Subaru7 SpaceWalker
Jul 3, 08 3:06am

Now you have been seriously StAmPeD.

PM me if this is a good Stamp.
Subaru7 SpaceWalker
Jul 3, 08 2:38am
It's cool to actually experience the epic passage that is.......Signing the youngest Neoseeker alive's GuestBook!

Oh, and BTW,
You've been StAmPeD

Corey13 SpaceWalker
May 30, 08 4:41pm
You know, you had signed my guestbook, now you've signed it twice in a row!! hahaha, its alright I think we should use the guestbooks alot more. All the older members seem to have TONNES of signings, have you noticed? I guess guestbooks used to be alot more popular in the older days.
AC Sephiroth SpaceWalker
May 6, 08 1:28am
Why does everyone say "don't have a stamp" or sumthin' like that? I never stamped anybody and I do not see any piont in stamp.
Corey13 SpaceWalker
Apr 28, 08 4:43pm
About not being very active on the forum, its not really my choice, being 10 hours ahead of you and everything! When you and Dramon are online, Im asleep, when Im online, you're asleep! Thats why I only visit once a day, because, no matter how many times I visit through the day, theres no new posts to reply to!

btw Dramon, you spammed Spacewalkers guestbook too!!
Dramon Knight SpaceWalker
Apr 27, 08 4:42pm
Hey, im signing your guestbook now that i can, since you got an account.

Dont have a stamp. =(
Or anything much to say, either. =(