I am a Zelda junkie and have collected all of the games except Link's Awakening DX which I will buy at Game Excange. I like PSO (That's Phantasy Star Online for all you who dont know about it) and my char is a HUcast level 120 named Spawn. So I made me a web called Spawnlevel120. I like to playt Sonic games even though I sold all of mine. And I will be reserving a Wii for myself just so I know i will get it. People at my school think I am funny and wierd. Mostly weird. Seeings as I am considered a dork I have no girlfreind but I have had one. In 2nd grade. I am in 8th grade now and I am hoping to get a girlfreind in that year. I absolutely hate Megaman but my freind just loves it. Here is something incredibaly stupid and nottrue that he said.

Freind: "Oh come on man! Why don't you just play mega man?"

Me: "Because I think it is too childish. Plus it has never even been close to beating Zelda"\

Freind: "What ever! Megaman has been game-of-the-year at least 5 times!"

Me: "That is total BS! Megaman has never been gameof the year once!"

Freind: "Yes it has. At least once."

Me: "Well see."

Turns out that my other freind who also dispises Megaman looked up how many times a megaman game has been game of the year and he found that no megaman game has ever been gam of the year! That ewas total burnage for my freind. That is the background of me as well as a story.


Spawn, Zelda, My web, Sonic, i love videogames, dragons, TV, PSO, Mario.
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