quote DedValve
This game few completely under my radar but looks absolutely fantastic. There is...
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Did no one else consider that maybe MachineGames is making it? And that Bethesda is 'supporting'... read more

quote daveyd
I backed this game on Kickstarter but I found the gameplay rather disappointing. So I...
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By god! The starting location was the exact same scene from Tomb Raider, complete with far off... read more

Is anyone actually surprised by this?

I mean Ubisoft already said they would release an AC game... read more

quote Resilience
Someone sounds like a hater… I think your problems might have been just that. YOUR...
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AC - Prototype so it was buggy.
AC2 - Better had occasional glitches and bugs but good. Typical... read more

Say what you want but I still thought telltale's jurassic park was the definer, not walking dead.... read more

quote kesslnic000
whereas if it's paid, hopefully its one-and-done and you have all the...
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quote gobi1972
Lets hope this game have improve in both storytelling and plot. Or it will be the...
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Screw off Square-Enix. You have been working on this game longer than it took to land on the moon.... read more

  • Xbox 360 controller supported
Well looks like I can wait to upgrade my rig, barely. read more

I don't get why people are already disappointed in this. I can't wait to play this. read more

Well... we had a good run. Have fun paying $.99 - $4.99 for every new content update. Goodbye... read more

quote BlackScythe
This is rather disappointing. I don't really see the significant changes in...
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Your distorting video gaming. If anything they show a pretty good stratification. With literally... read more

quote bluexy
I can't say 100%. The quote I sourced is as follows: "All these features combined,...
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bluexy hey Is that online functionality forced or is it gonna be like Journey where it can be... read more

Oh im sorry I must have gave you the allusion that I cared about anyone's opinion. Just making a... read more

quote Huntereb
quote SpartanNinja
...OR are self righteous for no other reason than to be self...
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