Well as you saw before, the names Gary. Probably not the most interesting thing to start with but there ya go. I am who I am, whatever anybody else thinks, I'm open minded, n I'll not be put off other people just because they're different from me, after all life would be borin if we were all the same. Always happy to meet new people, if you don't like me before you know me, to save you a bit of time, I'd prefer not to know you. Seriously, I'd rather not waste my time with such judgemental people.

Anyway, before I ramble even further, if theres anythin else you wanna ask me just go ahead. You can say anythin in front of me, as I said, I'm open minded.


I'm a bit of a geek, in that I spend all my time on computers or games. Lock me in a room with a computer, a games console, a dozen or so decent games n a fridge full of snacks n I'm set for life!

Koei's Warriors games are great!
Been playing Dynasty Warriors games since I was 8, got Warriors Orochi a few months ago which motivated me to buy Samurai Warriors, as well as DW5 Xtreme Legends, which I've found very hard to come off once I've started.
Very much looking forward to DW6 & Warriors Orochi 2, long live Koei!

Other than technology I don't really have much of a life, I have a couple of friends but I just don't see them that much anymore. That's life.

I used to take drum lessons but since startin drivin lessons a few months ago I decided to temporerily give up, still gettin a drum kit though, gonna look to join a band too! :D
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