It is good, but I like Season of Ice better. Spyro2SeasonOfFlame GBA
Not a good Final Fantasy game... FinalFantasyX2 PS2
Not as good as Season of Ice or Flame. But it is alright. SpyroAttackOfTheRhynocs GBA
It is ok. But probably the worst Harvest Moon game. HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2
The slower remake of the gamecube version. It is alright I guess. HarvestMoonAWonderfulLifeSpecialEdition PS2
Another one that is just for my collection. SpyroAHerosTail Xbox
The first Spyro game. I will always love it. SpyroTheDragon PSX
Same as FOMT, except you play as a girl. Very fun. HarvestMoonMoreFriendsOfMineralTown GBA
Pretty much a portable BTN. Good, but gets boring. HarvestMoonFriendsOfMineralTown GBA
Good. But not my favourite Tekken game. Tekken5 PS2
It sucks. I only keep it for my Spyro collection. SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Awesome. I remember when I used to play it for hours non-stop. HarvestMoonBackToNature PSX
I love it; one of my favourite GBA games. SpyroSeasonOfIce GBA
Best Spyro game in the series. Spyro2RiptosRage PSX
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