Wasteland 2! so, are we to assume the PC version will be receiving the same updates? read more

Wasteland 2 coming to Xbox One

how high they are. this one was borderline acceptable, the next will rock your sheets. read more

what am I changing my username to this time? well, it's *bleep*ing classy, I'll tell you that much.

I like the idea of commercial leases much better than crowd funding - in which at least half the... read more

changed his avatar to avatar

as much as I was expecting to hate it, I have to admit Xenoverse is a lot of fun. read more

likes DedValve's status update: "Buys DragonBall Z fighting game to spend hours playing dress up as a namekian"

$15 for MS3? it's not even 2,5 or 6. silly

Jamestown+ looks fantastic, like a more polished Aegis Wing. read more

likes MidnightXS's status update: "MM3D 100% - Done."
likes billyamaysed's status update: "Everybody is alive. I guess that is better than what could have happened"

Sweet! Please, please let em' see the light in bringing that metal slime PS4 over too. read more