Well I had nothing to do so I decided to visit my once loved spyro forums and I saw your name and that reminded me that 4 years ago you helped me get acquainted with neo. Well I looked in your guestbook and sure enough I found my old sign from 02. Anyways just wanted to say hi again and thanks 4 years later.
Hi it's me again....yup, just stamping around so here you are:

Later girl :-)

Happy B-day again little sis! Hope you sign my gb too!

FantasyGirl4 ^-^
well I am serios and if you want to beat the skill piont recored PM me and I will tell you how. YOU HAVE BEEN STAMPED BY SHADOW 1000. oh yeah sing my geust book okay
Wow! Thanks a lot for signing my guestbook! I didn't know you had so many videogame systems. I've only got a GBA and a PS2(because I bothered my parents during 2 years ^^U)(I'm too poor to buy an XBOX and NGC T_T)
Hello miss Pura I was just writing cause you wrote in mine. So there. anyway, i'll see you when i see you lil' sis. Later! I love ya and stuff















hi! i'm tigerpura1. i know you are a crash fan. i've been popping up everywhere!(just like spam in e-mails!) i just wanted to let you know you are going to be my newest neofriend! think thats cool? ok. bye!
Hello Sparx_Pura! I'm getting bored signing peoples guestbooks...but I just
wanted to say hi cause you seem pretty cool.
Hey!!! I'm going around sighning guestbook's can't coun't how many I just sighned! hehe Just bored :-D Can you tel? Sure ya can!
You are a cool person, I mean you love Spyro as much as I do! *chuckles*

So I am signing your guestbook, later and stay cool

~Your neo-bud

hay thanks for the cheets for spyro 2 i just got my email. if you have any cheets for spyro 1 it would be cool if you could send me some.
email: ZFairbanks@aol.com
hay whats up thanks for the sign i updated my profile. well talk to you latter by.
P.S why do you call your self Sparx_pura.
Hi Girly Sparx_Pura,am here to sign your guestbook,oh i almost forgot to stamp your guestbook.

Black Jones
Hi Sparx_Pura, I am just going around and signing random people's guestbooks so...enjoy!

I know you from the Spyro3 Forum
Thank you for signing my guestbook! I'll keep sending Crash pics to you and I'll find some Spyro pics for you too!
Your Friend,
Hello Karina! I just barely e-mailed you the codes for Crash Bandicoot! Do you want me to e-mail you the codes for Spyro the Dagon? Anyways check your e-mail right now and enjoy the codes! I'll e-mail you the pics in a few hours! Please sign my guestbook! See you later, Karina!
Hi it's Justin! I wanted to sign your guestbook because you signed mine again! I'm sorry about the, uh, little boyfriend part. I didn't want to say that because I was to exited. Well, I'll see you later!
Hello I'm Justin. I'm the one who helped you about what a PAL version is. Nobody hasn't signed your guestbook? Well since nobody has signed it, I am signing it! Please sign my guestbook. I like your real name. It sounds beautiful. Don't worry, I am not trying to be your boyfriend! I just like your name. I hope you will sign my guestbook. If you do sign it, I'll keep signing yours! Good bye.