spark plug Sparx_Pura
Aug 6, 06 5:20am
Well I had nothing to do so I decided to visit my once loved spyro forums and I saw your name and that reminded me that 4 years ago you helped me get acquainted with neo. Well I looked in your guestbook and sure enough I found my old sign from 02. Anyways just wanted to say hi again and thanks 4 years later.
FantasyGirl4 Sparx_Pura
Aug 8, 05 4:19am
Hi it's me again....yup, just stamping around so here you are:

Later girl :-)
spyrorocks Sparx_Pura
Dec 22, 04 7:39pm

Marry Christmass!!
FantasyGirl4 Sparx_Pura
Oct 11, 04 2:52am

Happy B-day again little sis! Hope you sign my gb too!

FantasyGirl4 ^-^
Shadow1000 Sparx_Pura
Apr 12, 04 2:08pm
well I am serios and if you want to beat the skill piont recored PM me and I will tell you how. YOU HAVE BEEN STAMPED BY SHADOW 1000. oh yeah sing my geust book okay
spyrosfan Sparx_Pura
Apr 10, 04 8:13pm
Wow! Thanks a lot for signing my guestbook! I didn't know you had so many videogame systems. I've only got a GBA and a PS2(because I bothered my parents during 2 years ^^U)(I'm too poor to buy an XBOX and NGC T_T)
FantasyGirl4 Sparx_Pura
Nov 27, 03 6:30am
Hello miss Pura I was just writing cause you wrote in mine. So there. anyway, i'll see you when i see you lil' sis. Later! I love ya and stuff
xavier486 Sparx_Pura
Sep 30, 03 3:36pm















tigerpura1 Sparx_Pura
Sep 19, 03 2:36pm
hi! i'm tigerpura1. i know you are a crash fan. i've been popping up everywhere!(just like spam in e-mails!) i just wanted to let you know you are going to be my newest neofriend! think thats cool? ok. bye!
Dragon Girl Sparx_Pura
Jun 16, 03 10:39pm
Hello Sparx_Pura! I'm getting bored signing peoples guestbooks...but I just
wanted to say hi cause you seem pretty cool.
Spyro Princess Sparx_Pura
Apr 10, 03 1:34am
Hey!!! I'm going around sighning guestbook's can't coun't how many I just sighned! hehe Just bored :-D Can you tel? Sure ya can!
Ellone Sparx_Pura
Mar 4, 03 7:57pm
You are a cool person, I mean you love Spyro as much as I do! *chuckles*

So I am signing your guestbook, later and stay cool

~Your neo-bud

spark plug Sparx_Pura
Dec 22, 02 2:28pm
hay thanks for the cheets for spyro 2 i just got my email. if you have any cheets for spyro 1 it would be cool if you could send me some.
spark plug Sparx_Pura
Dec 19, 02 12:12am
hay whats up thanks for the sign i updated my profile. well talk to you latter by.
P.S why do you call your self Sparx_pura.
Black Jones Sparx_Pura
Dec 3, 02 5:16pm
Hi Girly Sparx_Pura,am here to sign your guestbook,oh i almost forgot to stamp your guestbook.

Black Jones
Kjgmusic Sparx_Pura
Nov 23, 02 12:49am
Hi Sparx_Pura, I am just going around and signing random people's guestbooks so...enjoy!

I know you from the Spyro3 Forum
Justin Cioli Sparx_Pura
Nov 9, 02 8:50pm
Thank you for signing my guestbook! I'll keep sending Crash pics to you and I'll find some Spyro pics for you too!
Your Friend,
Justin Cioli Sparx_Pura
Nov 9, 02 3:54pm
Hello Karina! I just barely e-mailed you the codes for Crash Bandicoot! Do you want me to e-mail you the codes for Spyro the Dagon? Anyways check your e-mail right now and enjoy the codes! I'll e-mail you the pics in a few hours! Please sign my guestbook! See you later, Karina!
Justin Cioli Sparx_Pura
Nov 8, 02 11:54pm
Hi it's Justin! I wanted to sign your guestbook because you signed mine again! I'm sorry about the, uh, little boyfriend part. I didn't want to say that because I was to exited. Well, I'll see you later!
Justin Cioli Sparx_Pura
Nov 7, 02 1:52am
Hello I'm Justin. I'm the one who helped you about what a PAL version is. Nobody hasn't signed your guestbook? Well since nobody has signed it, I am signing it! Please sign my guestbook. I like your real name. It sounds beautiful. Don't worry, I am not trying to be your boyfriend! I just like your name. I hope you will sign my guestbook. If you do sign it, I'll keep signing yours! Good bye.