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So it has just recently been announced that Garchomp, Braixen and Shadow Mewtwo will be added to the Japanese arcade version

Jun 01, 16 11:09pm
"You should uh... die :P" thanks MidnightXS
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Bringing this up in its own thread. Oftentimes when I'm going to upload images to any wiki, I will be greeted to this

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May 24, 16 11:04pm

Well I just beat Champion Iris in White 2. Reflecting back on these playthroughs I've done over the past few weeks, it was fun to get back into my favourite generation once again. Using a randomiser is one of my favourite ways to play the game. It gives me a chance to use Pokémon I haven't used before, as well as some old favourites, with completely whacky movesets. To make them more interesting, I set myself some guidelines:

- Only the first Pokémon encountered in each area can be caught
- They must be nicknamed
- No legendaries
- If a shiny is encountered, it can be caught regardless of being the first encounter or not

Soooo basically a nuzlocke without the dying rule...lol.

Here I shall note down my team as of defeating N and Ghetsis (Black), and Iris (White 2).

~ Black ~

Kao (Claydol) - Lv. 51
Naughty Nature
- Spark
- Blue Flare
- Flash Cannon
- Sludge Bomb

Aristocat (Persian) - Lv. 51
Hasty Nature
- Wild Charge
- Rock Blast
- Strength
- Pay Day

Shredder (Weavile) - Lv. 51
Flame Body
Hardy Nature
- Waterfall
- Gear Grind
- Zen Headbutt
- Mega Kick

Lyko (Lucario) - Lv. 51
Quiet Nature
- Psyshock
- Judgment
- Flash Cannon
- Surf

Quixxy (Gliscor) - Lv. 51
Modest Nature
- Crabhammer
- Dragon Dance
- Close Combat
- Fly

Aria (Altaria) - Lv. 52 [Starter]
Lonely Nature
- Searing Shot
- Hydro Cannon
- Meteor Mash
- Giga Drain

~ White 2 ~

Basilisk (Arbok) - Lv. 61
Adamant Nature
- Teeter Dance
- Return
- Attack Order
- Waterfall

Willow (Chandelure) - Lv. 61
Mold Breaker
Rash Nature
- Hydro Cannon
- Tail Glow
- Signal Beam
- Overheat

Superstar (Starmie) - Lv. 61
Iron Fist
Naughty Nature
- Ice Beam
- Metal Sound
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball

Colossus (Aggron) - Lv. 61 [Starter]
Rock Head
Lonely Nature
- Zen Headbutt
- Head Smash
- Iron Head
- Leaf Blade

Lance (Dragonite) - Lv. 61
Pure Power
Impish Nature
- Iron Head
- Giga Impact
- Surf
- Fly

Luna (Musharna) - Lv. 61
Solid Rock
Calm Nature
- Leaf Tornado
- Psycho Shift
- Air Slash
- Overheat

So will I ever randomise these beautiful games again? Probably. Who knows when though.

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Midnight Squiggle
Apr 14, 16 4:57pm
for you http://bit.ly/1SBHeqs
Mar 21, 16 2:15am
Okay frens go add me on Steam even tho I probably won't use it too much (yet!). Squiggle_E kbye
Feb 27, 16 1:25am
Pokémon Yellow downloaded and ready to go. The perks of being Australian
Jan 12, 16 11:56am
"If you die, I'll kill you" -- Quixotic 2k16
Jan 01, 16 12:02am
Dec 20, 15 8:03am
Dec 16, 15 8:45am
Kubrick Squiggle
Dec 15, 15 8:23am
hi i just came back to let u know i have a club penguin account now lol but im currently banned on it for a while
Nov 30, 15 10:16pm
*sees Xenoblade Chronicles is on sale on the eShop* *buys immediately*
Nov 13, 15 9:21am
Sakurai better be giving me Wolf in that December Smash broadcast
Sep 04, 15 12:57am
Oh I just realised I've been here five years now not too shabby
Jul 30, 15 11:15am
What's on my mind? Oh, wouldn't you like to know.
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Jul 14, 15 10:39pm

Over the past few weeks I had been playing both a Black and White 2 randomiser. Just finished my White 2 ranomiser and you know both were really fun to play through so I'm gonna make a record of my teams I used because I feel like it.

Masque (Roserade) - Lv. 51 [Starter]
-Flame Burst
-Foul Play

Mr Pelican (Pelipper) - Lv. 51
-Power Gem

Glazia (Glaceon) - Lv. 51
-Secret Sword
-Leaf Blade

Crash (Floatzel) - Lv. 51
-Power Whip
-Crush Claw
-Karate Chop
-Icicle Crash

Thundadong (Eelektross) - Lv. 51
-Foul Play
-Dual Chop

Eddy (Hitmontop) - Lv. 52
-Seed Bomb
-Flame Wheel
-Rock Tomb
-Sacred Sword

~White 2~
StretShark (Garchomp) - Lv. 60
-Ice Ball
-Mach Punch

Skywalker (Dodrio) - Lv. 61
-Double Hit
-Smack Down
-Storm Throw

LiveWire (Electivire) - Lv. 61
-Fiery Dance
-Mud Shot
-Needle Arm

SpittnFire (Magmortar) - Lv. 61
-Fire Blast
-Power Gem
-Heal Order

Duck You (Golduck) - Lv. 61 [Starter]
-Horn Leech
-Echoed Voice

I ♥ Ewe (Ampharos) - Lv. 61
-Giga Drain
-Blue Flare
-Sludge Wave

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