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friends,and t.v.

My friends:

Reducto-One of my best friend in neo he is my graphic artist and is really good.He is a good friend.He is great brawler.

Artsy-The reason BB became allies with BoD.He is a glitch master.He makes cool glitches I've never seen.Is a great brawler.

FU453-The reason I'm here he introduced me to neo.A sonic fan like me.My previous leader.A great brawler.

Pokemon Leader-We used to be great friends then he got mad at me we don't talk much anymore.Creator/leader of my crew Speed Racers.

Slicer1313-My cousin.A great brawler.He is funny.I train with him most of the time that's how I became a good brawler.

Aquarys-In my clan.A sonic fan like me.

Gotenks-My leader.A really funny guy.I'm not afraid of mods anymore.He is a great guy.Even though I haven't brawled him I bet he's good.

G_Murph-He is a cool guy I talk to him a lot.A great PT/great brawler.One of my best friends in neo.

shadow troup-In my previous clan.He and Reducto cheered me up when I quit BB.He is a great brawler.

Archiie_Barrett-A funny guy.He mains Jigglypuff.He is really good.He is my ally he is a cool guy and also known as leader of BoD.

Rod12-My cousin.

Falco14-My cousin.

spyro_57-My cousin.An awesome person.Great brawler.A funny guy.In my old crew BB.

Lilcv-In my MKW crew he is great.He is really funny.

ace1212-My friend in real life.Currently in BoD.

Gamerlover-An awesome guy a good friend.A great brawler and probably the best ROB ever.

That's all I have for now if anybody wants to be added to the list just pm me or any changes.

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