Aug 28, 16 1:56am
So I came back and decided to update my collection of games.
Sep 7, 15 3:35am
So what am I doing these days?
Feb 15, 14 5:51pm
So what to do for today
Feb 15, 14 3:37am
The Best Rune Factory Game I have ever played. :) RuneFactory4
Spaf289 shared a news (@Amsey)
Feb 15, 14 3:18am
There is hope yet though

After the bankruptcy of Neverland, the Rune Factory development studio, the news was pretty grim for fans of Rune Factory. I bring good news! The Rune Factory team and Marvelous AQL have announced in the Famitsu magazine that they are producing a ne....

Spaf289 shared a news (@bluexy)
Feb 15, 14 3:16am
I am so sad because I love the Rune Factory games

Sad news today for fans of Rune Factory, Shining Force and Lufia as developer Neverland has announce that they've ceased all operations and filed for bankruptcy. Loosely translated, the company revealed today in a statement released on their website....

Feb 15, 13 8:55pm
A recommened title for the 3DS FireEmblemAwakening
Jul 26, 12 3:51am
The forgotten one in the Shadows
Apr 26, 12 5:40am
This game is the reason why I learned Japanese. I love this game for that reason. FireEmblemShinMonshouNoNazoHikariToKageNoEiyuu
Mar 29, 11 1:39am
Lips of Deceit can be horror
Dec 21, 10 10:36am
What I say is not important. Just ignore me would ya. Even though I do know stuff.
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