Hello, friends! After a very long time searching and breeding, I got my drillbur! In the process, of course, I received man

0404 5851 7659 :: 5IV/4IV thick fat egg move swinubs are up for trade~

I've been looking for one of these guys for ages, but I can't seem to find any. I can give an enormous array of HA P

Hey, guys! I figured I'd make a separate post for my shinies to see if anyone was interested! They are as follows: Delp

I'm not exactly sure on what I want, but post what you have/are interested in!

Hey, friends! I'd thought I'd share with you what I have to offer at the moment. I'll update this later with th

0404 5851 7659 :: FT: 4 PERFECT IV'S (31/31/31/x/x/31) SCYTHER
0404 5851 7659 :: Drilburs and swift swim poliwags available~
LF heracronite
Tbh don't know why ur getting baked cookie dough is better raw
LF Y exclusive garbage, Offering X exclusive garbage. I got starters, drillburs, and Jolly/Adamant/Timid/Modest stuff. Hmu FC 0404 5851 7859
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