Back when I was a tree I didn't do much. I stood there day and night sun and stars sparkling on my beautiful bark. It was quite boring although the view was amazing. One day a pink pony trotted by with a lumber jack on his back, and yes I said his. The lumber jack hopped off the bubble gum colored horsy. He had an evil glare in his red eyes. I whimpered but trees couldn't whimper. Just then Mr. Nuts ( the squirrel who lives on me) ran down my bark and tripped the lumber jack. I was relieved as the lumber jack blacked out. Suddenly a storm brew where I died by getting hit by lightning.

My next life was when I was dog. I had the time of my life, running, playing, jumping and most of all being myself. I had black spots on me with white fur in the background. Some people said I looked like a cow :( But they would call me Spot. Anyways my owner and I went outside to play with his football. I wasn't very good but I managed to grab the ball once in awhile. My owner just then threw the ball a little to high where it landed on the street now I was a dog so I wasn't very knowledgeable so I let my instinct decide. I ran and pounced on that oval shaped ball but stopped shortly tilting my head to the side. A drunk driver was heading straight for me. The last thing I recall of being a dog was those bright headlights in my line of vision.

My next life was when I was a turkey. It was very short. I died on thanksgiving day....

Today, I am an awesome fourteen year old girl. I play football and fool all those who think they can beat me at it. I will admit that I am addicted to WoW ( World of Warcraft) but I'm slowly quitting it. I'm a straight B student ( No one's perfect). I do annoy my brother frequently but he does the same to me. I have written a short story on my spare time based on the Olympian series. At the moment I am writing another short story called Silverbane, you can read it at the following website http://*snip*/silverbanestories
I enjoy rock/pop music. I am also a very good cartoon artist. But enough about me.... Go and enjoy Neoseeker :D


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