up. I suppose the silver outbalanced the purple but eh, the tinsel was purple. After putting the gold star on top, it was done. Soon that tree will have lotsa presents under it.

Christmas present shopping. At this time of year it's like one huge traffic jam, especially on Christmas Eve. Over the past few weeks my family and I have been doing our Christmas shopping (mostly my mum). But while doing it it can get so tempting to buy something you see, which is what I did. My brother and I were gonna buy a CD for my mum, and while we were down there I saw this pwetty little DS handbag thing. I loved it so much, cause it was a little handbag and it was green, so I bought it. Now that I think about it I could've got someone to buy it for me for Christmas, but seeing it was the last one I just had to buy.
And that reminds me, I still have to buy a nice gift for my sister, but she's like one of the most difficult people to buy for, so I have no ideas what to get for her. My mum said I could get her a gift card but I wanted to make it more special than that, cause to me gift cards are a sign of laziness. She's my sister for goodness sake, she's special to me, so I really wanna buy her something nice. Well I better think of something very soon cause I don't have that much time left.

In a few weeks time, we'll all be surrounded in this cheer that is Christmas. Surrounded by happiness, surrounded by family, surrounded by the joy of opening presents. I just hope it's a good one.


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Nov 28, 10 5:08am

Celebrate good times come on! Lol, I think this week was all about celebrating, whether it be the small things or the big things, cause I think most things in life are worth celebrating.

Well yesterday was the last day of Year 10 for me, and I guess I'm relieved that it's all over... for now. Next year is certain to be big, cause that's where it's all gonna count. Year 11 is gonna be big for me, and I'm not really looking forward to it. But I guess coming into this year was a bigger transition for me, cause I was moving into another part of the school, I'm still in the same part next year, but the subjects are really gonna get harder, and it'll start going towards my OP for university, so all the pressure is on me.
Cause all our work was finished, we pretty much had fun all week, playing on the computers, watching movies etc. It's better than doing schoolwork and stuff, but doing the same things did actually start to bore me after a while. By golly, it was like that yesterday. Not much people came yesterday, cause usually nobody comes to school on the last day of a term. I think it was better to come though, I wouldn't have known what to do with myself otherwise. After the day was over, I said a final goodbye to my friends that came, and sent them off. Guess I'll see them next year, unless I agree to meet up with them, which I certainly hope to do.

Not sure if this was worth celebrating, but I finally made Facebook! All term my friends have been telling me to get Facebook, I kept saying I would, but of course I kept procrastinating, but that's just who I am. I think I've become rather addicted to it now, but when I finally signed up, I was proud of myself that I actually did it, kinda like the same feeling when I joined Neoseeker. I think Facebook is great cause I'm finding all my friends from my old school and I can see how different they've become. I won't give you my Facebook unless I think we are really, really good friends, k?

About an hour ago, my sister just finished up her Halloween Christmas cross party. Yeah, don't ask why, I'd sit here and explain, but I really don't feel like it. Yeah, anyway, it was okay I guess, lotsa party games and stuff, and waaaaaay too much chocolate. I guess I might be on a bit of a sugar rush now. I got so full from the sugar that I skipped dinner and went straight to dessert. But yeah, I didn't really feel like getting involved, but I was pretty much forced to. I managed to sneak away a few times and get on here and Facebook, but I guess I was starting to have more fun towards the end.
Back in an earlier post on my blog, I told you that we were gonna have the Halloween party, but due to my sister's illness, it got pushed back. Cause it was held today, she decided to mix it in with Christmas, though Halloween was obviously the more dominant theme. Yeah, I wouldn't mind doing this again I suppose, my mum said I could've invited some of my friends, but I decided not to.

I do like celebrations, cause of the food that most of them will have, otherwise the best thing about them is having fun with your friends.


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Nov 21, 10 12:39am

I guess you could say that my week has been pretty busy, which isn't really something new. But this week I had to try and stay awake during some very long speeches. Seeing as my school year is coming to a close, everything is coming together, big speeches about the past year. I can handle speeches to a certain size, but drone on and it can sometimes drive someone to go to sleep. Seriously, it happens.

Wednesday night was our school's annual Awards Night Ceremony, to celebrate the achievements of the smart people. I was getting an award that night, just one, which I guess was fine. My sister ended up racking in 4 awards, so you could've imagined I was a little jealous. Don't worry, it didn't get as bad as last week, in fact, it didn't get bad at all.
Anyway, our school band was playing there on the night, so we played the national anthem to open the night. It must've felt like an hour but we sat there while the principal gave her big speech about how the school was in the past year or whatever. It was that boring that I didn't really pay much attention to it. I guess it was okay though, cause I sorta got to talk to my friends. After the principal's speech was finally over, I watched on as my sister went to accept her four awards. I then later went on to go and accept mine. I wanted to go back and sit with the band, but we were told that we could sit in our seats with our pretty names on them. Since I was in a bit of a panic, I just went to sit in my seat with my pretty name on it. Lucky my friend wasn't mad at me, cause I told her to come back and sit with me. This week hasn't exactly been easy for her, but that's another, personal story.
After I accepted that award, the student presidents of each sub school then came to give their big speech about their sub school, which made me regret going back to sit in my seat. After that, more awards, and then the night was done and dusted, finishing an hour behind schedule. I became happy again when I found out there was food afterwards.

I go off and finish school for the year next Friday, but this week saw our awesome year 12's leave. Yesterday was their graduation ceremony, and as you could imagine, it wasn't a quick little thing either. We got taken from our classes at 8:30 to go to the sports hall to get seated. Yeah, well it was a big wait, cause we didn't start till 9:15, 15 minutes behind schedule or something. Yes, our lovely principal came out to give her big speech about how the school had formed since the time it opened, and I just thought 'what's the point?' Well, after that, the year 12's accepted their certificates, then the student president came out and gave his speech on behalf of all them year 12's. Then after that it just seemed to go on forever.
It was actually kinda sad to see them go. I only got to know them for this past year and then they have to go and leave school forever. After that day I've definately had second thoughts about graduating as quick as I can. Going to uni will seem like a very scary thing. I'm definately not gonna go near the schoolies hotspots for this week, though I don't think I would've anyway.

In conclusion to all this, I don't think we're ever gonna escape the obstacle that is a long speech. I could go on forever about how boring and incredibly draining long speeches can be, but I suppose this could count for one right now, so I'll shut up for now.

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Nov 14, 10 3:29am

Okay, so heaps of people think I'm a really smart cookie, and I guess I do okay at school, but this week I certainly didn't feel like the smartest person, which drove me to huge disappointment.

As us Aussies know, on Tuesday night the National IQ Test was on TV. Now I know they advised beforehand that the test was designed for 16 years +, and I'm only 15, but you'll understand what I'll go about this in a sec.
My sister and I decided to do the test out of our family, I told myself that I wouldn't get frustrated with what I got, but as we progressed through the test, I noticed that my younger sister, who is two years younger, was getting more questions right than me. I got increasingly frustrated, joking around at first to tell her to get things wrong so I could do better. Then it started to get serious, and it eventually drove me to the point where I started crying, cause of how I kept getting things wrong. Out of the 42 questions there were, I only managed to get 21, and that resulted in me getting an under average IQ, which I don't know exactly what it was. My sister however managed to get above average (average being 100), that made me really upset. I just couldn't believe how bad I did compared to her, but as you know, I do have a competitive spirit. Looking back at it, I'd now like to do a real IQ test.

This week also marked the week of my final exams, which in the long run was quite relieving. First on Monday was Geography. I stayed up late Sunday night just to revise for it, and went into it feeling so worried. We had to write something about coastal management, pretty much had to write and essay. I didn't know what the hell I was writing, but I was just writing random crap. After I'd finished I felt very relieved that I hadn't had to worry about anything for Geography again.
Thursday I got my results back, and discovered I got a lousy B. Yep, a B. Now that may not sound so bad, but to me in some circumstances, a B is a fail for me. I guess I've done worse in a couple of other exams, but hey, I was still disappointed. With that brought my overall mark to a B, and I especially was not amused with that. I really wasn't.
Tuesday I had to do a Math exam. I didn't really worry as much here, cause I do fine in Math, but I got the exam, and a couple of the first questions really stumped me. I went through the exam, blah blah blah, and when we had the option to stop and go to lunch, I took that as I feel I couldn't do those other questions that I looked at and thought 'go away.'
Again I got the results back on Thursday, looked through and saw how bad I did. All of the first questions I didn't finish properly and some other questions I didn't do properly. Ironically I got all of the hardest questions right, so I guess I was happy with that. I ended up getting B+, A+, B+, which really isn't my best. My friend betted on me that I would get the best in the class, but she and another smarty pants did.

Well school is coming to an end for me in 2 weeks, so hopefully I won't have to rely on my smarts for that long.


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Nov 6, 10 7:31pm

I'm glad I didn't forget to write this, because this week I've felt like the most forgetful person in the world. Like, seriously, I've forgotten to take something to school everyday this week, I feel like I'm losing my mind!

It all started on Monday, we left for school, and I had the feeling I had forgotten something, but I quickly forget about that feeling. When I get to my first class, I go to my pencil case to get my glasses so I can see the board, but when I open it up, they're not there. I pretty had to squint to see, but that wasn't even enough. And this was for our exam that is taking place on Monday, so I was extremely annoyed! I tried to see what my friend wrote down but she's such a messy writer.
Tuesday probably wasn't as bad, but just as we got onto the highway, I suddenly remembered I had forgotten my watch. I didn't really mind as much, cause I would pretty much be on computers all day, which of course has clocks on them. I guess it still feels pretty weird without it though, I'm so used to it being there. When I wasn't around a computer though, I had to rely on my phone.
Wednesday was probably the worst of them all. I got the feeling of forgetfulness, but again I put that feeling aside. When I got to school, I sat down to read my book, not noticing anything weird. Then my friends started coming. Five minutes before class, I randomly looked down, and noticed I hadn't put on my school tie. I panicked a little cause I knew I would get detention if I didn't have it. Then my best friend told me I should borrow my brother's. So I quickly found him and begged him to let me borrow it, and he eventually gave it to me. The boys at our school don't have to wear school ties in summer, so I was extremely lucky my brother was wearing his anyway.
The feeling of forgetfulness came again on Thursday. We were doing our assignments in English class, so I went to get my USB out of my pencil case so I could save my work on there. Then I realised that I had gotten it out the night before to work, so I had to send my work to my email instead, which of course I was having troubles with. At least I got over those troubles, and I was glad that I hadn't already started on it. I also forgot some money for the cupcake stall that the school was running that day, and I was sad, cause I like my cupcakes. Nom nom nom!
Finally, Friday came around. My forgetful feeling didn't come today, but I still had forgotten something. In my second class, my friend asked to borrow a pen. I then remembered that I was supposed to get a new blue pen, as my old one died out in Math class the day before. I guess it was a good thing I didn't really need a pen for my classes that day. My friend ended up borrowing my other friend's pen anyway, cause of a funny little incident that happened on Monday.

I really hope that I don't forget anything this week, otherwise I am so gonna be pissed.


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Squiggle blogged
Oct 31, 10 4:31am

Late, late, late...not early! Have you noticed when something is not on time that it tends to be late? Otherwise it's early when you don't want it.

Today has a day for more school band competing. Well, not for me, but namely for my brother. He was told that he would be performing at 10:00am, but a few days prior, he was told that it would be at 3:00pm instead. Though it didn't really affect me, I was nonetheless not amused. To me, 3:00pm on a Saturday afternoon is not the best time to be going out for me. Why? I really don't know.
Time seemed to go sooo sloooow. I just couldn't wait to go home after my brother had performed. Know why? Cause the program was running late. It always seems to happen, these things always go overtime. I sat in our school hall just waiting for everything to run. When you're performing, it doesn't seem like not much time is slipping, but when spectating, it sometimes feels like time stops altogether. Things running late is not really my cup of tea, so we ended up leaving half an hour later than we were supposed to. As you could probably imagine, I was not amused. At all. I wouldn't have wanted to come if I knew this would happen (and I predicted that would be exactly what would happen), but I came to give support, cause that's nice ya know.

As you all know, Halloween is this Sunday (yay!). I've never been one for celebrating Halloween, but my sister had decided to host her own Halloween party for her friends. I was quite excited, cause I would actually be able to get into the Halloween spirit, though trick or treating isn't in the question.
It was actually supposed to be tonight, it would've been finished by now, but my poor sister had fallen ill in the coming days. The party had to be postponed to a later date, which I think will be this coming Friday. Well, at least it hasn't been cancelled altogether, which my mum was thinking of doing. But I convinced her not to by saying she put in all that effort to buy everything (at Overflow) and stuff, but nonetheless I was kinda disappointed it was put back. I guess at the same time I'm happy cause I don't have a costume. I'll probably most likely get it tomorrow before Halloween ends. I'm gonna dress up as a fallen angel, so I hope I can find a good costume!

Now if you've read my rants in the Pokemon Forums, you'd know that I'd been having troubles with my wifi. I've been determined all week in getting myself a Mew. I would've got it last weekend if that stupid wifi hotspot at Macca's would work. Actually, all the wifi hotspots I tried failed to work. I got increasingly worried and pissed. Tuesday I tried again when I went to the orthodontist. No luck. More worried.
So it came to today. I convinced myself that I wouldn't get it at all. I don't know how my mum did it, but she convinced my dad to let me use the wifi from our home. So before we went to get dinner, we tried setting it up and stuff, no luck, kept getting the 51300 error code. I was pissed and even more convinced I wouldn't get my Mew. After dinner, we tried again. I don't know what my dad did, but he got it to work. I was sooo happy and I finally got my Mew! I shall love it and take care of it forever... from the PC Box.


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Squiggle blogged
Oct 23, 10 11:38pm

I suppose school can be alright sometimes. But it's certainly not fun when you get an overload of schoolwork. Gosh, I love coming home knowing I don't have any schoolwork to do. I don't atm, but it's all gonna come crashing down on me in the next week or so.

Every Friday we have a class concerning our 'time management.' I guess it's fine, but as we were working through our booklets, we came to part to answering questions, where we had to write down what had to be done. I was then reminded of the mass amount of assignments and exams that would be coming. Thanks, teacher, thanks alot for reminding me.
3 assignments, 3 exams, coming. There was something for every subject, and that didn't make me feel any better. I have an assignment each for Graphics, English and Business, and an exam each for Maths, Geography and IPT.
I guess it's cause we're coming to the end of the school year, so there's gonna be that rush in assessment work. But heck, what a way to put pressure on us, huh?
All that work is beginning anyway, I've been working through my Graphics assignment for a couple of weeks in class, and I sat my IPT exam yesterday. I'm expecting everything else to creep up on me quite soon.

I guess homework doesn't really concern me all that much though, I hardly get much of that. In fact, the only homework I get is Maths.
I think the teacher purposely sets work for us 5 minutes before the lesson ends, then we'd have to finish it for homework.

Oh well, at least right now I have no work to do, which I have time to do what I want to do.


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Squiggle blogged
Oct 18, 10 9:45pm

This week was a bit of a busy week for me. It was all about the competitive spirit, which is something I have alot of. Most times I can control it, but there is the disappointment of losing, like with most people.

Tuesday night saw our annual band competition, which I guess I enjoy to a degree, cause you get to have lotsa fun with your friends! I'm a completely different person when it comes the time for band. I'm usually a little quiet in school time, but I go crazy at band. Idk why, but I just do.
Because we were going to a different school for this, my best friend was hoping to look for cute guys there, even though she already likes someone. But I guess that's part of her crazy personality that I love.
We went to a practice room to do a quick rehearsal to make sure we were right. Our band teacher thought we sounded great, and had high hopes for us on stage. Then he proceeded to tell us that two platinum awards had already been given out that night. Way to put pressure on us, huh?
It then came time to do our performance, I guess I got a little nervous, but I was still hopeful. As soon as we had finished, we raced to pack our instruments away to watch the award presentations.
Although our teacher said we did heaps better than last year, we only managed to get a silver, which was the worst for our category. The other two bands got a gold and platinum respectively. My friends are I are sticking to the theory they ran out of gold's and platinum's. :p
The worst thing though is that it was late at night, AND I had school the next day, I think I didn't get to bed till like midnight.

Over in the Animal Crossing: City Folk Forum, we've been leading up to our Forum Awards. I was quite excited about them, cause after quietly following the Neoseeker Awards, it just seemed exciting. After nomination time closed, I found out that I had been nominated for two awards: best newbie and best custom title. I felt really honoured and couldn't wait to find out the results.
Just today the final results came in. Although I didn't manage to win anything, I was still happy to get nominated. Of course, I was a little disappointed not winning, but I managed to come close anyway, which is good enough for me. :)
If anyone from the AC:CF Forum is reading this (particularly winners) congrats to you all!
Now to wait for next year... ^_^


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Squiggle blogged
Oct 9, 10 10:43pm

The title of this post has a few meanings. The first is that this is the beginning of my blog. From now on I'll try to update it weekly about something that has happened in my week.

The second is that this week I went back to school for the last term of the year. I come back and have all this work piled on top of me. Just when you get used to the holidays, they just disappear and the nightmare of school comes to haunt you. Don't get me wrong, I don't absolutely hate school, but when you know you've got heaps of work to do, then it's pretty much different. You miss the days spent in bed and doing whatever you want etc. When I went back it was great to see my friends again, and through the week, two of my closest friends came out of a little fight they had going since last term. It was good to see them talk again.

The third is that my cousin started at our school this week. He's pretty much moved schools his whole life. He's probably been nervous every time, and this was no exception. I was nervous when I started at the school last year, so I knew how he felt. At least my sister was there to guide him. Moving schools isn't such a good thing to experience, but I guess the good thing that can come out of it is making lots of friends. I guess it can also build your confidence.

Well anyway, I better get down with some work now.


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