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What I May Not See, Cannot Hurt Me

For some of you that may not know. I am writing a new story as part of my late entrance into National Novel Writing month. I just learned about it a day ago, and since it's too late for me to try to reach 50,000 words, I mine-as-well just start now. Feel free to comment below, or comment in the official thread. I will try to keep this updated as possible :).

Chapter 1

Everyday seemed pretty calm in my household. My mother, father, sister, and younger brother were all happy, and sereneness just tended to bless our household every morning as we awoke.

My name is Matthew. I am a typical fourteen year old boy who has a pretty normal life. Though my brother and sister tend to get on my nerves and pester me a lot; we generally get along pretty well. My sister's name is Victoria. She's sixteen years old, and she's an incredibly sophisticated student. Generally, Victoria tends to be the "smart" child in this bunch of apples, and she's the one that usually gets the most praise from Mom when we get our report cards. Then, there's my brother, Aaron. He's twelve years old, but he's typically a pretty cool guy. He and I sometimes hang out when we're bored, and he can be a real thriller; but on the other perspective of things, he can be as annoying as fingernails scratching a chalkboard. Things were great in the house. Mom and Dad were happy, I was happy, my brother and sister were happy... who wasn't happy on our street? It seemed like everyone was always happy. But why? Things never changed in our community when you think about it. Anyways, enough about the nonsense...

One day, my brother Aaron and I were skateboarding to school like every other normal day. We were having fun and all, and while skateboarding, we noticed something particularly unusual. Construction. A few blocks away from the school seemed to be an abandoned patch of gravel and dirt. Though it seemed like a place where nothing would ever be built, there seemed to be a couple of construction workers, a bundle of wood, and tons of metalic wires.

"I wonder what they're building over there," Aaron questioned, "that place is almost always abandoned." He and I watched the construction workers digging away with machinery for a few minutes, then we both headed back on our skateboards back on our way to school. Once we both got to school, we departed to our separate classes. Though the day seemed quite normal like usual, I couldn't stop wondering about what could be built in that sandy area. Maybe there would be a swimming pool there... or skateboard ramps... or even a taco stand! For whatever reason though, I was guaranteed it would be fantastic.

"Matthew. Please read where Jessica left off." Replied Ms. Scornson. I quickly flipped through the pages trying to figure out where everyone else was. "Matthew, this class isn't for day dreaming. This class is for learning the fine art of literature. If you aren't willing to participate in class, then maybe you would prefer participating in community service after you get a detention. Would you rather do that, young man?"

"I'm really sorry. There's just been a lot on my mind recently." I looked all around trying to find the page of where I had to me, when I glanced to my right to see Danielle. Danielle was a really sweet, smart, and pretty girl with long brown hair. She was a quiet person, but a genuine person. When I looked at her, I had noticed she had written the page number on the side of her book for me to see. I smiled at her, and quickly flipped to the page I had to be on, and read on.

What Danielle didn't know is that I had a major crush on her. Whenever I walked by her, I dreamed of her and I one day being boyfriend-girlfriend. Danielle was probably a dream for many of the guys at my school. I even thought Aaron had somewhat of a crush on her as well, but I wouldn't dare to ask him at the thought of him getting ideas to sabotage my chances with her; for she was single. "Hey, thanks Danielle. You really saved me from Ms. Scornson."

"Oh, it's really no big deal. Don't worry about it or anything Matthew. I'm just glad I could help." Danielle replied sweetly, as she closed her locker door and headed to her next class. As she walked by me, her gorgeous fragrance rubbed off onto me. She smelled of vanilla and lavender orchids. It was definitely one of the fragrances that I would say is nicest on a girl.

As the day progressed and the sun went from being at the top of the sky, to billowing below the mountain side, I had learned something that day. For one, I had learned not to to touch a hot oven in ecology, but also that Danielle was going to be going to the "Miracle of Arts" performance that night. The Miracle of Arts was basically a large performance that happened once each year, where a few theatrical performances like plays and dances are performed. They're all really exhilarating to watch, and I knew for sure that Danielle would be there. I would just have to go. So when I got home, I did the usual.

"Hey Mom, hey Dad. I'm going out in a few hours... is that okay?" The usual response would be, Okay honey, just be careful and be home by ten, but today it was different.

"Son, you can't go out tonight," my dad replied, "don't you know?"

"What don't I know?" I asked my dad looking confused. What was so important that I couldn't go out that night. Was it Victoria's birthday? I sure hope I wouldn't forget that, or she'd kill me.

"Son, we are all going to The Miracle of Arts performance tonight to watch Victoria person."

When my dad said that, I literally froze. Not many people actually come to the event. All I knew who came were a few parents, and some more sophisticated people. If Aaron, my mom, dad, and sister were there, I would surely be spotted by Danielle. You don't know how my parents act when we're around in public. My mom will usually treat Aaron and I like we're babies, and want to hold our hands or follow us into the bathroom so that creeps won't pick on us. That is how embarassing and awkward my mom can be. My dad isn't much different. My dad went to this event last year, and during that event, he screamed, "ENCORE" at least ten or so times even when everyone else had stopped talking, and you could hear a needle hit the ground. I was hoping that this year my parents would forget about coming here, but even if they did, Victoria would surely remind them.

"Matthew, where were you planning to go tonight?" Dad said as I was wandering off in my mind again.

"Uh, well, er... I was planning to go to the library to study for my math test tomorrow!" I knew my dad wasn't stupid enough to fall for what I had just said. I never study for my test like my sister does.

"Son, I know you don't study for tests and stuff. Now what's the real location you wanted to go to." I really hated it when my dad would pick around the bushes to try to get me to spill the details.

"Okay Dad. Well, you see, I was hoping to go meet up with this girl at school, Danielle. She's really pretty, and smart, and kind, and I originally forgot that Victoria was going to go to this event tonight. Danielle is going to be at the Miracle of Arts performance tonight, but I was hoping I would be there alone, and not have Aaron, and Mom, and possibly yourself there. I'm really sorry Dad, but you and the others will surely embarrass me infront of her." I hated given out big explanations to my dad, but I knew he would understand if I sounded dedicated enough.

"I understand Matthew. You don't have to go. You can stay home with Aaron tonight while your mother and I go with Victoria to the performance, okay?"

"Okay Dad, thanks." I was very pleased that my dad had took my situation into consideration. Though I had to spend the night with my two-year younger brother, at least I wouldn't be embarrassed in front of Danielle that night.

Chapter 2: Construction on the Plateau

The night at my house with my brother progressed. He and I watched movies all night until we got too tired to watch another, so at around 3:00AM we both fell asleep. I knew I would feel really tired in the morning for staying up so late, but hey... it was the weekend after all, mine-as-well.

When I awoke the next morning, of course, I felt tired, but you could hear a distinct sound coming from outside. I woke up, got dressed, and looked outside the window. From my window, you could barely see the construction site that Aaron and I had seen yesterday. Already, it looked as if more and more machines had been working on it. Glass tiles were placed on a significant amount of the dry land, and tons of orange pylons and piles of dirt were everywhere around the site. I continued to ponder on what was going to be built there. Immediately I eliminated the chance of it to be a skateboard arena, and I doubted it would be a swimming centre anymore.

"Hey dude... hurry up and get ready." Aaron yelped from downstairs.

"Sorry. I'll be down in a few minutes." I replied back. Aaron could be so boisterous and loud sometimes. I quickly closed my window to try to block out the noise from a few blocks away, and then rushed downstairs for breakfast. When I got down, everyone was sitting down at the table enjoy pancakes, and cereal. "Hey, don't forget to leave some for me." I said with a smirk.

"Matthew, you should have came to my performance yesterday," Victoria said, "we got ten encores. The night was splendid."

"Uh, sorry to break it to you sis, but that was dad who screamed encore ten times." Aaron was trying his hardest to hold his laughter in after saying that.

"Actually, I didn't yell encore at all. It turned out the audience was packed, and many people were yelling encore because the performance was that good. I am proud of you sweetie." Dad would always say nice things to everyone in the house.

"Aww, thank you Dad. Anyways, I better be off. I am going to study with my friends. I have a HUGE test on Monday, and I only have two days to study. Love you Mom. Love you Dad." Victoria finished the last of her pancakes, then darted to grab her things and headed out the door.

"Bye sweetheart. Take care." Mom replied with a sweet and innocent smile on her face as she took the empty dishes to the sink to wash them. "So do you boys want to help me clean up after breakfast?" Aaron and I were thinking of excuses to get out of helping her, and a few seconds later, Aaron replied, "No, sorry Mom, Matt and I are going to see what the big construction is a few blocks away." I was relieved that Aaron had thought on the spot so quickly and precisely.

"Hmm, the construction over there has definitely raised an eyebrow in the community recently," Dad responded, "you two can go and I'll help you mother."

Immediately, Aaron and I dashed from our places at the table and raced outside to go see what was happening. "Thanks for bailing us out from dish-duty."

When we got to the construction site, Aaron and I noticed a rugged sign that was barely up. The sign was hard to make out. "Maybe this place has something to do with other people around the world?" Aaron said aloud. The language on the sign was definitely foreign, but it looked to old to be kept there. We looked around at the many construction workers working hard on the masterpiece they would soon accomplish. What they had build so far was a large glass square floor with steps from each side going down until there was a smaller glass square at the bottom. Aaron and I continued to look around. We both saw that the wood and wire were still laying unopened in the side. "I wonder what those could be used for," Aaron said, "it doesn't even look like the workers here will use them."

Aaron and I continued to ponder what they could be constructing in such a dry out and boring area. Whatever they were constructing though, it must be good, because what the workers had done already looked very nice. Aaron and I continued to walk on until we met up with my friends, Logan, Jake, and Garett. "Hey guys," I said, "what do you think they could be building over there?"

"Probably some sort of corporate building or whatever." Responded Logan as if he didn't really care. "Why is your brother here?"

"I need to have him tag along with me, otherwise I would still be at home doing dishes. Anyways guys, what should we do today?" I looked around, and all of the other guys looked a bit bored and tired.

"Well, we could go see a movie, but if we did, it would have to be later tonight. Movies are never the least bit interesting at eleven in the morning. We could go skateboarding now though." Garrett responded.

"Matt and I left our boards at home. It'd take thirty minutes to get back there and come back, so we can't do that." Aaron responded back. Aaron and I were puzzled on what we could all do. Usually our weekends would be packed with excitement, but apparently, not this one.

"Eh, well we should go then. I mine-as-well finish my homework before Ms. Scornson gets angry at me again." Jake replied, and soon after, Garrett followed him.

"Logan, wanna go play some video games at my house?" I asked, as I waited for a response. Logan was a pretty cool guy. He was smart, and he loved to skateboard just like Aaron and I.

"Sure, I have nothing better to do." Logan replied back to us, as he picked his skateboard from off the ground and followed Aaron and I back home. As we all walked back home, we noticed that the old sign with the mysterious language was gone. I knew for a fact that Aaron noticed it was gone, and I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.

"Hey Aaron. Where did that strange sign go?" I looked around, and it was nowhere to be found.

"Huh, what sign?" Logan questioned, as he too looked all around for it.

"Well, on our way here," Aaron explained, "there was a mysterious sign here with this strange language. Who knows what it said, but it's not here anymore for sure." Aaron, Logan, and I looked around one last time, and then decided to quit searching, and head back to home to play games.
  • * *
When we got home, my mom was busy upstairs cleaning up, and Logan, Aaron and I sat in front of the TV and began playing video games. "Ha, I am winning," Aaron said as he raced against us in a heated racing video game, "dang, now I am losing." he said in disappointment moments later. After hours of playing, it ended up that Logan was the champion.

"Congratulations Logan," I said as I gave him a high-five, "you're really good at this game."

"Thanks, I have it at home, and I always PWN my brother at it. Anyways, I should be going now. It's getting pretty late, and my mom and dad will freak out if I am not home soon. Bye, see you guys tomorrow." Logan picked up his skateboard, opened the door, and waved goodbye as he left. At that moment, Victoria came rushing through the door as pale as ever.

"Ugh, sorry I was late," Victoria said in a tailspin.

"What's wrong Victoria?" I asked curiously. Victoria is almost always early... except today of course.

"Well, you see, apparently they've started construction on the west side of the green forest. What's weird is that we haven't seen much construction in this community in awhile, and all of a sudden, tons of people are starting to build stuff. Weird huh?" Victoria calmed down, and took her bag off of her arm and placed it on the floor beside the door. "I wonder what they're building there."

"Well whatever it is, you kids shouldn't be worrying about it." Dad budded in. "You know, whatever they build, it will certainly be a nice site to see rather than bare deserted dirt and a muddy entrance into the forest."

The night continued on as usual, and I couldn't at all tend to erase the my imagination of what could be build on the west side of the forest, and then on the plateau lands. Why was so much construction happening all of a sudden? The thought continued to ponder through my head through dinner, and after that. I was almost sure that Aaron was wondering the same thing, and for surely everyone else in the community. Of course, our community was up-to-date with the latest electronics, cars, and there were building repairs from time to time, but definitely nothing as significant as recently. "Hey Aaron, what's up?" I asked.

"Eh, nothing much. Just finishing up the last of my science homework before tomorrow. How about you?"

"Nothing much too. I am just really bored, and I can't get my mind off of what they might be construction over at the forest and plateau. Isn't it strange?" Aaron and I continued our conversation until we got so tired, and just went to our separate bedrooms to doze off into an unresolved slumber.
  • * *
When I awoke, I had completely dumped all of what happened yesterday and began focusing on today only instead. I leaped out of bed, headed to the bathroom, and took a nice long shower. When I got out, the room was filled with steam. I quickly got dressed, and left the bathroom for Aaron and Victoria to use it later. I raced down the stairs to see my mother and father reading the newspaper and relaxing with a nice hot cup of coffee.

"Well, aren't you up early?" Mom stated as she sipped her coffee and averted her eyes back to the newspaper she was sharing with Dad.

"Well, Logan, Garrett, Jake, and I are going to have a really packed day today... one without Aaron. Aaron's cool and all, but I don't want to have my little brother hanging around with me at all times of the day. That's why I woke up so early before him." I put on my shoes, and took my skateboard; said goodbye, and raced out the door. The air began to get more and more brisk as the days traveled the community closer and closer to the winter time. Leaves of the trees fell one by one with the cold weather getting colder. I leaped on my skateboard, and raced forward through the roads. I eventually ended up passing the site where I saw construction happen yesterday. All of the construction workers were gone, and filled the large glass stair case was many glass chairs. And at the bottom of the staircase, there was one glass door of a peculiar silver shiny shade. It was a gorgeous piece of architecture for sure. I stared at it for a couple minutes before getting back to what I needed to do. I rode again until I met up with the three. We had all decided to go down to the local breakfast diner and talk about stuff. When we got there, we opened the door to the diner. Immediately, the refreshing fragrance of breakfast flourished out noses. We all sat down as we waited for one of the waiters to come and serve us.

"So, Matt. I hear you like a specific girl. Spill the beans now." Logan demanded as the other guys were anxious for me to tell them.

"Well... you guys better not tell anyone, but I kind of like Danielle. You know... the really sweet girl who sits one desk up from me, and one to the right in English class? The girl with the long brown hair and the really sweet smile? That's who I like." I immediately began blushing with embarrassment after revealing who I liked to the other guys. "So, who do you guys like?"

"Eh, I don't really like anyone that way at our school yet. I haven't talked to many of the girls there, and not many of them interest me." Garrett replied, as he looked around the room. "I still kind of like this other girl from my last school I went too. She and I went out for a few weeks, but she ended it as soon as I told her that I was moving here."

"Eh, that's rough, dude," replied Logan, "if only she could come with you, eh?" We all continued to talk in with the conversation until a waiter came carrying a large metallic circular tray and a notepad with a blue pen attached to the side of it.

"Hello there. What can I get you four this fine morning?" The Waiter asked, as she looked around at all four of us as she held her notepad and pen.

"We'll all have the regular, waffles and bacon I guess, unless you guys want different." Jake responded, as the other three of us let him speak for all of us. "Well I guess so then."

"Thanks. It will be ready in a few minutes." She replied back, as she took her notepad and went to the next table across from us.

We all continued to carry our conversation as we waited, and when the food finally came, all of us were starving, and we all ate up. When we had finished, we payed the bill, and left a small tip on the table, then headed back outside. The sun had warmed up the weather, and the wind from earlier this morning had steadily died down into nothing but an inconsistent breeze. Logan, Jake, Garrett, and I continued to walk with out skateboards in our hands, talking until we came across the newest construction site by the forest. There, we saw construction workers; the same ones from a few days ago working on the plateau. "I wonder what they're building over there now..." I said aloud. Large stacks of wood, glass, and metal appeared on the side of the site where construction wouldn't happen. It looked like similar stuff from a few days ago. Maybe they were building another glass piece here too? Whatever it was, it would surely look magnificent.

"Hey, we should go now Matt," said Garrett, "we have a hockey game coming up in two hours, and we need to get our practice done in one hour." Garrett picked up his skateboard from the ground, and we all quickly rushed to our houses to grab our hockey equipment. We then quickly rushed back to the hockey arena.

"You boys were so close to being late," said the Coach, "hurry up and get your stuff on." Nobody on our hockey team really liked our coach that much. He would usually get angry at us for no reason at all, which got annoying. None of us dared to quit though, because all of us enjoyed the game immensely. Garrett, Logan, Jake and I got dressed up, and headed for the rink with the other guys that were already there. We got geared up, and when the hour had passed, we were all psyched for the game. The stands of the area began filling up with anxious parents, grandparents, and siblings. In the top seats, I could see my brother, Aaron, and my Dad watching us. It was great to see how supportive my family was, for even something as minuscule as a hockey game. I continued to look all around in the stands, when I spotted her. In a cluster of girls watching, I could point out that one was Danielle. Why was she at this game? Was she here because she liked me, and wanted to watch? Thousands of questions rushed through my mind. I knew I had to be perfect in this game. I surely wanted to impress Danielle, rather than do the opposite. I looked at the clock, and the game was about to start. Garrett, Logan, Jake, Derek, Chase, and I all headed out to the rink to meet our opponents. After meeting them, the game started.

Logan was our goaltender, Derek, Garrett, and I were offensive players, while Chase and Jake were defense. The game started out pretty rough on the ice. Our team got scored on a few times, but we eventually picked ourselves in the heat of battle. The game continued to progress substantially well for the other team, and then switched around to our team doing substantially well. The score was even when there was only a minute left on the clock. My adrenalin was high, and I wanted to make sure that I impressed Danielle. I was able to get the puck, passed it over to Derek, and he passed it back to me. Within the last epic seconds, I shot for victory, and the pick ricocheted off the side of the net, and back at me, when the buzzer rang. I missed the shot. Humiliation would normally fill my body, but when I looked over at the stands, I saw Danielle smiling. I knew she couldn't care less if the game was tied. I didn't care anymore after seeing her. I was infinitely glad that she was just able to make it here to the game. Maybe she loved my secretly too.

Chapter 3: Dancing Around the Glass

The hockey game was over, and everyone was tired. It felt like a load of bricks was lifted off everyone's shoulders. Though our team lost, I couldn't not be happy. I tried my best, and I think Danielle was still pretty impressed from my performance. So just because of that, I was satisfied. The other people on my team weren't as happy as I. Garrett was quite the opposite, but I knew him. He would let things just move on after awhile like everyone else on the team.

The sun outside was sinking lower and lower into the horizon. What once was a bright blue sky; was not a dingy purple sky with clouds appearing left and right. I decided to walk home by myself... with no distractions just so I could think to myself. The first thing that came to my mind was Danielle of course. She looked so sweet and innocent on the stands today. She really looked like she was enjoying watching the game too. After thinking about her for a bit, I started to think about the recent construction in the community again. The open glass seats and the strange glass door at the bottom just must of puzzled many other people here.

As I got near my house, the sky was almost a dark purple colour. I was walking when I noticed something peculiar. I stopped, and looked at where I was. Before me stood the glass rows of chairs, and the glass door at the bottom. Five spirit-like flames circled around the door. Each one was a different colour. There was red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. It was a beautiful sight, but it must have been unreal. I rubbed my eyes, and looked again. They were still there, slowly circling the door until... BAM. The five different coloured fires disappeared, and the everything was silent. Everything looked normal again, except the door. You could clearly see colours of the spectrum seeping out from the sides of the door. I was astonished at the spectacular show I had seen. I rushed home as quickly as possible and knocked on the door.

"Dude, where were you?" Aaron greeted, and I pulled his arm up the stairs and to my room.

"Aaron, you won't believe what I saw at the plateau." I was bursting with excitement, and wondered how he would handle my discovery. "Well, when I was walking home from my hockey game, I came across the glass thing, right? Well, I saw some rainbow coloured flames dancing around the glass door at the bottom, and all of a sudden, they disappeared into one spectacular bright light! It was amazing..."

"Really... Are you sure you weren't just dreaming about this? It seems a bit, far fetched, don't you think? Rainbow coloured flames dancing around a glass door then disappearing? Are you sure you aren't just imagining this?" Aaron got up from off the edge of my bed, and proceeded out the door.

"I could swear though..." I looked out the window again, and was confused as ever. Was my mind playing tricks on me? Did I really see what I saw? It seemed so odd, yet so real at the same time. I couldn't at all tell if I was just seeing things or not. I decided to put what I saw behind me. I would end up investigating again tomorrow... just to prove my eyes were actually fooling me.

As I was looking out the window, I noticed a swift star shoot across the sky. It was definitely a shooting star; so I made a wish. I made a wish that Danielle would one day fall in love with me, and we could be a dating couple. I looked at the clock immediately after, and noticed that it would be time to go to bed soon. My eyes were becoming weary, and my body's energy levels began to decrease rapidly as I decided that I was going to hit the pillows. School was tomorrow, and I surely had to be well rested, otherwise I would fall asleep during Ms. Scornson's boring English class.

* * *

"Two angelic creatures danced around the door at the bottom of the glass arena. One was wearing a necklace with the word, "fate" on it, while the other was wearing a necklace with the word, "opportunity". The two angels danced around and around the door for what seemed to be hours, and then, the door opened, and they were gone. The audience of other angels slowly got out of their seats, and walked down until they too went through the door. And the once illuminated glass stage, was now dark as it had been before they arrived...

* * *

"Ugh...," I said as I smashed my alarm clock off my dresser. "Wow, that was a pretty weird dream." I got out of bed, rubbed my eyes from tiredness, and headed to the bathroom to take a shower before breakfast.

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    Yep.. it's that time of the year; or at least near the time of the year in where people start shopping for Christmas presents, or plan on what they are going to give to others. For anyone who knows me, I LOVE Christmas for many reasons:
    • People tend to be more kind to each other.
    • The snow is a nice sight.
    • Presents are to be given... and received (:P).
    So I was thinking about how to make this Christmas a really good one, and I thought about how to make it better for Neoseeker too. So for the next two months (November-December), I will make a Neohome for one member each two weeks to spread the joy. I personally think I am a pretty talented HTML/CSS coder :P. Check out my Neohome for just a small example of what I can do.

    So anyways, I will be making three neohomes (hopefully.. if enough people want them :(). If you would like me to make you one, please leave a comment below with details of what you would like it to look like. Each week, I will take one of the requests at random, create it, and send it as a gift :).

    Again.. merry early Christmas to everyone :D.

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