likes LOD-squa's status update: "Halo 5 beta tomorrow? I'll take it."
watching somebody who's good at PN03 is like watching your wife play Space Invaders naked.
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Wow. I hope at least one Super Mario game will be released on... read more

pretty impressive figures. still seems like a stupid concept to me, though I guess it not only... read more

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The big question is: does Square care enough about DQ's status in the... read more

let's make a new friend.

Was super bummed until my eyes hit PC. It's about damn time they moved on from IV - if DOA can do... read more

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Will I get a monetary compensation as well?!
No, it's either 25$ check (or dep) or $50 worth of credit on PSN,.. read more

Hey, another year of plus.

Even if it was misleading - and I'll admit, the initial ad made it look... read more

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No one can deny the power of nostalgia trumpets.
I say the same thing to myself every... read more

I will question you, and you shall answer me. “Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation?... read more

Feels good? Considerably more enjoyable than the 3DS? Don't leave us hanging. read more

likes Thrawn's status update: "I officially have Smash Bros. Wii U, took about five minutes to update!"

Still waiting for the orange comparison; the hardware appears to be much more powerful, even with... read more

likes Ciel Phantomhive's status update: "7.8/10"

How does one game beat out a completely different game and not stem from complete subjectivity?
it... read more

lol? Fantasy rpg's aren't even close to extinct. We just happen to live in a transitional time... read more

likes VeGiTAX2's status update: "Just won the Madden bowl qualifier with GM, going to the Superbowl!"