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SOCOM 2 is still and will always be my favorite FPS Online Multi-player Game. They did everything right in that... read more

So the fix for actually getting into the same squad when you join a game with them is another 3 months off going by... read more

Late 2012 for a PS3 Beta? Lol, I lost interest in this game about a year ago. read more

$400 is not worth it to me, especially since there is a price drop coming, or so I thought.

Though the white model... read more

The Orcs look really awesome as well, though I won't be playing as one. The necks on the Argonians are freaking me out. read more

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Well this is good news for me, seeing as I wasn't going to even consider buying a 3DS until a substantial price cut.
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Are yall really that stoked about this console? Looks like another Wii which I bought for 2 games then left to... read more

Well the PS3 and 360 have a way better online 'program' so I can see this being way more successful than it was on... read more

Ugh November 11 can't come soon enough. This is probably the most hyped I've been about a game release ever. read more

Can we not get through one of these articles without a mention of Microsoft and their comparison to Sony?

Every... read more

He has every right to do this. We have a right to the security of all our personal information, be it just our name... read more

Tbh, I really couldn't care less about the 3D aspect of the 3DS, but damn Nintendo, even though I know your ploys... read more

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Yessss!! I've been waiting for this for a while now! read more

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