It's funny, I literally don't think I've logged into Neo in over a year, and I just randomly decided to come back.. What even happened while I was gone?.. I'm so confused...
*curls into a ball* Looks like I'm going to be lonely a while longer.
Really wish there was a Android Neo app...
Grant Gustin <3
Don't share your Needle, with Sharon Needles <3
Hunger Games in 3 hours... <3
Post Whore Post Whore Trololololol.
Has rained the past four days... I *bleep*ing love you Kansas.
Blood On The Dance Floor and Jeffree Star? Who knew I could like these people? o:
Adele found a man. Not a boy. B|
'We need fantasy to survive, because reality is too difficult" - Lady Gaga
I'll Die Livin' Just As Free As My Hair
Huge update? I think yes. Do I love it? No. Do I adore it? *bleep* yes.

    Considering I've been here for a year, I thought it would be about time I started a blog on here. I suppose, I should warn you of what is ahead. A, there will be lots of Gaga. B, rather a lot of talk about music. B, rants rants rants. C, my true thoughts on things. So, all in all, this is going to be a record of everything that I have an opinion on. :3

    The Grammy's

    Oh, Grammy's how I love you. For the past, I don't remember how many years, I've watched the Grammy's. This years, was rather sad, due to the recent loss of Whitney Houston (May she rest in peace) Once the performance and award giving began, there was no stopping it. Unsurprisingly, there was a outstanding winner of the night. If you watched, you would know that Adele snagged six Grammy's (If I remember right) To be honest, she is a wonderful singer and is a beautiful person, but god dang where is the Lady Gaga love? Of course, Adele's voice is simply stunning but, I suppose I don't usually see eye to eye with a lot of things, as of late.

    One superb aspect of the Grammy's is the performances. I won't lie, my heart absolutely melted when Bruno Mars got up there, and danced his little booty off! I have to give him some credit, that man can dance! The way his feet just fly across the floor is amazing!


    So, I plan on doing a section like this all the time. Talking about music that I'm infatuated with at the moment. :> So, I went out last night and bought three CD's. One of them was Ke$ha's album 'Cannibal.' We R Who We R is good, but I really really love Grow a Pear! I mean, it's the anthem for whiny guys (or girls) that just act like kids!

    One of the other CD's I bought was Adam Lambert's 'Glam Nation Live.' I fell in love with Adam from his Idol days, but I kind of forgot about him. With his new album 'Trespassing' coming out March 20th (Fingers crossed it doesn't get rescheduled) I fell in love all over again! He's just amazing!

    In other music news, Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way Ball' has been announced recently. woo! Love that woman, and can't wait to Ball!

    Thanks for reading!

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Find your freedom in the music; Find your Jesus, Find your Kubrick.
If Only Tears Could Bring You Back :)
Pretty Sure I'm In Love with Beccy!
This Shipping Better Win The Fan Fic Contest! I'm Working My Arse Off!
Woah, man, why are the ponies playing over and over again in my mind?
What's GaGa gonna wear tonight? Hmmm... Maybe something Pony related? :D

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