First dicovered Neoseeker during a particularly boring IT lesson in July. My gaming experience has never been the same since!

My vision is coming true! My banner making IS improving!



Games: Shadow Hearts, Square games and Golden Sun (1+2)
And Riviera!!!
Food: Pizza, pasta, mild curry, chocolate and cake.

Music: Blink 182, Green Day, Shirehorses, Jet, Muse, Sum * 41, Yellowcard and NO FX.


Games: Hard ones, or those that are all graphics and no substance.

Food: Mushrooms, cabbage and aubergine.

Music: Crappy PAP!


Yay for Riviera!
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Review: Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time - Another great Square game

Nov 24, 2004

This game is so good I will split it up into categories: Graphics Anime style. Good in a cartoony sort of way. Cut-scenes are stunning though. 3.5/5 Story Very good once it gets going. Takes roughly 10 hours or until you meet Maria...

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