We gotta play smash when it comes out. No getting out of it.
I'll be in my grave by the time this demo finishes downloading. It's been real guise.
Feel like the only one who didn't get a Smash Bros demo code atm. Ah well, should've expected that.
I was crazy enough to watch Smash Bros streams for 14 hours...I don't think I wanna do that shit again.
Oh today marks four years of being on Neo YEAH.
Sock already friggin lost :((((((
"Tomorrow will be King K. Took" -- Quixotic
Seems I've come down with a case of insomnia as of late. Ugh.
Did you see that Sock won Wimbledon??
ur heaps nubby lol bye
My 3DS tells me I have spent over 500 hours playing Professor Layton games. Bloody hell...
Quixotic logic: Pick a fight then immediately back down from it. Quixlogic
Quixotic prefers if you call him Quixbotic from now on.

--Quote-- As requested, we've chucked up a photo album for everyone to post pictures of themselves! Just a couple of t

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