Have a Good Christmas Specykun! Tell Gibby I said hewo and kiss him for me ^^

Love Always,
Your soon ruler, Macy
wats shakin baby?! well im at home watching my sis again -_- i was wishing u didnt have skool today too but u do but its kool. well its cold here very cold! ahh im so bored! hehe like always ^^' btw i think my bus driver is mad at me lol i was sitting in the middle of the bus talking to sum friends and he heard me talking and hes like today is officialy no talking day! and i talked and hes like "MACY THAT MEANS YOU TOO STOP TALKING" very very scarey ><

man im so bored -__- i wish u were here soo bad! lalala >< so so sooo bored! o well me G2G buh bie baby Love you Tons!

Your bored lil hun
Hey baby, I just felt like dropping by and sharing some love

Spectral, I love you so much...I would gladly do anything to make you happy...And I'll always be here with you, through the good and bad times, I promise you...
It only takes seeing your name online to make me the happiest girl alive and I thank you for that, I thank you for always making me happy, even when you didn't realise you were...

Some people don't believe in online realtionships, but since I met you, my life has changed for the better, hearing your voice is like heaven to me, I would gladly listen to it all day...
Not only am I the happiest girl alive to have you, I'm also the luckiest, you're an angel, so kind and funny and loving and also very very very cute, you're living proof that miracles happen, sometimes I feel like I need to desperatly reach out and hug you, but it's okay, because I can feel your love and you're always in my heart. And soon, we can be physically close as well as mentally like we've been all along, and raise our family together, and no matter what the circumstances, I'll always love you more than anyone can comprehend, and I'll never let you go...I would gladly give up my whole world and everything in it, Just to be by your side sweetheart...
~All my love~

Merry Christmas! Click the stamp for an animation! Haven't seen you on MSN for ages, where've you gotten to? Take care and hopefully see you around some more,

Helen xox
Hey, welcome to the Mario Kart: Double Dash forum! So you like pairing up Paratroopa and Yoshi, eh? I'll have to try that.

Happy Holidays,

~ Satokasu Suki
you dont know me but i am signing your guestbook, as you know that is my right as a member of neoseeker, but since it is your guestbook you are allowed to delete the entry whenever you want. now wouldnt that be mean?
.: Have a great day! :.


signing yOur guest book.
anyday now, I'll be done....
pretty soon...
almost done....
hewo specy thnxs for signing my guestboook thnxs for being a good sweet friend

:O:O:):O:O:) :)

biezs ^^ ill talk ta ya on msn or something
Hello fellow member of Triporn.

Ive come by to sign your guestbook to say:

"I hope you and your midget porn burn in hell..."

Im just kiddin ya, pal.

Well, hope you, me, and Andy can discuss the "MATTER" further.

|[.: Dom :.]|
Um well what to say? I can give you a cookie but then I would sound like Ineedhalp. Speaking of him he scares me. Though in a funny way. Well here nice little banner.
Hey whats up? The coolest invention in the world is definately porn or free porn, Lol.

PS. Linkin Park rules

Jou been off with Griff lately, Spec? She hasn't been back from Germany yet, I wonder what she's doing. hahahahhaa. Anyway, your cool to talk to on Msn. Ciao around. Sign my guestbook dude!
Hey look at my name and laugh, that's right laugh!. I like your profile pic, reviews and contributions. Wow are you really from mars (just being cheezy). I just wanted to sign you guest book, since you're among the nicest people in neo. well hope you like my banner, it's a little bit small, and most expecially sign my own guest book. C Ya!

hehe ima on a guestbook roll t'night. If you look at Jecht X's g'book you'll see my to do list. Hopefully to be completed by t'night


I don't have anything important to say, I just thought I'd call by and sign
Have a nice day now and take care

Helen xXxXx
Hey spectral, just goin around signing guestbooks. Hope to see ya around the forums. see ya....

Darn 125 length

Hey Specky^_^
LEVIs! Thanks for being a great friend Spec:) friends forever!
see you around^_^
Love Rinoa~
.....................No Coment..................O Yea Just One.................You better Sign My GuestBook Or Else................You Owe Me 125 Caa Ching Ok...........
*Snoar...Snoar I i am the mighty apple don't call me a stink mc dugal or fear my wrath!Snoar...Snoar...*
What! where am i!?
Oh i'm in *Insert your name here's Guestbook!* Well Sign My guestbook or feel my wrath....Please(Hahaha see i'm nice)
Hey Spectral... I'm sorry I didn't sign your guestbook sooner... Anyways, how's it goin'? You pretty good at rappin'... Maybe me and you can battle some time...

James Garcia

|Suckafree Records|
Well thanks for signing my g-book. You're a really good Neo-Friend. Yes, ph34r the bad ly dubbed monsteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer mo vies.
HEY! hey spect...so we meet again Dr. ***....hey can't wait to have another fun convo with you on MSN! heh heh. So I guess we'll talk real soon.
Hey Spectral I like you banners keep working at them. Who knows maybe one day you will be able to produce banners better then Flipper.

See you around neoseeker .