Personal Information
Well, I sorta...maybe came out of Neo-dead in to "I'll be here once in a while" so I killed my old dead anyway Neohome. Anyway...yeah. I'm Axl Sin, I'm 19, I graduated high school then I got depressed and now I don't feel like doing anything. I listen to HEAVY METAL and it's my life. I'm looking to start a band and all I need is a drummer...and a guitarist or two. So if you or someone you know plays drums and lives in the Illnois Valley Area and is looking to be a rock band, get ahold of me either here though PM or via Myspace St. Sin. (I think I did that right.) I play bass and vocals in "The Shadow Machine" (looking for everything but vocals and bass) which is a pure rock act and I sing and play guitar for "P.F.A." (solo project) METAL carrer. And I can't spell. I'm also a poet.

Sport Intrests
GO CUBS!!! Ryan Theriot, 02, is my favorite player even though I play Left in the rare opprotunity I play baseball (I want to play more) and latley I'v been playing 3rd Base for my crappy 0-7 Softball team, because my manager don't know shit about baseball. That's all I'v got to say so if you want to know more get a hold of me (see profile front). I'v recently become a football fan. I don't really have a favorite team yet but whenever I play Madden I play as the Green Bay Packers (I hate Wisconsin, though...go figure). Professional Wrestling...always good. Jeff Hardy rulez...John Cena sucks a lot of, can wait for The Undertaker to come back.

Machine '*bleep*ing' Head (I see thay edit out the 'ph' as well), Pantera, Nightwish, Corrosion of Canformity, and Priestess are the top 5. I need my Metal...'nugh said! Rap isn't music and I need to say anything?

Maybe one day I'll put some cool html stuff and make my 'home' look nice. ...and I tried. Coudn't work. I guess the codeing has changed sicne last I came...or probably I read it wrong.

"I saw your Mommy...and your mommy is dead."