Seems I've come down with a case of insomnia as of late. Ugh.
Did you see that Sock won Wimbledon??
ur heaps nubby lol bye
My 3DS tells me I have spent over 500 hours playing Professor Layton games. Bloody hell...
Quixotic logic: Pick a fight then immediately back down from it. Quixlogic
Quixotic prefers if you call him Quixbotic from now on.

--Quote-- As requested, we've chucked up a photo album for everyone to post pictures of themselves! Just a couple of t

_~ PokéLounge Member Hurt & Heal! ~_ Hi everyone! Due to quite some popular demand, we are again bringing to

Everywhere I go on the internet people are talking about MK8. :'( The struggle is real.

So after thinking about my response to thread, it kinda made me

So after completing the main storyline, a couple of new options appear on the main menu, one of them being Dededetour. In th

Just finished Kirby: Triple Deluxe! A little easy, but fantastic nonetheless.

Not sure how many places are celebrating this today, but yes, today is Mother's Day! How will you be celebrating, and wha

Me: "No I use the gherkin" Quixotic: "What a hilarious name" Quixotic: "I think I'll name my kid that"

So as we all know, Pokémon Yellow introduced the concept of having your Pokémon walk with you (even if it only

Am I the only one that thinks the names sound a bit...strange? @Quixotic and I have always said that if Gen III remakes w

Erin :3

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