DedValve, dude, add me on psn.

Cant believe im asking a neoseeker... read more

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So long Wii U, safe travels. We just aren't meant to be together. Don't forget your pad, girl.
PuyoPuyo Tetris is love. Offline PuyoTetMix is life.
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Ssj alpha, omega, zenith, super-duper super saiyan... the possibilities are endless. read more

No biggie. I bought this today for 10 US on xbox. So worth it, and im not even a fan. 2.5D really suits the gameplay. read more

Neo mobile is fn irritating. Please fix the quick edit. It takes minutes to load messages in the edit field (regular quote is instant).

If you reread that in context, youll pick up the target, which was the consistent week one, half-assed patches. read more

I honestly dont know what you're referring to. Not one AC has been difficult imo, with the... read more

Looks a helluvah lot better than the last couple AC games I played, but... Ubisoft is a tool if... read more

harbin, only if you play with a wheel. This game looks devoid of any and all arcadiness, which... read more

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