Have you ever went to buy something, take it out of its packaging and realise the product was faulty, or different to what y

"I assumed it was a Pokémon chasing after me, but it was just my own wife!" Oh Professor Birch.

_~ PokéLounge Advent Calendar 2014 ~_ Greetings everyone, and welcome to the third annual PokéLounge Advent

This weather is disgusting. WHO WANTS TO TRADE ME SOME COLD WEATHER?!
Just bought a Wii U! NNID is Squigglez52 add me and I'll add back ASAP! :)
Finally downloaded the ORAS demo! And it didn't take two centuries this time!
It took a while but I finally finished Kirby: Right Back At Ya! Would defs watch again.
What rhymes with Squiggle? Swag.
Brother's reaction to Robin: "Woah how does he change from a dude to a chick?!"
We gotta play smash when it comes out. No getting out of it.
I'll be in my grave by the time this demo finishes downloading. It's been real guise.
Feel like the only one who didn't get a Smash Bros demo code atm. Ah well, should've expected that.

Erin :3

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