likes SheZow's status update: "The tests results are in. Dr says I don't have cancer! My problems lay in my gal bladder."

quote Arietta
I never watched The Simpsons, I just find it incredibly absurd they are willing to...
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likes Arietta's status update: "My country has decided to march because they are removing The Simpsons from a local channel. I definitely need to get out of here."

Imagine dead island with more fluid controls and atmospheres that lend something to the intensity... read more

added SSX (XBOX360) to his own list
changed his avatar to avatar

siiii... I'm missing the hazy gray filters though. The shadows on xbone are literally black. read more

changed his custom title to "the moon's falling again"

quote Huntereb
Needs to be a bit lower to be worth it with those monthly fees. It's ridiculous...
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likes DedValve's status update: "ALIEN. ALIEN. OH MY *bleep*ING GOD ALIEN. BUY IT NOW."