Hi everyone, my name is Tyson and i live in QLD, Australia. I was born in England and when i was 6 years old me and my family moved over to Sydney, then when i was 8 years old, we moved up here to QLD. I like Queensland the best of all the places i have lived, and its the safest.

I have been skateboarding about 1 year now. I have a ELEMENT skateboard and its the best skateboard i have ever had. My favourite type would be POWELL skateboard, but they are heaps expensive, so i would like to get sponsered by them, then i get the skateboards for free. :D

I am always up for talking about any shows/games/anything, so if your bored, just pm me.

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What you can call me

Spark_Lee Dragonite

anything like that


Johnny78/niteshade - i dont know how to describe perfect in one sentance, but i'll try, he is nice, fun, friendly, pleasent, cool, always there for me, talkative and the bestest friend that a guy could ask for, he is definatly my best friend on neoseeker and i will never forget him.

cute chick - the best girl on neoseeker ever! We both love dogs soooo much and i love her just as much :)
she is very nice, sweet and beautiful. She is now my neo-wife, YAY!!! :D

bubblexbee - one of my best neoseeker friends, he is awesome and we do a lot of pokemon trades and battles together, he is a awesome bud!

Naruto34 - I have known this guy since my very first account and he has been a great friend to me, and we both love naruto :D

Nintendoid - We met through a clan and we have become awesome friends, this guy rocks!

Norixca_XIII - She is the bestest graphics maker EVER!!! She is also such a good friend and is always there for me when i am sad, thanks for being such a good friend

shiney sneasel - he is heaps fun and real nice, also funny. We have great chats through pm, i love this guy.

bk man - He is my neo-farther! we get along great and i wouldnt swap my dad for any other dad in the world :)

Naruto_Girl - awww such a sweet girl, she is so lovely to talk to and always has a smile on her face. I am lucky to be friends with such a nice person.

SleepingNinetails - we met on my old account and we have been great friends ever since.

Boo123 - she writes the best storied in the WORLD!!! me and her are writing a story together and i havent seen such talent from someone....EVER!!!!

Dark Arcanine - this guy is AWESOME!!! at first i wasnt to sure, but now i know why people like him so much, he is great! He always puts a smile on my face :)

E4 Morty - This guy TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!! we have heaps of fun talking through pm and i wish we could meet, he is just to awesome to exist!

kyogre999 - again, we met on my old account, he is just new to neoseeker and doesnt have many posts, but i still feel like we have known eachother for years.


neo-daddy - bk man
neo-mummy - Norixca_XIII
neo-husband - me
neo-wife - cute chick
neo-daughter -
neo-daughter -
neo-daughter -
neo-son -
neo-son -
neo-son -
neo-sister -
neo-sister -
neo-sister -
neo-brother - Niteshade
neo-brother - bubblexbee
neo-brother - DemonstrativePronoun
neo-brother - Naruto34
neo-brother - SasukeUchiha
neo-brother - cmh
neo-brother - PokeSplicer
neo-brother - Feebee
neo-brother - nintendoid
neo-brother - Dark Arcanine
neo-aunt - xsquirrel_loverx
neo-aunt - growlitheking
neo-uncle - Dark Arcanine
neo-uncle - JearBear
neo-uncle - KenshinRocks
neo-uncle - Pokwnage
neo-cousin -
neo-cousin -
neo-cousin -

neo-post goals

completed = *

Neo-newbie - 0*
newseeker - 10*
not-such-a-newbie - 20*
postee - 35*
forum regular - 50*
forum junky - 75*
submission happy - 100*
forum native - 150*
no-stoppin-me-now - 200*
mad messenger - 275*
forum fever - 350*
forum fanatic - 400*
gone postal - 450*
member: postin' posse - 500*
threadnought - 575
high on "N" - 700
seek-o-holic - 850
true seeker - 1000
ultra seeker - 1250
s-e-e-k-e-r - 1550
true seeker (2K Remix) - 2000
forum raider - 2500
Still Seekin' - 3250
Hooked on Neo - 4000
Seeketh Maximus - 5000
Neolithic - 6200
Neo or Bust - 7450
NeoXtreme - 8700
Neoholic - 10000
Neo: Essential - 11500
Permanently Plugged In - 13000
Legendary Seeker - 15000
True Addiction - 17500
CruisiN' - 20000
Elite Seeker - 30000
Ultimate - 40000
Can't touch this - 50000

neoseeker goals

- to reach 'Can't touch this'
- to complete my neo-family
- to get 7 pages of guestbook signings
- to become a mod
- to become a mod of pokemon diamond
- to become a respected neoseeker member
- to have a SLD fan clan made for me
- to become a great graphics artist and help out other members
- to have lots of great neoseeker friends
- to become a great member of neoseeker
- to complete these goals :)


skateboarding is my most favourite sport ever, i love it so much. I try to practice everyday. I almost landed a 540 the other day :D
I want to be a profensional skateboarder when i grow up, so remember my name :D

I also love pokemon, naruto, kingdom hearts, beyblade, Joey show, friends show, Frasier show, scooby-doo, simpsons and Disney.

Pokemon - Pokemon are great, they are awesome creatures with cool powers, i would give anything for them to be real.

Naruto - I love naruto, my favourite characters are Naruto and Sasuke. I wish they showed it more on TV.

Kingom hearts - This is a pretty cool game, i love the end of kh1 the best. The end of the games are heaps better than the begining.

Beyblade - Probably one of my favourite shows in the world. I have heaps of beyblades and i love to battle my friends.

Joey show - Joey is a character from friends, and i think he is the best character in friends and i'm heaps happy that he made his own show.

Friends - a funny show, my favourite character is Joey. I also like Ross, Chandler, Monica, Pheebe and Rachel.

Scooby-doo - one of my favourite shows, i love that doggy :D
Scrappy doo is my favourite character.

Simpsons - Its really cool, i have it on dvd and i watch it a lot.

Disney - The bestest company in the world, it has the best games, the best shows and the best movies.
I have more Disney stuff than you could imagine.


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