I feel like signing your guestbook. May randomness take over your life. Just kidding. Well... yeah... sign mine...

~ Paige <3 ~
Whats Up! My RP Buddy! Weve been friends a while now and I think that you should be my neo-sibling anyway, I made a stamp, so enjoy!I'm also on a stamping spree.

Happy Late Holidays.
Nice to hear from you but one prob. YOUR PM BOX IS FULL! It was fun when we were all in the roleplay together. You do know there is a new one right!?

thought by and sign your gbook clean out your pm box so i can pm you to talk to you, so what going on you have been a good brother and a good friend
How Are You Doing! You Are SO SO SO Cool. I Hope To See You Around. I Really Think We Should Be Buddies! Harry Potter Rocks!

P.S. Your PM Box Is Full!~
Hi, spirit walker. Just saying, isn't it funny? You know about as much about me as I do about you and that isn't much. I believe we have only been in one Rp together, which is interesting, but it's understandable because I don't do much RPing outside of the pokemon forums. I seriously should do more. Heh. But anyway, I think we're going to be great friends. Here's a stamp for you.

Your neobro,
P.S. Would you check out my fanfic on the Pokefiction forum and comment on it for me? Here's the link.
I made a new stamp last night, it features my most used pokemon from each region of game. Like this:
- Raichu - Is my most used Pokemon from Pokemon Red.
- Typhlosion - Is my most used Pokemon from Pokemon Gold.
- Sceptile - Is my most used Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald.
- Honchkrow - Is my most used pokemon from Pokemon Pearl.

Sign back if you can. (Unless you've signed just recently.)


thought i would stop by and sign your gbook you a good friend and we are in alot of rp together and your a good rper i'm glad we're friends
Hello, Tangy, Queen of Nerds, here! Sadly, I haven't got a stamp today, so I shall simply witter on with myself until I have fufilled the 125 character limit. Understandabley, I am sorry for not having a stamp, I shall have one made for me in a few minutes.
That stamp from down there is awsome.

This is my stamp, but it is nowhere near as good as that one. I know how that feels, having your snowman crushed.

You got stamped by BOO123! Be priveliged!
(Spelling? Lol mine sucks...)

You seem pretty cool and your username is awesome. Plus your avatar is anime, so that just makes you ten times cooler.

Here's my newest stamp. I haven't used it yet, so you're the first guestbook it has seen. ooooo. It's my first animated one.

~credit goes to Norica_XIII

I'll see ya around,