200/200 Great strategy game, really enjoyed the bunch of hours spent on it online and offline! AgeOfBooty PS3
1200/1300 Main game completed (very good game btw) and online mode too, I just saw that a new expansion was released, will get to it soon. ResidentEvil5 X360
200/200 There are too many hidden objects game out there but I still enjoy playing one sometimes. Interpol X360
200/200 Fun game for the 30 minutes it lasted... DorritosDashOfDestruction X360
1000/1000 Ok game,some parts were harder but it has been easy overall. TerminatorSalvation
1000/1000 Countless hours spent on that Mile High Club achievement but it paid in the end! CallOfDuty4ModernWarfare PS3
1000/1000 Nothing to be proud of, this game is a joke for achievements. AvatarTheBurningEarth PS2
1000/1000 So happy to find this collection of games from my childhood! Most of them were awesome and it was a pleasure to play again... SonicsUltimateGenesisCollection PS3
1000/1000 Few people like this game, I'm fond of management games and really enjoyed this one. Finishing the 8 scenarios was long and... ATrainHX X360
200/200 Easy game for achievements but still a good one. GalagaDestinationEarth PC
1000/1000 This game was a good surprise, loved the "double dragon style" levels. Good challenge at the end of the game (The train level... Tekken6 PS3
1250/1250 Main game completed, arena and dr ned's island too, I don't have the third expansion yet but I'll get it soon as I really love... Borderlands PC
1000/1000, had to do 3 playthroughs to get all dog tags. XMenOriginsWolverine
World Tour 100% perfect, still need a few online achievements. BurnoutRevenge Xbox
1000/1000, good game when you know how to play while grounded. Some online achievements were hard. UFC2009Undisputed X360
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